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  1. In 2001 Kenny Waters, a Massachusetts man who was wrongly imprisoned for 18 years for murder, was finally freed after his high-school drop-out sister went to law school to prove his innocence. However, 6 months after his release, he died in a freak accident.

  2. 17-year-old Kenny Loggins wasn't going to be able to record his song "House at Pooh Corner" because Disney was enforcing their copyright to Winnie the Pooh. Upset, he mentioned this to his girlfriend, only to find out her dad was the president of Disney– he soon got permission.

  3. Sean Bean's screen appearance-to-death ratio is only slightly lower than Kenny from South Park (0.32 deaths/film vs 0.38 deaths/episode)

  4. The jacuzzi was invented by Candido Jacuzzi to provide pain relief for his 15-month-old son, Kenny Jacuzzi, who was born with rheumatoid arthritis.

  5. A billionaire hedge fund manager once paid Kenny Rogers $4 Million to sing The Gambler over and over a dozen times at his birthday party.

  6. Kenny from South Park was actually based on a real child Trey Parker went to school with. Kenny wore an orange parka that made his voice difficult to understand. Trey and the other kids also joked about Kenny "dying", as Kenny skipped school often.

  7. The homeless person, Kenni Nickel, from the viral video "How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?" is dead. The youtuber behind the video, "Josh Paler Lin", raised close to $150k on "", stating it was for Nickel, before he died. According to Nickel's family he never received the money.

  8. Kenny G made more money from investing in Starbucks than his music

  9. The Guinness World Record for longest note ever recorded on a saxophone, at 45 minutes and 47 seconds, is held by...Kenny G.

  10. The TV comedy Malcolm in the Middle used mood-setting music in lieu of canned laughter. Artists included ABBA, They Might Be Giants, Kenny Rogers, ELO & the Getaway People.

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The Top Gun producers originally slated Toto to perform "Danger Zone", but they couldn't due to legal conflicts. Bryan Adams refused because he felt the movie glorified war. REO Speedwagon wouldn't unless they could write other songs for the soundtrack. Finally they settled on Kenny Loggins.

"Danger Zone" was originally going to be sung by the band 'Toto', but arguments with the band's lawyers prevented this. Bryan Adams and REO Speedwagon were also approached but declined, leading To Kenny Loggins involvement.

In South Park when Kenny would die and Stan or Kyle would exclaim “they” and “you bastards” to apparently no one in particular, they are actually referring to Stone and Parker themselves, as though they are omnipresent within the show’s universe.

A live recording of pop saxophonist Kenny G's "Going Home" is played in businesses/stores/stations/on TV throughout China at the end of the day. Many Chinese people associate the song with going home or finishing work, though they do not know the track or artist

Kenny Baker, the actor inside R2-D2 in each of the six Star Wars films said of C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels “He’s the rudest man I’ve ever met.”

Freddie Mercury gave DJ Kenny Everett one of the first copies of "Bohemian Rhapsody", informing him that it was his personal record not meant to be played on air. Everett disregarded the request and played it on his show 14 times in two days, leading to the song's massive success.

Kenny G's 1989 recording "Going Home", is China's unofficial national closing song for businesses such as food courts, outdoor markets, health clubs, shopping mall, and train stations.

Kenny the "Down Syndrome" tiger was the result of deliberate inbreeding between rare brother and sister white tigers and most of his siblings were either stillborn or died very young.

Kenny G's last name is Gorelick. He also has the ability to "circular breath" and held a note for over 45 minutes.

Kenny in South Park was based off of a childhood friend of Trey Parker's; his running gag of dying in most episodes was because he would skip school from time to time, only to show up days later.

Freddie Mercury once sneaked Princess Diana in to a gay bar dressed as a man. The clientele in the bar, distracted by the presence of Mercury and comedian Kenny Everett, never noticed who she was.

Kenny G is extremely popular in China, and that his "Going Home" is used countrywide in malls, libraries and parks to let residents know it's time to leave.

Kenny Thompson, a tutor/mentor at Valley Oaks Elementary School, learned about over 60 students at his school were eating cold sandwiches for lunch because of overdue funds on their accounts, he decided to pay off the $465 negative balance.

Sean Bean has the highest deaths per film (0.32) of any actor, tied with Bela Lugosi, a legendary horror actor. But Kenny from South Park beats them both with a death per episode ratio of 0.38.

There is a genetic defect among Fruit Flies that cause them to die within two days. Its discoverer named the defect "Kenny" after the character in South Park.

Kenny, of South Park, has died a total of 97 times.

In an episode of his show "Triumph of the Will" comedian Kenny Hotz successfully rallied the Jewish community in Toronto to finance and build a Mosque for Muslims as a token of peace between the two cultures.

In 1984 Anthony Tiffith robbed the chicken joint where Kenny Duckworth worked, but spared his life after taking a liking to him. Years later, Anthony would go on to found Top Dawg Ent. and unknowingly sign Duckworth's son, Kendrick Lamar, to his first record deal.

In an episode of sailor moon, the character Ami (sailor Mercury) downloads a document in her computer class that is meant to be a space engineering paper from Columbia University. However if you look closely at the paper, it's actually the lyrics to "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins.

Because of inbreeding there is a tiger with Down syndrome named Kenny.

Larry David didn't want to use the name Kramer, as it was was based on his former neighbor of the same name, thinking he would take advantage. He was proved right when Kenny Kramer created the "Kramer Reality Tour", which points out locations from scenes in Seinfeld.

Kenny G holds the Guinness Book of World Records award for the longest-held musical note, at 45 minutes and 47 seconds. He used a technique known as circular breathing.

Famous saxophone players include Jimmy Dorsey, Johnny Hodges, Lester Young, John Coltrane, Branford Marsalis, Ornette Coleman, Kenny G, Cannonball Adderley, Charlie Parker, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Fats Navarro, Steve Lacy, Lee Konitz, Louis Jordan, Woody Herman, Stan Getz, Benny Carter, Jackie McLean, Ben Webster, and Dexter Gordon.

Kenny Loggins wrote House at Pooh Corner when at 17. Disney lawyers stopped the song from being released due to copyright infringement. Unbeknownst to Kenny, his girlfriend at the time was the daughter of Disney's CEO. She helped him get it released.

3 months before Kenny Rogers released "The Gambler" in 1978, his producer Larry Butler encouraged Johnny Cash to cut his own version, which he did in a lackluster, drug-fueled performance where he kept complaining of how much he hated the song. So Butler told Kenny to release his first.