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  1. Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball avoided using ethnic jokes, as well as humour based on physical handicaps or mental disabilities during the run of "I Love Lucy" due to a belief in "basic good taste"

  2. Fred Mertz does not appear in two episodes of "I Love Lucy" due to the actor William Frawley's contract, which stated that he did not have to work if the NY Yankees were playing in The World Series.

  3. On her 56th birthday, Carol Burnette woke up to news that her friend and mentor Lucille Ball had died. Flowers arrived later with a note that said "Happy Birthday, Kid. Love Lucy".

  4. After NBC rejected the first pilot of Star Trek, Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy Fame used her clout to convince NBC to give Gene Roddenberry a second chance.

  5. The familiar 'valentine' logo at the beginning and ending of 'I Love Lucy' wasn't added until the show went into syndication. The show was originally sponsored by Philip Morris, and began with Lucy and Ricky dancing around a huge pack of cigarettes.

  6. In the 50s, CBS deemed the word "“pregnant,” too vulgar for air on I Love Lucy

  7. In order to convince CBS to allow Lucille Ball to be shown pregnant on "I Love Lucy," Desi Arnaz consulted a priest, a rabbi and a minister, all of whom said it was fine. CBS relented, but still prohibited "pregnant" words, so Arnaz pronounced "expecting" as "spectin" in his Cuban accent.

  8. Ethel (Vivian Vance) and Fred (William Frawley) of I Love Lucy hated each other. While out to eat she heard of his death, she celebrated and ordered everyone in the restaurant a bottle of champagne

  9. William Frawley, who played Fred Mertz in I Love Lucy, was such an avid Yankees fan that his DesiLu contract contained a clause allowing him to skip work if the Yanks were playing in the World Series.

  10. Whenever 'I Love Lucy' aired, department stores closed early and telephone and water usage dropped

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A civil war veteran lived to see thermonuclear weapons and I Love Lucy

When it was suggested that Lucille Ball's pregnancy be written into the show "I Love Lucy," the episodes that were written had to be approved by a priest, a minister, and a rabbi in order for the executives to allow for the episodes to be produced.

After NBC rejected the first pilot of Star Trek, Lucille Ball (from I Love Lucy) convinced NBC to give Gene Roddenberry's show a chance.

Captain America's "To Do List" in Winter Soldier differs based on what country the movie was released. The U.S features I Love Lucy, Moon Landing, and Disco. The UK features The Beatles, World Cup Final (1966) and Sean Connery. France features Daft Punk, The Fifth Element, and Louis de Funes

The I Love Lucy episode where Lucy gives birth aired the day before President Eisenhower's inauguration and had more viewers.

The I Love Lucy show was unable to say the word pregnant, because CBS deemed it too "vulgar"

There is a Marvel "What if?" series in which the Hulk and She-Hulk get married "and their lives became much like those on "I Love Lucy"."

A Civil War veteran lived to see thermonuclear weapons and "I Love Lucy"

Karl Freund, cinematographer on Metropolis (1927) and Dracula (1931) also shot most of the episodes of I Love Lucy.

The population of NYC was half a million people higher when I Love Lucy debuted in 1951 than it was when Law and Order Debuted in 1990.

Star Trek: TNG, DS9, and Voyager are now old enough for Decades, a TV channel airing retro, "classic" series. Other shows: F Troop, I Love Lucy, Route 66, and Beverly Hills 90210.

Superman made a guest appearance on the I Love Lucy show.

Rami Malek (who played Freddie Mercury in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody) fell in love with his co-star Lucy Boynton, who played Mary, Freddie Mercury's girlfriend, in the movie.

A woman named Annie Shapiro sat straight up following a 30 year coma while lying in bed next to her caretaker husband and said “Turn on the television. I want to see the I Love Lucy show." He claimed it was like the dead rising.

The episode of Rhoda where she got married was watched by more than 52 million Americans, and was the second most-watched television episode of all time, surpassed only by the birth of Little Ricky on "I Love Lucy" 21 years prior.

I Love Lucy' was the first to be "filmed in front of a live studio audience." With the rise in demand for studio recordings and less of live theater plays; actors transitioning from theater were used to performing in front of large audiences which led to the "live studio audience."

The song 'Babalu' is about a Santarian deity. The song is the signature song of Desi Arnaz from the "I Love Lucy" show.

I Love Lucy was the first television show filmed in front of a studio audience

In the show 'I Love Lucy', Ricky Ricardo, JR. was not actually Desi & Lucille's son, but a number of child actors to shield the real son from publicity.

On I Love Lucy, Lucy Ricardo's maiden name is McGillicuddy

All laugh tracks we hear on sitcoms today are originally from the show I Love Lucy which was filmed in front of a studio audience.

The George Thorogood classic "Who Do You Love" is a cover of a Bo Diddley song from 1956, and when Bo's version was originally released, it did not incorporate that famous Bo Diddley beat. That was added later as other rock groups covered the song, among them Juicy Lucy in 1970

Bob Dylan loves watching sitcom 'I love lucy' on his tour bus "All the time, non-stop."

On I Love Lucy, Lucy's full name is "Lucille Esmeralda McGillicuddy Ricardo"

The Hat of the Famous Brown Derby Restaurant Featured in I Love Lucy Can Still Be Found In Los Angeles