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  1. Adrenaline addicts in France can buy a basic kidnap package where they're bundled away, bound and gagged, and kept incarcerated for four hours. Clients have no idea when the kidnappers will strike in order to maximize the surprise.

  2. "Highway Gothic" are a standard set of fonts specifically designed since 1948 to maximize legibility at distance and high speed, and are used on highway signs around the world.

  3. MTV's "Clone High" cartoon was cancelled when people in India conducted a massive hunger strike after Googling a Maxim article depicting Gandhi, and coming across the cartoon, which featured Gandhi as a character.

  4. Elvis Presley's Manager would sell "I Love Elvis" and "I Hate Elvis" badges to maximize revenue.

  5. Jaguars primary killing canine teeth have nerves that help find the perfect points to clamp down to maximize killing effectiveness.

  6. Thanksgiving day was rescheduled to maximize shopping time

  7. A cobalt bomb, a nuclear weapon designed to maximize nuclear fallout, able to potentially wipe out human life.

  8. The "Phoebus Cartel" was formed in the 1920s by light bulb manufacturers to reduce the life expectancy of their products in order to generate repeated sales and maximize profit... it was an early example of large-scale planned obsolescence.

  9. Iditarod huskies have a 'Maximal Oxygen Uptake' (V02 Max) as high as 240 mL/(kg·min) - greater than Thoroughbred horses (180 mL/(kg·min), and nearly three times greater than the highest human V02 max ever recorded (97.5 mL/(kg·min).

  10. Even knowing the sequence of blocks beforehand, there is no easy way to maximize your score in Tetris.

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maximal fact data chart about Picking a Subway Line to Maximize Partying in NYC Based on N
Picking a Subway Line to Maximize Partying in NYC Based on Noise Complaint Data

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Hiram Percy Maxim, son of the inventor of the Maxim machine gun, designed the firearms silencer and the exhaust muffler, essentially one invention with two applications.

Weathermen generally over-predict chances of rain, maximizing viewer happiness by increasing their precautions to not get wet. This is called "The Wet Bias".

The Weeknd originally only wanted concert dates on Friday and Saturday to stay true to his name, but was denied by his label, Republic Records, in order to maximize profits

In 2008, Maxim magazine faced criticism for reviewing The Black Crowes' new album without listening to it. The band received an email explaining that an educated guess was better than no coverage at all. Maxim's editorial director eventually apologized and said this was contrary to policy.

Reddish-pink watermelon flesh contains much more beta-carotene and lycopene than watermelons with white flesh. To maximize the health benefits of watermelon, choosing the reddish-pink fleshed variety is best.

Cubs stay with their mother until they reach 2 and half years. Polar bears are slow breeders; they have 5 litters maximally in a lifetime.

A "Benefit Corporation" is a new type of US corporation that includes positive societal impacts in its legally defined goals. This is in contrast with traditional corporations, which are legally required to maximize shareholder value.

Mansa Musa I made his massive fortune by maximizing the production of gold and salt in his country.

Steaming kale is the best way to prepare it in order to maximize its health benefits.

In 1898, with his health failing, Anton bought a piece of land near Yalta and built a villa for himself, his mother, and his sister. At his home he was visited by other literary greats including Leo Tolstoy and Maxim Gorky.

“Comp Wizards”; gamblers who maximize the amount of free stuff they get from casinos while minimizing their actual gambling losses. - fact check

Germans soldiers in WW2 executed Jews in a manner known as "sardines" , so as to lay one layer of bodies after the other in the opposite direction to maximize bodies per grave; often forcing still living people to lay on the bodies of the dead before themselves being shot

Plantations in the Maryland Colony were dominated by tobacco, and as prices dropped the plantation owners grew to rely heavily on slaves to maximize profits.

Many bird species lost the ability to fly as an adaptation to maximize energy efficiency

About the Phoebus cartel, which in 1925 met in Geneva to curb the longevity of incandescent light bulbs. This is a strategy called "planned obsolescence" to generate repeated sales and maximize profit.

1Loris reaches sexual maturity between 10 months (females) and one year (males). Depending on the species, lorises mate twice a year, once per year, or every year and a half. Female gives birth to usually one baby (two babies maximally).

The earliest usage of the word "awesome" was in the 16th century. The root, "awe" meant "feelings of severe fear or dread." It is thought the word "awesome" originally meant “a thing that sends shivers of terror down my spine,” or in other words a maximized feeling of awe.

Maximal tides are caused when the moon, earth, and sun are aligned as the sun's gravitational force adds to the moon's gravitational force at these times.

The atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were detonated before they hit the ground in order to maximize damage over a wide surface area.

"maximizers" want the best no matter what, whereas "satisficers" are willing to accept something that is merely "good enough" if they can reduce the stress associated with making a decision.

The 19th century Maxim gun was water cooled, and this allowed its rate of fire to match many newer weapons well into the Cold War. - fact check

Before foraging for food, ring-tailed lemurs sunbathe. With their bellies toward the sun and arms and legs stretched out to the sides. This position maximizes exposure to their underside. This quickly warms them up after cold nights in the forest.

The optimal sofa shape that maximizes the area that can move around a 90° corner is likely Gerver's Sofa. It has been shown to be correct to 8 significant figures.

Maxime Faget was the designer of the Mercury spacecraft, and contributed to the later Gemini and Apollo spacecraft as well as the Space Shuttle.

19th century paleontologists traveling to China used to pay peasants for each fragment of fossilized dinosaur bone that they produced. They later discovered that the peasants dug up the bones and then smashed them into many pieces, greatly reducing their scientific value, to maximize payments.