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  1. Menstrual stem cells (found in period blood) could be used to create more tissue types than other adult stem cells, including bone, blood vessel, fat, brain, lung, liver, pancreas, & heart. They grow more readily & rapidly than other types of adult stem cells from bone marrow & umbilical cords.

  2. The "Kentucky meat shower" was an incident in 1876 where flakes of red meat (identified as lung tissue from horse or human infant) fell from the sky for several minutes. Theories include vulture vomit or a type of bacteria called nostoc.

  3. In 2000, the Pyrenean Ibex went extinct. 3 years later scientists tried to clone the animal, using tissue taken from the ear of an ibex in 1999. It was born alive, but died after a few minutes due to a defect in it's lungs.

  4. The Kentucky Meat Shower' was an incident that occurred in Bath County on March 3, 1876 where bits of lung tissue, cartilage and muscle fell from the sky over several minutes. Nine days later, on March 12, 1876, red "corpuscles" with a "vegetable" appearance fell over London.

  5. For several minutes in Bath County, Kentucky on March 3rd, 1876, pieces of meat, appearing to be beef rained down on the town. The meat was later identified as either lung tissue from a horse or a human infant.

  6. In 2005 scientists were able to reconstruct the virus that caused the 1918 influenza pandemic which killed 20-50 million people worldwide. They used preserved lung tissue samples taken from two soldiers and an Alaskan person buried in permafrost who all died from influenza in 1918.

  7. Tuberculosis can spread to other tissues besides your lungs. It can even infect your spine and destroy your intervertebral cartilage, a condition known as Pott's disease.

  8. The Kentucky Meat shower, where a small pieces of flesh fell from the sky. The meat was first thought to be beef or bear meat, but was it later discovered to be lung tissue and cartilage from a horse, or possibly an infant.

  9. Lung epithelial Club cells were originally called Clara cells after discoverer Max Clara, but was later changed due to him being an active member of the Nazi Party who used tissue samples taken from executed victims of the Third Reich.

  10. Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder of the connective tissue. The degree to which people are affected varies. People with Marfan tend to be tall and thin, with long arms, legs, fingers and toes.Other commonly affected areas include the lungs, eyes, bones and the covering of the spinal cord.