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  1. If the history of the universe was condensed into a year, the Milky Way would form on May 15, life on earth would appear on September 21, and the dinosaurs would go extinct on December 30. Modern humans would evolve on December 31 at 11:52 PM and Columbus would discover America at 11:59:58 PM.

  2. Although Joseph Stalin officially killed around 2.9 million Russians during his reign, historians think that number may have been as high as 30 million, or around 22% of the population

  3. According to a study done by the State of California, Lane Splitting with a motorcycle may actually be safer than normal driving below 30 MPH.

  4. In Japan, suicide hotlines are so busy that a person may have to try 30 or more times to get through to an operator.

  5. Since there is no red light 30 ft under the water, blood looks green. If you go even deeper, blood color may change from green to black.

  6. Indiana Jones may have been inspired by American political scientist William Montgomery McGovern, who by age 30 had already explored the Amazon and braved uncharted regions of the Himalayas, survived revolution in Mexico, studied at Oxford and become a Buddhist priest in a Japanese monastery.

  7. On May 19 2011, South Korea passed a bill that doesn't allow children under 16 to play video games from 10:30 P.M. to 6:00 A.M

  8. Queen was probably the most educated rock band ever. Freddie Mercury - degree in Art & Graphic Design, Roger Taylor - Biology, John Deacon - Electronics & Brian May - Astrophysics (& recently completed his doctorate after a 30-year hiatus).

  9. Belgian fort Eben-Emael was thought to be impregnable before WW2. The world's largest fortress was designed to stop a German invasion and take months to break. It was so large ... that in May 1940 the Luftwaffe landed gliders on its roof, and captured Eben-Emael from the top in 30 hours.

  10. 30 yeas ago today (May 20, 89) a Soviet pilot baked a cake with sleeping pills and fed it to his squadron. While they were asleep he cut the alarm, wrestled with the guard on duty, took control of a Mig-29 and flew it to Turkey. He died in a Soviet Yak52 near Seattle during test flight in 2001

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may 30 fact data chart about 1 year of snow depths at every contiguous US weather station
1 year of snow depths at every contiguous US weather station -- July 1, 2017 to May 30, 2018

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30,000 people were killed during the 1902 Mount Pelee eruption, because the Governor refused to evacuate until after election day. The right wing government was worried about a possible socialist victory, and refused to let anyone leave until after the election on May 11th. It erupted on May 8th

The Ogallala Aquifer, the aquifer that is responsible for supplying water for 30% of the United States agriculture, may be depleted by the 2028. The cause: over farming, as well as the coal and oil industries.

Hitler wasn't the only Führer of Nazi Germany. After his suicide, the second Führer was former Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda Joseph Goebbels from 30 April-1 May 45 (Goebbels' suicide). The last Führer was Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk from 1 May-27 May 1945.

The battle was fought from April 30, 1863 until May 6, 1863.

You may be conscious up to 30 seconds after being decapitated.

Around 30 different varieties of walnuts are used in human diet. Walnuts can improve blood flow, reduce cholesterol level, decrease inflammation and accelerate wound healing. Despite these beneficial properties, walnuts may induce strong allergic reaction in sensitive persons.

Birch is a medium-sized tree that can reach 30 to 50 feet in height. Some species may grow to the height of 80 feet under appropriate conditions.

In September 1907 Hornby trademarked the sets as "Meccano" and on 30 May 1908 his company, Meccano Ltd, was formed.

on May 30, 1922, the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs traded two players between games of a double header. Both players played for each team that day.

The Battle of Attu lasted from May 11 to May 30, 1943.

On May 30, 1931 - - 12 year old Wilbur Brink was playing in his front yard when a tire fell from the sky and killed him. His house was on Georgetown Road across from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the incident happened during the 500 mile race.

On May 17, 1969, South Dakota State students descended on White, a small community 15 miles northwest of Brookings, to attempt to "drink the town dry." "550 cases of beer were consumed by 6:30."

In the US, there's no federal law mandating that egg producers must publish expiration dates. It's only compulsory for eggs to be sold within 30 days from the packaging date, regardless of when the eggs were laid. As a result, eggs may take much more than a month to reach consumers.

Flocks of 20 to 30 little stints migrate toward the wintering grounds in Africa and South Asia from July to November. They return to the breeding areas from mid-May to early June. Immature birds often stay in the wintering grounds all year round.

It is believed there may be as many as 30 billion barrels of oil and gas reserves in the Chukchi Sea Shelf.

A rooster may mate up to 30 times per day depending on his ability and enthusiasm

Scientists believe that a 20-centimeter siltstone phallus from the Upper Palaeolithic period 30,000 years ago, found in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm, Germany, may have been used as a dildo

The FDA allows 30 insect fragments per 100 grams of peanut butter. Although this may seem really freaky, it's actually quite safe, as no health hazards are posed.

In 2014 Coffee prices doubled due to dry hot weather in Brazil, which produces 40% of the world's coffee beans. 30% of the crop may have been lost in the worst drought in 50 years.

Wilkes Land Crater in Antarctica is a 300 mile wide crater that was formed by a 30 mile wide asteroid. Perhaps formed with the 125 mile wide Bedout crater in Australia. Which may have lead to The Great Dying; the worst mass extinction in Earth's history.

Brian Eno made the statement about Velvet Underground, "that while the first album may have sold only 30,000 copies in its early years, everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band."

On 2007 the Los Angeles City Council declared May 25th as Star Wars Day in celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the release of the first Star Wars movie.

Studies have found that men may also have a biological clock. After IVF, women under 30 with a male partner age 30-35 have a 73% chance of live birth. Women under 30 with a male partner age 40-42 saw their chances fall to 46%.

Sulcata tortoise spends hottest part of the day and dry season in aestivation (period of dormancy during extremely dry and hot period of day or year). It digs 30 inches deep burrows or creates complex tunnels that may reach depth of 10 feet. Hatchlings use abandoned mammalian burrows to hide from the excessive heat.

Black-bellied whistling ducks nest in the cavities of trees, in the nest boxes or on the ground, using little nesting material. Female lays 9 to 18 eggs (13 on average) from May to June. Eggs hatch after 25 to 30 days. Both parents participate in the incubation of eggs and rearing of chicks.