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  1. A boy dying of an incurable illness wanted to meet Luke Skywalker (in character). His mental state devolved to the point where he did not realise Luke was fictional. Mark Hamill agreed to dress up in character and meet the boy. He spent hours answering questions.

  2. About the Rosenhan experiment, in which a Stanford psychologist and his associates faked hallucinations in order to be admitted to psychiatric hospitals. They then acted normally. All were forced to admit to having a mental illness and agree to take antipsychotic drugs in order to be released.

  3. A man with severe OCD and a phobia of germs attempted to commit suicide at the age of 19 via a gunshot wound to the head. Instead of killing him, the bullet eliminated his mental illness without any other brain damage.

  4. Michael Phelps considered suicide after the 2012 Summer Olympics. He started the Michael Phelps Foundation to help other people with mental illness.

  5. Fernald State school exposed mentally ill children to radioactive isotopes to document the effects. They had no permission from the kids or their parents & told the kids they were part of a “science club.” The experiments were conducted by Harvard University & sponsored by Quaker Oats.

  6. In 1990 the grand marshal of the LA Gay Pride Parade was an 82 year old retired straight female professor. Her research in the 50s led to homosexuality no longer being considered a mental illness in the United States.

  7. About Brian, the mentally ill Bonobo who was prescribed Paxil to help with his anxiety but taken off of it a few years later after he started sharing it amongst the other apes

  8. Higher intelligence is linked with higher rates of mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, causing the "mad scientist" stereotype to have ground in reality.

  9. A woman spent 12 years in a Kansas mental institution against her will after being diagnosed as a schizophrenic because they assumed she was mentally ill and speaking gibberish. She was really Tarahumara Indian from Mexico who spoke a rare dialect.

  10. You have a greater risk of mental illness if you are highly intelligent. A survey of the top 2% of Mensa members showed that their rates of depression, bipolar disorder, BPD, SAD were all higher than the national average. Scientists suspect that a highly active brain might also be high sensitive

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Dominoes discontinued use of their mascot "The Noid" after a mentally ill Kenneth Lamar Noid, thinking the character was based on him, held a Dominoes hostage and later killed himself.

When elephants 'dance', they're really mentally ill and depressed from confinement and restriction from freedom and socialising

Britney Spears' father has a permanent conservatorship on her daughter, which is usually reserved for the severely mentally ill. Britney has reportedly stated that she really wants to quit the show business, but she can't make any personal or financial decisions and is forced to continue.

Before the Civil War, some psychiatrists diagnosed slaves with what they called drapetomania: "a mental illness in which the slave possessed an irrational desire for freedom and a tendency to try to escape."

In 1995 the Church of Scientology imprisoned, dehydrated and starved a mentally ill woman for 17 days until she died.

A man faked mental illness to escape jail, was sent to an asylum and has been trying since to convince doctors he's sane. He's been diagnosed a psychopath 'cause in part, "Faking mental illness to get out of a prison sentence is exactly the kind of manipulative act you’d expect of a psychopath."

Even after 8years Britney Spears is still under a conservatorship which is reserved usually for people mentally ill or in vegetative state.Her father makes $130k just as her conservator & doesn't allow her to hire own lawyers & has custody of her two sons.It could last forever.

Joe Arridy, a mentally ill man wrongfully sentenced to death in the 1930's. While on death row, he played with toy trains, requested ice cream for his last meal and, while being taken to the gas chamber, smiled and told the warden, "No no, Joe won't die"

A teenager killed four pedestrians while drunk driving and was given no prison time by claiming affluenza: a mental illness from being too wealthy

When her son showed signs of mental illness, the mother of the Virginia Tech shooter sought an exorcism from a church rather than mental health professionals

In the 1980s, Dominos Pizza had a campaign centered around "The Noid". It was discontinued in 1989 after a mentally ill man named Kenneth Noid took Dominos Pizza workers hostage after he thought the ads were a personal attack on him.

In 1973, a psychiatrist named David Rosenhan sent eight people with no history of mental illness to mental hospitals. The staff couldn't tell they were sane. It took some 2 months to get out.

If you're an American adult, there is a 1/5 chance you have a mental illness.

During the Battle of Lexington in the American Revolution there was a tense 10 minute standoff between the British and the Americans. A local mentally ill man took this time to wander between both sides trying to sell hard cider

The town of Geel, Belgium which practices de-institutionalized mental health care. Doctors place patients with host families to live. The tradition of caring for the mentally ill dates back hundreds of years.

There's a mental illness called Cotard Delusion in which the affected person holds the delusional belief that they are already dead, putrefying or don't exist.

Born in 1779 into a family plagued by severe mental illness, Peter Roget's childhood was dominated by the depression and misery of those around him. In an effort to cope, he developed a compulsion for making lists. His lifelong passion culminated in the publication of Roget's Thesaurus in 1852.

Domino's discontinued using the Noid as their mascot because a mentally ill man named Kenneth Lamar Noid thought the ads were a personal attack on him. In retaliation, he took two Domino's employees hostage, demanded $100,000, a special-made pizza, and a salad. He later killed himself in 1995.

When the deadliest tornado touched down in 1925 Missouri, people were taken by surprise. This was because the word 'tornado' was banned from US weather forecasts since the late 19th century due to hysteria. This mentality shifted after the tornado killed 675 ill-prepared residents

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Between 5% and 20% of people who suffer from the disease eventually die from it.

A Mentally Ill man shot himself in the head as a suicide attempt. The bullet cured his disorder and he became a Straight-A college student.

There were approximately 70 mass shootings in the US between 1982 and 2012. Just under 80% of the weapons used were obtained legally and the majority of perpetrators had signs of previous mental illness.

The Martha Mitchell effect, where a psychiatrist considers an unbelievable story delusional, but it turns out to be true. Named for the alcoholic wife of Nixon's attorney general, called mentally ill after reporting illegal behavior by the administration

In 1999 a mentally ill man was arrested for plotting to kill sheriff Joe Arpaio with a pipe bomb. Saville was acquitted four years later when it was discovered that Arpaio's detectives had purchased the bomb parts themselves and framed Saville in a publicity stunt to boost approval ratings.

The Rosenhan Experiment, a study that showed that many doctors in psychiatric hospitals cannot actually distinguish people with actual mental illness from those faking it.