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  1. An innocent man, Lukis Anderson, was almost convicted for murder when his DNA was found in the murdered man in California.

  2. Lukis Anderson a homeless man who nearly went to jail for murder after his DNA was found under the victim's fingernails. His alibi was that he was blackout drunk at the time and didn't remember if he had killed anyone or not.

  3. A homeless man named Lukis Anderson was charged with murder and faced the death penalty based on DNA evidence that had been inadvertently planted at the crime scene by paramedics who had treated Anderson three hours before arriving at the victim’s residence.

  4. In 2012, a homeless Californian man was charged with murdering a millionaire because his DNA was found under the victim's fingernail. The man, Lukis Anderson, was in jail for five months before it was realized that the DNA was there because the paramedics has treated him earlier that day.

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