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  1. Balto, the sled dog who delivered lifesaving diphtheria antitoxin to Nome, Alaska, in 1925, was present for the unveiling of his own statue in Central Park!

  2. About a charity in the UK ‘adopting’ red phone boxes, removing the phone and installing lifesaving defibrillators instead.

  3. I learned that the first effective syphilis cure, called Salvarsan, was created in 1909. An arsenic based drug, it operated on the same principle as chemotherapy: it poisoned the syphilis before it poisoned you. Like chemo it was very unpleasant, but a literal lifesaver.

  4. Lifesavers, and other forms of crystalline sugar - Produce lightning like sparks when chewed vigorously. This effect can be reproduced in any dark environment, and is called Triboluminescence.

  5. Lifesavers were originally sold for 5 cents a roll and were marketed by being placed next to cash registers in restaurants and stores where the cashiers were encouraged to always give back nickels in the customer’s change.

  6. Pharmaceutical company Aventis stopped production of a cure for sleeping sickness, a lifesaving drug for millions of Africans, between 1995-2001 because it wasn’t making enough profit. Instead the product was marketed in the West as women’s facial hair removal cream.

  7. Henry Heimlich first used his lifesaving maneuver at his nursing home in 2016 at 96 years old.

  8. Pixar started creating commercials in 1989 for popular brands such as Trident, Pillsbury, Cellular One, Listerine, Toys R Us, and Lifesavers.

  9. Due to his incredible and lifesaving contributions to science and chemistry, one of the elements on the periodic table is named after him.

  10. There are 118,000 people in need of a lifesaving organ transplant. 76,000 of them are on the active waiting list. Since Jan 2017 there have only been 3900 donors.

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Dr Heimlich, who developed the famous lifesaving method in 1974, didn't get to actually use it on an actual choking victim until 42 years later - when he was 96 years old.

Root Beer, Pepto Bismol, and Wint-O-Green lifesavers all share a common flavoring, Methyl Salicylate, AKA - Wintergreen.

Wint-o green lifesavers and root beer have the same flavor (hold your nose and eat a lifesaver and you'll taste it)

If you bite into a Wint-O-Green LifeSaver, it will give off a spark in your mouth.

Winter green lifesavers grow blue when broken in an effect called triboluminescence.

Lifesaving, fire fighting, angling (fishing), kiting, ballooning, and pigeon racing were demonstration sports in the 1900 Olympics

You shouldn't mow your spring dandelions yet. Each flower in fact consists of up to 100 florets, each one packed with nectar and pollen. This early, easily available source of food is a lifesaver for pollinators in spring such as solitary bees, bumble bees and honey bees.

The son of the Lifesaver candy's inventor committed suicide by jumping off a cruise ship into the Gulf of Mexico.

A South American Quaker parrot named Willie was the first non-canine to be awarded the Denver Red Cross animal lifesaver award in 2008 for saving a 2 year olds life when she started choking.

The inventors of insulin synthesis sold the patent for $1, as they wanted everyone who needed their medication to be able to afford it. However, the price is now so expensive that as many as one in four people with diabetes are skimping on or skipping lifesaving doses.

The Coast Guard Lifesaving Medal, awarded for lifesaving acts at sea, can be awarded to Coast Guardsmen or civilians, but Military personnel can only receive it for acts performed while on authorized leave.

Water skiing,Surf lifesaving and Ballooning have been Olympic sports

In a process called triboluminescence, Wint-O-Green Lifesavers give off little sparks when they are eaten in the dark.

The only person to receive both the Medal of Honor and the Gold Lifesaving Medal was a lighthouse keeper named Marcus Hanna

In 2003, Lifesavers thought the five original flavors were hurting sales and created a web poll for fans to vote for their favorite flavors. Unfortunately, the poll only existed on - a kids gaming site. Now we have to live with watermelon and raspberry forever. Damn kids!

if you bite down on a mint lifesaver in the dark in front of a mirror you can see a tiny blue glow thanks to tribolimunescense

Nurses who are Jehovah's Witnesses, can refuse to administer lifesaving blood transfusions based on religious objections.

Lifesaving was a sport in the 1900 Olympic programme where you try and save someones life.

About James Harrison a man with special blood that could be used to create lifesaving medication. He donated every week for 60 years and credited for saving 2.4 million babies.

The Virginia senate has passed a bill that defines "private animal shelter" as "a facility operated for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes and facilitating other lifesaving outcomes for animals." Supporters hope it will cease PETA's 90% euthanasia rate.

3 people managed to escape what was supposed to be the most secure jail in the world... Alcatraz island. FBI never found them, they did manage to find pieces of lifesaver jackets and a paddle.

They are using Drones off the beaches in Chile to help with lifesaving of swimmers

Baby foreskins are used for expensive face creams and lifesaving skin grafts

The man that raised the price of a lifesaving drug used Eminem- The Way I Am to respond to criticism on Twitter..

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation In Grey’s Anatomy Is Not A Lifesaver In Reality