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  1. The Beastie Boys won a lawsuit against a company for the unauthorized use of their song "Girls" and had the $1 Million settlement donated to a charity supporting education for Girls

  2. The Nintendo character Kirby was named after John Kirby, the legal counsel for Nintendo who helped them win their lawsuit with Universal Studios in 1982. John Kirby was gifted a sailboat Christened the “Donkey Kong” and given exclusive rights to name any boat he owned “Donkey Kong.”

  3. In 2010, a Florida jail forced some inmates to watch The Polar Express on repeat. One inmate filed a lawsuit claiming that "I hear those little kids screaming through my brain,"

  4. A girl cost her father an $80,000 lawsuit settlement after breaking the confidentiality agreement by posting on Facebook "Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT".

  5. Subway once had to settle a lawsuit with angry customers who had proved each 'footlong' sandwich was really only 11 inches in length. It cost the company over a half-million dollars in legal fees, and each plaintiff earned close to $1,000 each.

  6. Marvel sued City of Heros (a superhero based online game) because their users were making heroes based on Marvel characters. It later turned out that Marvel's own investigators had made many of the characters cited in the lawsuit.

  7. Trial attorney Mark Lanier offered to settle an asbestos lawsuit against Carborundum for $10,000. They declined and it went to trial. The jury awarded $118,000,000.

  8. Eminem's mother filed an $11million defamation lawsuit against him because of his lyrics about her, settled for $25,000 and $23,354.25 of that went to her lawyer.

  9. An Omaha man has filed a lawsuit against the University of Nebraska over its longstanding tradition of releasing balloons into the air after its football team scores a touchdown, alleging the practice violates environmental laws.

  10. The famous "McDonald's hot coffee case" wasn't a frivolous lawsuit. It was filed by an elderly lady who suffered third degree burns and was hospitalized for a week due to the coffee being served at almost boiling temperature.

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Michael Jordan consistently files lawsuits against companies that used his name or likeness without permission. He then donates all the money to 23 children's charities. The total amount is unknown but Jordan was awarded $8.9 million in one case.

Ford did NOT actually base their decision about the Ford Pinto on their estimated legal costs of lawsuits. It is a myth that was given new life by Fight club.

In 1995 an inmate filed a US$5 million lawsuit against himself. He claimed that he violated his own civil rights by getting arrested. He then asked the state to pay because he had no income in jail.

The 71 million dollar word. Due to a hospital not using a professional translator they misinterpreted the word "intoxicado" which led to improper treatment leading to the patient becoming a quadriplegic and winning a lawsuit to the tune of 71 million dollars.

The only photographs showing the moment Robert Kennedy was shot were not used in court but sealed for twenty years. When the photographer asked to have them back he was told they were accidently burned. Reappearing after a lawsuit they were then stolen from the courier transporting them.

When Southwest began using the motto "Just Plane Smart," Stevens Aviation, which had been using "Plane Smart," advised of infringing its trademark. Instead of a lawsuit, the CEOs staged an arm wrestling match. The loser paid to a charity of his choice and the winner claimed the motto.

A Brazilian invented caller ID technology more than 25 years ago. Today he is in 40 lawsuits claiming for his royalties that, in total, are more than 25 billion dollars

Tesla sued Top Gear for libel after Top Gear claimed their car would have run out of juice after 55 miles on the race track - without actually having driven the distance. Ironically, the 55 mile range was calculated and relayed to Top Gear by Tesla's own engineers, and Tesla lost the lawsuit.

A woman won a lottery, divorced her husband to keep it to herself and then lost it all to him after a lawsuit when the (ex)-husband found out

In 2004, a woman engaged to a video game programmer anonymously vented her frustrations about her fiancé's brutal 85-hour work week in a single blog post which eventually led to three class action lawsuits and a $14.9M judgement against the company he worked for.

There is an informal "Small Penis" rule, which authors use to protect themselves against libel lawsuits, by saying that a character they based off of someone else has a small penis, which stops most people from wanting to associate themselves with that character by suing the author.

After Gawker ran a story exposing billionaire Peter Thiel's homosexuality, he funded dozens of lawsuits against the media company bankrupting it

AOL had volunteer mods that filed a class action lawsuit against AOL, claiming that AOL volunteers performed work equivalent to employees and thus should be compensated according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Bill Murray was apparently forced to promote the new Ghostbusters movie under threat of lawsuit (according to leaked Sony emails)

Asbestos in the United States has not been banned and is totally legal. When the Environmental Protection Agency tried to ban it, supporters of the asbestos industry actually overturned the ban in a lawsuit. It is still widely used in products to this day.

A man who's filed over 10,000 lawsuits sued Guinness World Records for naming him The World's Most Litigious Man

During the closing credits of the South Park episode 'Trapped in the Closet', all names were replaced with either "John Smith" or "Jane Smith". This was done to shield any of the production staff from potential lawsuits.

Someone changed fine print in their credit card agreement before mailing back, bank stamped it, mailed him a certified copy along with a credit card, and later a lawsuit was filed over those modified terms

Volkswagen was sued by Czechoslovakian car maker Tatra before WWII because the original Beetle was so similar to the Tatra T97. After Germany invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938 the lawsuit was cancelled by the Nazis.

After hearing that Guinness Book of World Records planned to give him the world record for having filed the highest number of lawsuit, Jonathan Lee Riches (a federal prisoner) did what he does best -- he sued them.

A federal court in California ruled earlier this year that a lawsuit against Facebook can proceed. The suit claims Facebook is illegally collecting biometric data from people "tagged" in photos posted by other users.

A 2014 lawsuit against Canon over a printer error code that would appear shortly after the warranty expired, which they settled out of court after agreeing to extend the warranty to anyone experiencing this code. The issue still exists in their new printers, under a different error code.

A Seattle man won a $500K lawsuit against his neighbor, whose dog he accused of "raucously, wildly bellowing, howling and explosively barking." The defendant thought it was a joke and didn't show up.

Upon release of the famous YMCA song by Village People, the actual YMCA threatened to sue the band. The organization ultimately dropped the lawsuit when it noticed that membership significantly increased in the wake of the song's popularity.

A man won a lawsuit against a Murdoch paper because, although he did have a WWII S&M prison camp sex orgy, he did not have a *NAZI-themed* WWII S&M prison camp sex orgy as they claimed.