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What is Kiss Lips?
  1. Kissing on the lips is not universal or innate human behavior. The tradition started in India and spread after Alexander the Great conquered Punjab in 326 B.C. Kissing was unheard of in the Western world before this!

  2. Lip on lip kissing is not a universal human trait. Only half of human cultures practice it.

  3. Michael's (Steve Carrell) kiss with Oscar (Oscar Nuñez) in The Office's Gay Witch Hunt episode was and improv. The script only called for a kiss to the cheek, not the lip. The rest of the cast bursted out laughing but because the camera was focused on the two, the scene was usable.

  4. Instead of kissing with their lips, some ancient cultures greeted each other with a sniff. The Kyougtha, for example, greeted each other by saying "smell me."

  5. Oscar Wilde met Walt Whitman and later remarked to George Ives, an early gay rights activist, that Walt Whitman's sexuality was beyond question. "I have the kiss of Walt Whitman still on my lips," he told Ives.

  6. During the Cold War, Communist leaders would often kiss each other on the lips as a formal part of diplomatic protocol.

  7. In Paris, there’s a statue of a French journalist that women flock to so they can kiss his lips, place a flower in his top hat, and rub his crotch in hopes of getting pregnant

  8. In the scene from The Office where Michael kisses Oscar on the lips, the kiss was not scripted. They filmed several takes without a kiss, as it was written, but on one take Steve Carell just went for it.

  9. There were only 4 survivors above the point of impact on 9/11. When one of them saved the other, the first thing he did was give him a big kiss on the lips.

  10. Before he was in KISS, Peter Criss was in a band called Lips.

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The first interracial kiss on American network television is often attributed to a 1968 episode of Star Trek, "Plato's Stepchildren". Though, Shatner claims that he and Nichols' lips never fully touched, while Nichols has alternately asserted that the kiss was, in fact, real.

The Flaming Lips are the only band to receive album ratings from Pitchfork of both 10.0 and 0.0 upon initial release. If reissues are included, KISS has also received both ratings.

Oscar Wilde claimed to a friend to have "the kiss of Walt Whitman still on my lips", after the two met in 1882

Old Family Feud host, Richard Dawson, would kiss the female contestants on the lips. Sometimes multiple times. My husband and I watched an old 80s episode of FF the other night. It was so weird to see this in action, especially in this day and age.

Plato actually had several lovers and used to write poems for them, saying things like: "While kissing Agathon, my soul did rise, And hover’d o’er my lips; wishing perchance, O’er anxious that it was, to migrate to him. " So much for platonic love.

In Paris' cemetary women are kissing a statue on the lips and rubbing its genital area in order to bring them a blissful sex life.

Homer Simpson has kissed more than 50 men on the lips and the Simpsons was the first cartoon to have an entire episode devoted to gay rights (S16E10)

The Socialist Fraternal Kiss, which had state-leaders locking lips

Romantic lip-kissing, is known technically as osculation.

Kissing on the lips is not universal or innate. The tradition started in India and spread after Alexander the Great conquered Punjab in 326 B.C.

our brain has special neurons which help us find the lips of loved one in the dark, basically like we are meant to kiss for life <3 - fact check

The etimology of the Spanish word for moustache [ "bigote" ] is not entirely certain but the best guess is that it comes from the German "bei Gott" [ by God ] which was said by some men taking an oath before aiming at their upper lip with the index finger and kissing what symbolised the cross.

Communist statesmen used to have a kiss-called the "Socialist fraternal kiss"-they would use in public to demonstrate the close bond between their countries. When the leaders themselves were close, this sometimes became a kiss on the lips.

There were only 4 survivors above the point of impact on 9/11. When one of them saved the other, the first thing he did was give him a kiss on the lips.

Filipino mayor/presidential candidate, nicknamed The Dirty Harry of the Philippines, is lauded for lowering crime rates despite forcing a man to eat a cigarette butt, cursing the pope, and kissing female supporters on the lips.

The first 2 lines in the hit song "7 years" were taken from this Sea Shanty, "Haul Away Joe" - Where it says "When I was a little boy, my mother always told me…That if I did not kiss the girls, my lips would grow all moldy."

Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby on the Lips - fact check

Ozzy Osbourne had a meeting with the head of CBS Europe and where he kissed him on the lips and then put his testicles in his wine and urinated in it

Before Pride, there was a kiss: Toronto gay activists look back on 1976 protest. Nearly 40 years ago, a group of gay activists locked lips at Yonge and Bloor to make the point that expressing affection between men was not an indecent act. An oral history of the kiss-in.

There is a bug named the "Kissing Bug" that kills people by biting their victims around the lips and then defecating in said bite.

In "XOXO" the X is the kiss not the hug. I always thought X was hug because it looked like crossed arms and O was kisses like lip shape. But really, X was a Cross symbol used to sign documents and then Jews went with O to avoid the Jesus-inference. - fact check

Vince Gill & friends recorded a song titled “It’s Hard to Kiss the Lips At Night that Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long”

How a Dead Girl in Paris Ended Up With The Most-Kissed Lips in History - fact check

Billie Eilish has an unreleased song called Use Me foreshadowing her underage relationship with Drake discussing how he "uses her [clout]" and "can't kiss her illegal lips" since she is a minor...

The Socialist Fraternal Kiss, a greeting composed of a warm embrace and a passionate kiss on the lips between two socialist leaders. Leaders of socialist countries would often exchange this greeting during and before the Cold War.