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  1. Alan Shepard pulled out a makeshift six-iron he smuggled on board Apollo 14 and hit two golf balls on the lunar surface, becoming the first -- and only -- person to play golf anywhere other than Earth.

  2. Prisoners in Auschwitz concentration camp attacked the SS guards with stones, axes, and makeshift hand grenades and killed 3 Nazi SS guards, one of whom was burned alive by the prisoners in the oven of Crematorium II.

  3. When Terry Pratchett was knighted, he forged his own sword out of meteorite and 81kg of ore that he dug up and smelted using a makeshift kiln. Finished with silver and stored in a secret location, he said: It annoys me that knights aren't allowed to carry their swords. That would be knife crime.

  4. After a woman was murdered at a Texas church, it was discovered that a person in full makeshift tactical gear had been wandering around the church before her arrival. They were caught on the church’s CCTV and are thought to be her murderer. Despite over 2,000 tips, the case remains unsolved.

  5. Owsley Stanley singlehandedly ignited the psychedelic scene in the sixties by producing over 1 million doses of LSD from a makeshift bathroom laboratory in Berkeley between 1965 and 1967.

  6. After he was knighted, Terry Pratchett made a sword for himself, partially out of meteorites. He wanted to equip himself for his new status. With the help of a friend, He gathered the ore from a field near his home and smelted it in a makeshift kiln. He then took the bars to a blacksmith.

  7. Fearing invasion during the Cold War, Albania’s leader Enver Hoxha forced his country to build 750.000 bunkers. Today, many of those bunkers have been converted into a variety of uses, like turning them into pizzerias, espresso bars and makeshift bars.

  8. Linda Weston who lured the mentally disabled into a makeshift dungeon where they were forced into prostitution and subject to starvation all while she collected their public benefits.

  9. During Katrina, the New Orleans airport was turned into a makeshift triage center. There were so many bodies that they used the baggage conveyor belts to carry the stretchers. One reporter said "I’ve been reporting for 21 years around the world and I've never seen the likes of this."

  10. Birds do not have a sense of smell and cannot tell when a human has handled a fallen 'nestling' (baby bird) and that you can make a makeshift nest (or put baby bird back) and the parents will continue to feed baby bird.

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3 men escaped from Alcatraz by digging holes in their cells using spoons, accessing an unguarded utility corridor. They climbed onto the roof, down a 50' drainpipe and over two 12' security fences before inflating a makeshift raft and swimming across the Bay. Their bodies have never been found.

About the Batavia mutiny. The 340 survivors of a wreck were stranded on an island off the coast of Australia. A pharmacist leading the survivors had dozens massacred and by the time rescue arrived, there had been a battle for a makeshift fort built by survivors and over 100 people were dead

A Pidgin language is a makeshift language created when two people who speak different languages want to communicate, whereas a Creole language is a language that was originally a Pidgin but is now spoken among a population as their native language.

Two families escaped over the Berlin Wall by building a hot air balloon. A mechanic and a mason, used their mechanical know-how to build a hot air balloon engine out of old propane cylinders. Their wives pieced together a makeshift balloon from scraps of canvas and old bed sheets.

The Afghan boy made famous by his makeshift Lionel Messi football jersey in 2016 later had to flee his home when the Taliban came after him by name, leaving behind the signed jersey and ball he received from the football star.

A shopkeeper in New Delhi teaches around 200 slum kids under a metro bridge for free. The school has no desks, chairs or blackboard just makeshift arrangements. Aptly named "Free School: Under the Bridge"

Peter III of Russia placed a rat on trial under martial law for chewing one of his toy soldiers. The rat was found guilty and was hung by the neck in a makeshift set of mini gallows.

The Magpie; a common and ferociously territorial bird that will divebomb and deliver painful pecks to the heads, necks, and faces of people that pass by their nests. This is just a part of life in Australia, necessitating countermeasures such as makeshift spikes worn on helmets.

In 2013, at a Home Depot in California, a man tried to cut off both of his arms with a hand saw. An off-duty paramedic used towels and rope from inside the store to make a makeshift tourniquet in order to stop the bleeding.

During the Krakatoa eruptions and resulting tsunamis, a javanese lighthouse keeper refused to leave his post, survived after the lighthouse collapsed, lost his wife and child, and built a makeshift light just a few hours afterward so that ships wouldn't run aground.

The 6 Apollo missions that resulted with men walking on the moon, each had exactly two. Twelve men have walked on the moon and the fifth (and also oldest (Alan Shepard, 47)) used a smuggled, makeshift golf club to become the only person to play golf off of earth.

Whilst working in Halifax’s (makeshift) morgue in the wake of the Titanic, undertaker Frank Newell collapsed after uncovering the body of his uncle, Arthur Newell.

AI algorithms often outsmart researchers working on them, evolving hardware and capabilities "that should not work" with the resources available to them - including makeshift radio receivers to communicate with other equipment in a lab and discovering a soldering iron using a common power supply

A helicopter tried to makeshift rescue a woman from a plane crash into a freezing Potomac river using a life preserver, but she was in shock and kept slipping back into the river. Surrounded by firefighters who stood and watched her about to drown, an ordinary citizen jumped in and rescued her

The Soviet military resorted to the use of "bio-bots" (soldiers dressed in makeshift radiation suites) to remove the most radioactive debris from the Chernobyl disaster site, after robots repeatedly burned out during prior efforts. They were only allowed to work for 40 seconds at a time.

An electrician in Perth, Western Australia, who tricked his employer by blocking GPS signals with a makeshift Faraday Cage, got fired and now works as an Uber driver

A technique known as Half Swording let the wielder fight holding the blade of a sword and used the hilt as a makeshift mace useful against armoured opponents.

R. Stevie Moore is a musician who has become famous self-releasing over 200 full-length albums, many of which were recorded in a makeshift studio at his home and distributed by hand

The Méduse, a ship that was stranded off the coast of Senegal in 1816. 147 people boarded a makeshift raft. On the first night, 20 people were killed or committed suicide. By the 4th night, they resorted to cannibalism. Rescue arrived after 12 days at sea. Only 15 men were still alive.

Female orangutans and capuchin monkeys have both been observed using sticks and other plant parts as makeshift dildos.

The term “Carpetbagger” refers to people who moved from the north to the south after the American civil war. They were seen as people exploiting the south, and often carried makeshift luggage made of carpet fabric.

Some long straight pieces of highway were made to be makeshift landing sites for planes

During the Siege of Sarajevo, an estimated 4,000 people were buried in makeshift graves throughout the city, in alleyways to playgrounds to parks. There was an average of 50-55 funerals a day.

Soldiers cleaning up Chernobyl tried to protect their man parts from radiation with makeshift pieces of lead they called the "eggbasket"

Slinky toys were used by American troops in Vietnam as makeshift radio antennas