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What is Mayans?
  1. The Guatemalan government carried out a genocide in the 1980's known as the Silent Holocaust against the Mayan people. Throughout it, the US government under Ronald Reagan gave Guatemala military aid, helping the genocidaires commit their atrocities.

  2. In Guatemala an estimated 40-60% of the population still speaks a Mayan language

  3. Central American Stingless Bees that have been cultivated by Mayans for thousands of years. The bees are regarded as pets and their hives hung in and around the home. Some hives have been recorded as lasting over 80 years, being passed down through generations.

  4. Chichen Itza was constructed so that on the spring and autumn equinox it creates the image of a snake slithering down the pyramid to honor the Mayan deity Kukulan, the Feathered Serpent.

  5. The ruins of a 2,300-year-old Mayan Temple in Belize were destroyed by contractors who wanted to use the bricks for gravel to build a road.

  6. PSY's Gangnam Style reached one billion views (the first video to ever do so) on the day that the ancient Mayans predicted the end of the world, December 21, 2012.

  7. While modern child-proof lids were invented in 1967, archaeologists discovered a container nearly 20 years later that was opened using a similar twist-off method. The vessel was found in the Mayan ruins of Río Azul in Guatemala and dated back to 500 BCE. It contained chocolate.

  8. A huge ancient Mayan city has been discovered in Guatemala and it holds one of the world´s largest pyramids.

  9. A sailor, Gonzalo Guerrero, shipwrecked in the Yucatan years before Cortez began his conquest of Mexico. He eventually became a respected warrior among the Mayans and even led military campaigns. On his suggestion, native tribes ambushed and crushed Spains first expedition into Mexico.

  10. The Yucatan is so flat that any hill is considered to be a Mayan relic. Thousands of them have never been examined by an archeologist.

What are some fun facts about mayans?

Only five independent writing systems have been produced in the entire human history. Sumerian, Egyptian, Harappan, Mayan, and Chinese.

NASA mapping satellites discovered Mayan ruins that were overgrown by the jungle

A construction company destroyed a Mayan temple from 200BC and was fined only $24,000

In 1986 the death mask of the Mayan leader Pacal was stolen from a museum in Mexico. Museum officials believed the thieves to be international, professional criminals since security was so intense. A year later the mask was discovered, and the thieves revealed to be veterinary school drop outs.

The Mayans revered bees so much that they had funerals for them.

Diego de Landa: Historians describe him as a cruel and fanatical priest who led a violent campaign against idol worship. he burned almost all the Mayan manuscripts (codices) that would have been very useful in deciphering Mayan script.

The meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs created a line of freshwater caves. The Mayan culture was able to rise in the normally freshwater-poor Yucatan directly as a result of that meteor.

Cocoa beans were used as currency in Mayan and Aztec societies and 10 beans could buy a prostitute and 100 beans for a slave.

Kellogg C. (The cereal company) has sued a non-profit organization for the use of toucan in their organization for Mayan cultural defense

There was a Mayan God of homosexuality and male prostitutes - fact check

When Spanish explorers first tried to talk to the Mayans they said "Uic athan," which is 'We don't understand' in their language. This misunderstanding gave the Yucatan Peninsula its name - fact check

An independent Mayan city, complete with pyramids and human sacrifice, resisted the Spanish until 1697

One of the largest Mayan pyramids was destroyed to make gravel fill for roads - fact check

There is a tribe in Central America who have incorporated Jesus Christ (or Hesuklistos) into their traditional Mayan beliefs, believing him to be a "minor god, not worthy of worship." His father, Äkyantho' is a light-skinned god that wears a hat and carries a pistol.

The Mayans were astronomers. They believed that the stars and moon and sun were gods, and they marked their eclipses and solstices and equinoxes in their temples and calendars.

The replica ancient Mayan ruins located in Chankanaab National Park contain huts, a bathhouse, and other features that would have been common to the ancient civilization.

Arawak Indians used allspice to preserve the meat, while Mayan Indians used essential oils of allspice to embalm the body of their leader after death.

The first chocolate bar was invented by the Mayans in Guatemala.

The Mayans played a ball game in which the losers of the ball game would become a sacrifice.

Soviet Linguist Yuri Knorozov Deciphered Mayan Writing and Realized That the Glyphs Represented Not Letters but Syllables

Mothers also tried to flatten their foreheads with boards as this was another feature of nobility. Putty was used to shape the nose like a beak.

A child was named according to the date of their birth.

There are replicas of archaeological finds in the Mayan village in Chankanaab National Park. These include small Mayan temples, the Chacmool statue (a reclining figure), the Tenochtitlan Moon Goddess Coyolxauhqui stone, and Olmec colossal heads.

Mayans knew how to use plants for medicinal purposes. They also used some for their hallucinogenic properties in special ceremonies.

Mayan weapons were made from volcanic rock or obsidian.