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  1. Mashable called selfie sticks a "Photograph Yourself Arm" in a list of weird Japanese products in 2013, before their massive rise in popularity

  2. The most followed man on Pinterest didn't even know he held the title until a friend told him about a Mashable article

  3. Today is last the Day!Your Startup Business Tо Life $15,000 Mashable Contest

  4. Mashable created a Beginner's Guide to Reddit

  5. The New York Times, CNN, Mashable, Forbes, Ebay websites are all hosted on Wordpress, among many more.

  6. Mashable created a TL;DW (too long didn't watch) YouTube channel that profiles movie trilogies including Iron Man, The Matrix & Star Wars in two minutes or less.

  7. Showerthoughts can go viral. Had the idea. My friend did some coding. Then came CNN, BBC, AFP, Mashable etc.

  8. Mashable has the best 'The Beginner's Guide to ...' articles

  9. Mashable started Social Media Day today 6 years ago