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  1. Oliver Sipple, a veteran who saved Gerald Ford from being shot. Subsequently outed as gay, his family disowned him. He sued the media outlets that outed him to no avail. He developed schizophrenia and alcoholism. Found dead at 47, he never met Ford and his funeral was attended by 30 people

  2. In mid 2008, media outlets reported that Dr Pepper would offer a free can of Dr Pepper to everyone in the USA —excluding former Guns N' Roses guitarists Buckethead and Slash— if the band released Chinese Democracy in 2008. They failed on their vow and were threatened litigation by Axl Rose.

  3. Many media outlets downplay reports of suicide to avoid "Suicide contagion," the phenomenon of vulnerable individuals seeing the action normalised and believing that they should be the ones to do it next.

  4. Comcast charged a customer $60,000 in fees for cancelling a contract for services that were never installed and ten months past due. The fees were apparently credited after a media outlet's involvement.

  5. SecureDrop, a secure way for whistleblowers to leak documents to the press, written by Aaron Swartz and used by media outlets worldwide

  6. Scientists used a complex algorithm to gauge the level of bias in a media outlet by what quotes each outlet selected from a similar speech. It found that almost all forms of American media had statistically significant media bias.

  7. A fake news story about a 'Cambodian Midget Fighting League' involving a Cambodian government sanctioned event where 42 midgets were mauled by an African lion, was picked up by several major media outlets as a legitimate news story in 2005.

  8. The New York Times is the media outlet with the most Pulitzer Prizes (125) which is more than 2nd and 3rd place combined (The Washington Post: 65 and Associated Press:52)

  9. The belief that when JFK said "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" he actually said "I am a jelly donut" is wrong. The myth was perpetuated by a novel in the 80's and continued on through retellings of the stories by newspapers and other media outlets.

  10. is a commercial, for-profit media outlet that has no meaningful connection with the Livestrong Foundation created by Lance Armstrong. It's just another content mill that licensed a name.

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media outlet fact data chart about The Sentiment of Articles that contain "Trump" or "Obama" in
The Sentiment of Articles that contain "Trump" or "Obama" in the title by media outlet

media outlet fact data chart about I lined up (Pulitzer Prize-Winning Factchecker) Politifact's
I lined up (Pulitzer Prize-Winning Factchecker) Politifact's Truth-O-Meter ratings for each of the "Mainstream Media" news outlets to compare them

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Millennials (16-34) on avg scored higher on test of "skills" ("literacy" and "numeracy") than 35-65 year olds, contrary to what some media outlets implied.

Some media outlets blamed the violence on Copperhead propaganda.

News of the Christmas Truce was heavily censored in the countries involved and only began to leak out weeks later after American media outlets reported on it.

The Irving Family from Canada owns all the media outlets of the province as well as an intensive vertically integrated business model of the provincial businesses.

Major media outlets have pronounced Bitcoin dead over 30 times. It's still going.

Disney owns many media outlets such as ESPN and Vice

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (source often cited by major media outlets in the West) is run by one man in the UK who also runs a clothes shop.

Around 10% of users across all major social media outlets are fake accounts.

While almost every big media outlet attends the White House Correspondents Dinner, once exception (since 2011) has been the New York Times

Missing White Woman Syndrome" is a phenomenon where news media outlets report on cases involving young, white, upper-middle-class women or girls extensively.

Rupert Murdoch and FOX TV is one of the left wing media outlets of Turkey - fact check

Mainstream media outlets reported that a 22-year-old student who had been missing for a month when the Boston Bombings happened was linked to the tragedy. He wasn't. In fact, he was already dead.

Robots (software) write news articles for Forbes and many other media outlets including sports networks.

Spongebob Squarepants was once hated by right-wing media outlets because he supposedly promoted the "homosexual agenda" and warned about the dangers of global warming.

James Thomas Hodgkinson, who after being radicalized by far left media outlets and Reddit, attempted to kill multiple members of Congress

In 2000 a 14 year old boy hacked Ebay, Amazon, Fifa, CNN and many others. When he was caught a year later the authorities and media outlets had to refer to him by his hacker name "Mafiaboy" because he was still a minor and weren't allowed to use his real name.

The owner of media outlet "Independent" is an ex-KGB spy and Russian oligarch who pretends to be anti-Putin but was exposed for supporting Putin in hacked emails. He also owns an opposition newspaper whose journalists have been assassinated.

Mike Pence supported a taxpayer funded state run news agency, called "JustIN", which would distribute content to other media outlets. The short-lived agency was compared to "Pravda", a Russian state run media agency.

Owner of media outlet "Independent" is an ex-KGB spy and Russian oligarch who pretends to be Anti-Putin but it was discovered in hack e-mails he was working with Putin

The late Aaron Swartz helped create a program called SecureDrop so that anonymous sources can submit / leak secrets to media outlet.

H&M's Sustainable Billie Eilish Line is a Lie. Multiple media outlets claimed the collection was "all sustainably made" but in actuality only 12.5% of the collection was even somewhat sustainably made. - fact check

6 Corps own almost every media outlet there is and REDDIT is not (owned by) one of them!

North Korea is not the most repressive regime on the planet. Eritrea's dictator, Isaias Afewerki, has "succeeded in his campaign to crush independent journalism, creating a media climate so oppressive that even reporters for state-run news outlets live in constant fear of arrest".

About "A Yo",Herminio Juarez.His SO tried to kill herself and when a local news outlet interviewed him,he quickly became a meme in Honduran media. Time after it was revealed that he disliked being a meme. To make it up to him,many (including the news outlet) gathered to give him a free wedding.

Covington Catholic is Considering Suing MainStream Media Outlets For Slandering Students

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media outlet fact infographic about News Outlet Mentions Of The Word Neoliberal/Neoliberalism (M
News Outlet Mentions Of The Word Neoliberal/Neoliberalism (Media Bias)