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  1. Gmail was believed to be an April Fools joke upon its release on March 29 due to its 1 GB storage space: Hotmail offered only 2mb at the time

  2. On September 29, 2001, 25,000 people marched on Washington, D.C. to protest the impending war in Afghanistan

  3. An Eastern Island statue washed ashore on the beach in the Netherlands 29 March 1962 . It made international headlines and was put on display and it attracted thousands of visitors. On 1 of April the man who found it, a local artist, confessed to making and planting it

  4. “The National Road” – First Highway in America. On March 29, 1806, Congress authorized construction of the road and President Thomas Jefferson signed the act establishing what was first called the Cumberland Road that would connect Cumberland, Maryland to the Ohio River.

  5. On 29 March 1989, two teenagers from Czechoslovakia armed with grenades and shotguns hijacked Malev Flight 640 at Prague Ruzyně Airport, and flew the Tupolev Tu-154B with 15 hostages to Frankfurt Airport before surrendering.

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