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  1. May Bradford, a Red Cross volunteer during WWI who wrote over 25,000 letters and notes, an average of 12 a day, for wounded soldiers who were too ill or too uneducated to write to their family. She also sat with the injured and dying and considered herself to be a surrogate mother to them.

  2. On May 25, 2000, Philippines Airlines flight 812 was hijacked by a man who robbed the passengers of their valuables and then asked the pilot to depressurise the plane so that he could jump out. He was pushed by a flight attendant out from the plane and his body was found three days later.

  3. The 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution, which delays laws affecting Congressional salary from taking effect until after the next election of representatives, took 202 years to pass. It was outstanding from Sept 25, 1789 until May 5, 1992.

  4. The first person to receive a Social Security check,Ida May Fuller, collected $22,889 despite only contributed $25.

  5. The deadliest volcanic eruption in history: the effects of the Icelandic volcano Laki killed 25% of the Icelandic population, at least 23,000 people in Britain, more deaths in Europe, freak weather for a year, and may have caused a famine in Egypt which killed 1/6th of Egypt's population.

  6. in the US all men between the ages of 18 and 25, must register for selective service (Formely the draft), failing to so may result in fines up to $250k, and up to 5 years of prison (felony), and may have impact on future rights, voting, grants etc. It has never applied to Women.

  7. Billie Holiday gave her final performance in New York City on May 25, 1959. Not long after this event, Holiday was admitted to the hospital for heart and liver problems. She was so addicted to heroin that she was even arrested for possession while in the hospital.

  8. Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber) was extremely intelligent/gifted, becoming a math professor at UC Berkeley by 25, and that his participation in project MKUltra may have lead to his future behavior.

  9. In the wild panda lives around 20 years. In captivity, panda may live 25-30 years.

  10. The 27th Amendment was submitted to the United States for ratification on September 25, 1789. It was adopted May 7, 1992, meaning it took 202 years, 7 months, and 12 days to become an Amendment.

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may 25 fact data chart about Number of E-Mail I received regarding Privacy Policy Changes
Number of E-Mail I received regarding Privacy Policy Changes over the last few days, before new Privacy Laws came into effect on 25. May 2018 (EU). Apparently, I am not the only on

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Hands Across America was a benefit event staged on Sunday, May 25, 1986 in which approximately 6.5 million people held hands in a human chain for fifteen minutes.

On May 11, 1991, Creighton hosted Utah in the longest softball game in NCAA history, lasting 31innings. After a 20 minute break, game 2 of the doubleheader lasted 25 innings, the 3rd longest in history. The doubleheader ran from 6pm to 6:10am the next morning.

The summit was first climbed on the northern side by a Tibetan man, Nawang Gombu and Chinese mountaineers, Chu Yin-Hau and Wang Fu-zhou in May 25, 1960.

After his film 'The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie' was nominated for an Oscar, Luis Bunuel was asked if he expected to win. He replied: "Of course, I've already paid the $25,000 they wanted. Americans may have their weaknesses, but they do keep their promises."

The Japanese rail system is well known for maintaining remarkable on-time performance. On May 2018, A Japanese railway company has apologised after one of its train departed 25 seconds early, a mistake which it told commuters was "truly inexcusable".

The average Christmas tree may contain up to 25,000 bugs but most of them are microscopic

On 25 May 1997, Bohumil Šole, a scientist who claimed to have been involved with inventing the plastic explosive “Semtex”, committed suicide at the spa in Jeseník in Czech Republic by blowing himself up with explosives.

Females give birth once in two year. Pregnancy in some females may last 9 months. Number of babies ranges from couple to more than 25.

Five babies were born on a single flight from Ethiopia to Israel on May 25, 1991.

The consumption of peanut butter may reduce the risk of developing gallstones by 25%.

The Queen's Official Birthday varies around the world. In Australia it's on second Monday in June. In Canada , last Monday before 25 May. In New Zealand, first Monday in June. In the UK, second Saturday of June. Queen Elizabeth II's actual birthday is 21 April 1926.

The Taiwan Republic, which was established on 25 May 1895, was the first independent republic in Asia. However, on 29 May 1895, a Japanese military force of over 12,000 soldiers landed in Northern Taiwan and ended it

A large study has found that drinking coffee may protect the liver. With 14,000 test subjects, researchers found that those who drank three cups a day were about 25 percent less likely to have abnormal liver enzyme levels in comparison with people who drank no coffee.

The original Star Wars premiered on just 32 screens across the U.S. when it opened on May 25, 1977

A generation can be defined as 20 to 25 years and may vary depending on your gender

97% of the German town of Wesel was destroyed by Allied bombers and artillery. The population decreased from 25,000 in 1939 to 1,900 in May of 1945.

Black-bellied whistling ducks nest in the cavities of trees, in the nest boxes or on the ground, using little nesting material. Female lays 9 to 18 eggs (13 on average) from May to June. Eggs hatch after 25 to 30 days. Both parents participate in the incubation of eggs and rearing of chicks.

The temperature within Tayrona National Park ranges from 25 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. It is a temperate, hot climate and the rainy seasons are from September to November and May to June.

In 1976, 100% of children in the US had blood lead levels >5 micrograms/dL. Back then, anything less than 25 was considered safe. Today, investigations are conducted if relatively tiny amounts of >5 are found. Fears of Flint, MI kids being “poisoned” at >5 may unfairly stigmatize them.

MJ debuted the “moonwalk” on May 16, 1983, when NBC aired the two-hour special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever.

Eliud Kipchoge ran the fastest ever marathon with a 2:00:25 clocking at the Nike Breaking2 race in Monza, Italy on May 6, 2017

Neurocysticercosis is a parasitic brain infection caused by tapeworm larvae. It causes epilepsy among other neural problems, and may asymptomatically be present in up to 25% of people in some developing countries.

Today is Towel Day, Towel Day is celebrated every year on 25 May as a tribute to the author Douglas Adams by his fans. On this day, fans carry a towel with them...

One of the longest court case in Europe was lasted about 70 years. According to ECHR judgement, original lawsuit was filed on 15 May 1928 (§11), final and irrevocable judgment was rendered on 12 September 1997 (§25).

Kansas: It's illegal to sell liquor by the glass in over 25 counties in Kansas, which repealed prohibition a full 15 years after Congress. Counties may by resolution or petition prohibit the sale of alcohol in public places where 30% or less of their gross revenue comes from food sales.