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  1. Kipps was published in 1905 and became one of H.G. Wells" favorites. It explored social class economic disparity, topics that intrigued him and caused him to become a member of the Fabian Society for a time.

  2. Kipp Rusty Walker who played at an open mic in Portland and immediately afterwards stabbed himself in the chest multiple times.

  3. Michael Jackson produced The "Lisa its Your Birthday song, but didnt sing It, he used an approved sound a like "Kipp Lennon".. Mike Reiss said Michael did It because he thought It was funny joke to play on his brothers

  4. In Interstellar, all robots' name (TARS, KIPP, CASE) are anagram. TARS is anagram for STAR. KIPP is anagram for KIP (Kip Thorne). CASE (if you add ā€˜Pā€™ from KIPP to it) is anagram for SPACE.

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