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  1. A man walked into a Walmart wearing an employee vest, told a cashier that they were wanted in the office, helped the remaining customer in line, emptied the cash register, then walked right out. He may have robbed 3 other Walmart locations as well.

  2. In medieval times it was common to have "2" sleeps per night. You would fall asleep for 4 to 5 hours, wake up for 2 hours or so and fall back to sleep for another 3 to 4. It's been suggested that we may have evolved this way to tend to the fire in order to keep us warm and safe.

  3. Brian May, the guitarist from queen, has a PhD in astrophysics and has co-authored 3 research papers

  4. Instead of dividing the backing vocals (low, medium, and high), Freddie Mercury, Brian May, and Roger Taylor, of the band Queen, would record each background part together in unison, twice. 3 part harmony = 18 "voices". This is considered to be a key element of the "Queen Sound".

  5. The billions of galaxies we can see may only represent about 3% of total number out there

  6. There are over 3 million "geocaches" worldwide. Small containers holding trinkets and a note that players find using Geocaching Apps or GPS devices. But you must avoid uncovering them in front of the "Muggles" People who are unaware of geocaching and may disturbed the hidden cache.

  7. After banning the 3-finger Hunger Games salute as a symbol by activists opposing the coup that installed the military junta in Thailand in May, anti-coup activists decided to make sandwiches a symbol of protest. The military then arrested students for "possessing sandwiches with ill intent"

  8. Serial killer Mary Ann Cotton murdered 3 of her 4 husbands, 11 of her 13 children, and may have murdered as many as 21 people before she was caught and hanged

  9. On May 12th, 2007 a US Army patrol was attacked by insurgents. 5 soldiers were killed and 3 abducted. The remains of 1 soldier was found shortly afterwards and the others assumed executed. The last 2 remains were found a year later and 1 showed signs of being tortured for months.

  10. The fastest winds recorded on earth (May 3, 1999 tornado: 301mph) and the largest tornado recorded (May 31, 2013: 2.6 miles wide) crossed the same street.

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Status of UN sustainable goal of reducing poverty to below 3% population in May 2019

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On March 3, 1876 in Bath County, Kentucky, What appeared to be flakes of red meat fell from the sky. People tasted it and said it seemed to be mutton or venison. Others said it may have been bear meat. The widely accepted theory is that it was carrion, vomited up by vultures passing over.

Embryonic development of thorny skates lasts 2.5 to 3 years. Female lays eggs covered with protective case (capsule) that is rectangular shaped and hardened on the corners. Majority of egg capsules are laid in the sand and mud during the May and October.

The most common tuba keys are F, E flat, CC, or BB-flat. They may have between 3 and 6 valves.

Coral snakes are not very large. Rare specimens may reach 3 feet in length, but most of them are 18 to 20 inches long.

Most diamonds are between 1 billion and 3 billion years old, but some may be older still.

The olive tree is an evergreen that can reach 50 feet in height, and may live as long as 500 years. The tree begins to produce olives between 3 to 4 years of age, and the olives usually range from 3 to 4 grams.

Depending on the species, butterfly fish vary in size from 3 to 6 inches in length. Certain species may grow up to 8 inches.

Caper blooms from May to August. Bush starts to produce flowers 3 years after planting. Flowers emit sweet aroma which attracts insects responsible for the pollination.

Stuart resigned from the United States Army on May 3, 1861 and joined the Confederate Army on May 10.

Female lays 3 to 4 eggs between the April and May. Incubation lasts 13 days. Young birds are ready to leave the nest 15 days after hatching.

Larval stage (naiad) may last few months to 3 years and it takes place under the water. Larvae have elongated, slightly flattened, cylindrical body and robust legs covered with hairs, bristles or spines. They have gills that are used for breathing.

A hobbit like relative of humans that grew to around 3 feet tall and lived among giant lizards may have existed around 18,000 years ago.

Females are able to store and use sperm for the fertilization of eggs during a period of 4 years. They lay 3 to 8 (usually 4 to 5) eggs from May to July in the nests in the sand. Incubation period lasts 3 months.

For 3 years tornadoes passed near or through Codell, Kansas every May 20th on 1916, 1917, 1918. After the May 20 1918 tornado the town never fully recovered from the devastation.

The colors you wear may provoke a fly. Wearing bright blue will attract tons of biting flies. They are 3 time more attracted to blue than yellow

For the Toad Houses in Super Mario Bros. 3, it never actually matters which box you open, as they are all rigged to contain the same item. (Which item it is, though, may be random, depending on which house you're in.)

The Pope can make cardinals 'In pectore'; a secret position for those whose work may put them at risk but who deserve recognition from future historians. John Paul II created 4 but only revealed the identities of 3 before his death. The name of the final secret cardinal therefore died with him.

Every year, Romanians produce a traditional soft drink in May and June called "socată". It is produced by letting the elderberry flowers macerate with water, yeast and lemon for 2–3 days. The last stage of fermentation is done in a closed pressure proof bottle to produce a fizzy drink.

Conscription is mandatory in South Korea but those with a master's degree in engineering may work at selected workplaces for 3 years instead

The floating islands of El Zacaton are covered in tall grass known as zacate. These islands can reach between 3 and 10 meters in diameter. If they grow large enough they may eventually cover the entire surface of El Zacaton. These floating islands are considered extremely rare.

A man walked into a Walmart wearing an employee vest, told a cashier that they were wanted in the office, helped the remaining customer in line, emptied the cash register, then walked right out. He may have robbed 3 other Walmart locations as well.

Mating season of Allegheny woodrat takes place from April and May. Females often produce 2 to 3 litters per season.

Researchers may have found the fabled mines of King Solomon in southern Israel. The 3,000-year-old structure includes a well-defined gatehouse complex, donkey stables and copper smelting camps

On 26th May 1453, 3 days before the city fell, Citizens of Constantinople had carried the statue of Mary through the streets to boost morale among people and prayed God for help. The statue slipped down and a heavy rain with thunderstorm started later.

On May 19, the Ottomans initiated the Third Attack on ANZAC Cove, but were repelled. More than 3,000 Turks died in the battle versus only 168 ANZACs. The two sides called a temporary truce to bury the dead.