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  1. South Park saved all scene files used to create their first 176 episodes. Paired with the original uncensored audio, South Park re-rendered all episodes to full 1080p at the standard 16:9 ratio. South Park may be the only pre-HD animated show that has all episodes available in full native 1080p.

  2. Researchers are concerned that people who flash the peace sign may be at risk for identify theft, as accurate fingerprints can be collected by a camera from as far as 9 feet away.

  3. Teri Horton, a 73-year-old former long-haul truck driver who purchased a painting from a thrift shop for $5, only to find out that it may be a Jackson Pollock, turned down an offer of US $9 million from a Saudi Arabian buyer.

  4. From 7 September 1978 to 9 May 1989 skateboards were illegal in Norway. For 11 years Norway was the only country in the world where it was forbidden to buy, sell or stand on a skateboard.

  5. About Ethan Couch, a man who killed 4 people in a drunk driving accident in 2013. His punishment, after fleeing to Mexico and getting caught, was to wear an ankle bracelet and adhere to a 9 PM curfew. In May 2019, a Judge removed his ankle bracelet. He is now essentially a free man.

  6. Coca-Cola was first served on May 8th, 1886. At that time, only 9 colas were served in an average day: 3285 a year. Today, worldwide, 19,400 Coke products are consumed every second.

  7. Female gives birth to 4 to 9 babies (kits or cubs) from April to May, after gestation period of 31 to 32 days. Babies are naked, blind and helpless at birth. Only mother takes care of the babies. Young animals will start independent life 6 weeks after birth. Groundhogs reach sexual maturity at the age of two years and produce one litter per year.

  8. Jackals mate for lifetime (they are monogamous). Pregnancy in females lasts around 2 months and ends usually with 2 to 4 cubs. Large litters may consist of up to 9 cubs.

  9. The official start of World War 2 (September 1st, 1939) is closer to the end of the American Civil War (May 9, 1865) than it is to today's date.

  10. If entire Hilina Slump on Big Island of Hawaii were to slide into ocean at once, it could cause earthquake in excess of 9 in magnitude, and megatsunami. Previous megatsunamis in Hawaii 110,000 years ago caused by similar geological phenomena may have created waves 1,600 feet tall.

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may 9 fact data chart about Kīlauea Volcano, earthquakes since May 9. And yes, it's stil
Kīlauea Volcano, earthquakes since May 9. And yes, it's still erupting lava.

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James Brown was married four times. He is known to have at least 9 children but there may actually be 13.

On 9 May 1864 Gen. J Sedgwick saw his corps ducking for cover from riflers 1000yards away, in the Battle of Spotsylvania. Sedgwick wandered out and stated "Why do you dodge like this? They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance!" Moments later he was shot below the left eye and fell down dead

Females give birth once in two year. Pregnancy in some females may last 9 months. Number of babies ranges from couple to more than 25.

Every lease in NYC was set to expire on May 1st at 9:00 forcing New Yorkers to move out at the exact same time. It was known as "Moving Day"

During WW2, Japan succeeded in launching a total of 9,300 incendiary and antipersonnel bombs carried by balloons. One killed six American civilians near Bly, Oregon on May 5, 1945.

In 2015, May 9th was officially declared as "Goku Day" in honor of the character from the Dragon Ball series by the Japan Anniversary Association. In Japanese, 5 and 9 can be pronounced as "Go" and "Ku".

Black-bellied whistling ducks nest in the cavities of trees, in the nest boxes or on the ground, using little nesting material. Female lays 9 to 18 eggs (13 on average) from May to June. Eggs hatch after 25 to 30 days. Both parents participate in the incubation of eggs and rearing of chicks.

Mount St. Helens is only the 52nd highest peak in Washington state at 8,365 ft. Prior to its eruption on May 18, 1980, it had been the fifth highest peak in the state at 9,677 ft.

Female lays 9 to 12 eggs during the April and May. After incubation period of 34 to 36 days, baby ducks (called ducklings) will hatch.

The city of Chester in England may have been so full of Roman Debris along it's streets they had to build unique buildings called "Rows" where the main streets in town are sunken as much as 9 feet.

Transits of Mercury occur in May or November. The last four transits occurred on November 15, 1999; May 7, 2003; November 8, 2006; and May 9, 2016. The next will occur on November 11, 2019, and then on November 13, 2032.

The last public hangings in New York City occurred on May 9, 1829

The last state funeral of the Third Reich took place on May 16th, 1945 -- 9 days after Germany's surrender -- replete with swastika flags and approved by the British. It was held for Wolfgang Lüth, a renowned U-boat captain.

About the “Kent State massacre” on May 4, 1970, of unarmed college students by members of the Ohio National Guard at Kent State University. During a mass protest against the bombing of Cambodia by the U.S., 28 guardsmen fired approximately 67 rounds, killing 4 students and wounding 9 others.

Elaine Davidson, the most pierced woman of all time, had 462 piercings in May, 2000. Now, she has over 9,000.

A single German Infantryman, Heinrich SeverLoh, known to history as "The Beast of Omaha' may have been responsible for roughly two thirds of all American infantry killed on Omaha beach, between 2,000-3,000 men. He manned an MG42 in WN-62 and fired almost 14,000 rounds over 9 hours

At around 4:30AM on May 9, 1970, Richard Nixon went to the Lincoln Memorial to awkwardly parlay with young protesters following the revealing of the secret war in Cambodia and the Kent State shootings.

On this day 65 years ago, 9 May 1950, Robert Schuman, who served as foreign minister of France, proposed a supranational European economic community that could help reconcile the belligerents in World War II. In time, the Schuman Declaration developed into the European Union.

The film Friday the 13th wasn't actually released on a Friday the 13th, but on Friday, May 9, 1980. A Friday the 13th would occur a month later, though, on June 13, 1980.

Article 9 of Japan's constitution does not permit the Japanese to join war as a way to settle international disputes but recent beheadings of Japanese citizens by ISIS may cause Japan to change their constitution.

Solar outbursts and plasma events, beginning circa 9,700 BC, may have eradicated advanced civilizations and high cultures of the time, and the radiation emanating from the plasma may have affected mental and physical abilities.

Philip Workman; his last meal request was for vegetarian pizza to be donated to the homeless. It was denied. Donate a pizza on May 9 to add some good to the world since he couldn't.

On this day 65 years ago, 9 May 1950, Robert Schuman, the foreign minister of France, issued the "Schuman Declaration", proposing a new supranational European economic community that led eventually to the European Union.

Texas has earliest deadline - May 9 - to file as an independent Prez candidate, but other states have March deadlines if the candidate forms a minor party.

If 7 of 9 (Jeri Ryan) hadn't divorced her husband (Jack Ryan) Obama may not be the President today....