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What is Mice?
  1. An 18-month-old German Shepherd named Luna fell off a boat in the Pacific Ocean, swam 2 miles to a nearby island, and survived for 5 weeks by eating mice before she was rescued by a team of Navy staffers. She was found to be slightly under-nourished, but in perfect condition otherwise.

  2. Researchers placed an exercise wheel in the wild and found it was used extensively by mice without any reward for using it. Other users included rats, shrews, and slugs.

  3. Yoda, the world's oldest mouse, was just over 4 years old, the equivalent of about 136 in human years, and lived in quiet seclusion with his cage mate, Princess Leia, in a pathogen-free rest home for geriatric mice.

  4. Russia has a monument to laboratory mice, to celebrate their contribution to science

  5. Polydactyly (having many fingers) in cats was seen by sailors as advantageous for catching mice aboard ships. Consequently there is a high proportion of these cats in sea port areas such as Boston, Nova Scotia and Great Britain.

  6. Pikachu's name comes from the onomatopoetic word "pikapika" which is the Japanese sound for electricity sparking, and "chuchu" which is the sound small mice make.

  7. Harvest Mice like crawling into flowers to eat the pollen and sometimes even fall asleep in them.

  8. Mice can sing, but we can't hear them. Male mice can produce complex songs, similar to songbirds, in the ultrasonic range when they spend time with females.

  9. Scientists found that deleting a certain gene in mice can make them smarter by unlocking a mysterious region of the brain considered to be relatively inflexible. It is called the 'Homer Simpson Gene.'

  10. Cancer researchers discovered a potential male birth control drug. It caused mice to "forget" how to make sperm, and the mice became completely fertile, producing normal offspring, after they stopped receiving the drug.

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mice fact data chart about The Metabolic Flux of Metabolites in Mice Livers as Predicte
The Metabolic Flux of Metabolites in Mice Livers as Predicted by Optimization Modeling

What are some fun facts about mice?

Scientists injected mouse pups with human glial cells. Within a year the human brain cells integrated and replaced over half of the natural cells. The mice developed supercharged intelligence- scoring much higher on cognitive & memory tests then their unaltered kin.

There is an unaired Mythbusters episode. Groups of mice were used to test if "the box is more nutritious than the cereal". The mice in one of the groups were eating "pallets of cardboard". One day they checked and there were no longer 3 mice in that group, but 1 really fat mouse.

Mice injected full of Tylenol are dropped by parachute onto tree tops on the island of Guam, to kill off an invasive species of snakes that lives there.

A 2006 trial of an autoimmune drug that was found to be safe in mice, caused human volunteers fingers and toes to die within minutes of taking it and left them with multiple organ failures.

There was a man-made mouse utopia called Universe 25. It started with 4 males and 4 females. The colony peaked at 2200 and from there declined to extinction. Once a tipping point was reached, the mice lost instinctual behaviors. Scientists extrapolate this model to humans on earth.

In Russia, there is a monument to honor laboratory mice that have lost their lives furthering scientific research.

Albert Podell spent 50 years and $300,000 visiting every country on earth. Along the way he ate mice and live monkey brains, and was almost lynched. He rates each country according to the quality of their toilet paper.

It was a lucky chance that we tested penicillin on mice instead of guinea pigs, because penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs and thus penicillin would have been discarded. This possibly would have never made us realize the field of antibiotics.

The genetic imprint from traumatic experiences carries through at least two generations in mice

Foxes that can jump 3 feet in the air to dive 3 feet into snow to catch mice. They determine the speed and trajectory of the mouse before nose diving with pinpoint accuracy.

Grasshopper Mice have adaptation to turn scorpion venom into a pain-killer. They now prey on scorpions. - fact check

An experiment gave mice a utopia with social roles to all, no predators and unlimited food. After population boomed reproduction gradually stopped, they became aggressive, isolated themselves and total breakdown in social structures led extinction. Researchers compared it to trends in mankind.

A scientist once gave mice a perfect Utopia but in 560 days it degraded into a mice Dystopia:

2,000 mice were parachuted into Guam to kill snake invaders. The mice were dead and pumped full of acetaminophen which killed the snakes.

When a hamster wheel is placed outside wild mice will come run on it. - fact check

An episode of Mythbusters where the myth of a sugary cereal's box being more healthy than the cereal itself was was tested but never aired. This was due to the fact that the lab mice that were fed the cereal box wound up eating each other during filming.

Wild mice (and many other wild animals) will run on an exercise wheel, even when not in a cage, just because they like it!

The Grasshopper mouse is a carnivorous rodent that dines on worms, scorpions, snakes, and even other mice. It also "stalks its prey in the manner of a cat, sneaking up quietly, and defends its territory by 'howling' like a small wolf."

The Grasshopper mouse is a carnivorous rodent that eats scorpions, snakes, and even kills and eats other mice. It also stalks its prey in the manner of a cat and defends its territory by 'howling' like a wolf while being immune to various venoms.

The first living creatures to go into orbit and return safely were, 40 mice, two rats, a rabbit, some fruit flies, plants, and 2 dogs. One of the dogs puppy was given by Khrushchev to Jacqueline Kennedy. She mated with a Kennedy dog, and JFK referred to their offspring as pupniks.

In 2017, three infertile mice were able to give birth to healthy offspring after being implanted with artificial 3-D printed ovaries. - fact check

Up until the 1800's, it was commonly believed that placing dirty underwear in a bucket with wheat grains would "generate" mice. This was called spontaneous generation, the idea that life could be created from nonliving objects.

Early toxicity tests of Penicillin were performed on live mice. Had the tests been run on the other animals at hand (guinea pigs), we might not be using the antibiotic today, because Penicillin is toxic to guinea pigs.

The naturalist William Buckland spent much of his life trying to eat every animal possible to see how it tasted. He grew fond of eating Mice on toast, while His least favorite meals were that of mole, and bluebottle flies.

Over 70 cats live in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, helping to catch mice who might want to chew on the artworks. They even have their own press secretary!