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  1. During a slump in the minors, Mickey Mantle told his father “I don’t think I can play baseball anymore.” His father responded with "I thought I raised a man. I see I raised a coward instead. You can come back to Oklahoma and work the mines with me." Mantle immediately broke out of his slump.

  2. Mickey Mantle's most "outstanding experience" in Yankee Stadium was a blow job happening in the middle of a game.

  3. Mickey Mantle, when asked about his "outstanding event at Yankee Stadium", described a "blow-job under the right field bleachers" in hilarious detail.

  4. Baseball legend Mickey Mantle rationalized his hard living by saying the men in his family had died young and he expected to die young as well. As the years passed and his health declined, he said, "If I'd known I was gonna live this long, I'd have taken a lot better care of myself."

  5. New York Yankee great Mickey Mantle said he married not out of love, but because he was told to by his domineering father and when he went to his retirement ceremony in 1969, he brought his mistress along with his wife.

  6. Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays were both banned from baseball for signing autographs (ban was later lifted)

  7. When Martha Stewart was 10, she worked as the occasional babysitter for the children of Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Gil McDougald, all players for the New York Yankees.

  8. Paul Simon had Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Mickey Mantle, and John Madden appear on the Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard music video

  9. Mickey Mantle's nephew is Kelly Mantle, a contestant on the 6th season of Rupaul's Drag Race.

  10. Mickey Mantle played 17 years with a torn ACL

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Mickey mantle and Willie Mays were banned from baseball for life For involvement with gambling: they appeared as greeters at Atlantic City casinos.