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What is Microsoft?
  1. A Harvard professor who had worked with Bill Gates called him shortly after he had left to start Microsoft. The professor recalled, "He had moved to Albuquerque... to run a small company writing code for microprocessors, of all things. I remember thinking: 'Such a brilliant kid. What a waste.'"

  2. In 2010, Microsoft banned a user from Xbox Live for putting Fort Gay as his address. When he tried to tell them that Fort Gay actually exists in West Virginia, it took an appeal from the town’s mayor for it to be corrected.

  3. When Steve Jobs accused Microsoft of stealing idea for Windows from Mac, Bill Gates replied: "Well, Steve, .... I think it's more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it."

  4. When Microsoft shutdown Halo 2 multiplayer, one player kept his xbox running for a month playing until he was booted from the game.

  5. In 1989, Bill Gates answered a Microsoft tech support call, and identified himself only as "William", then solved the issue. The customer called back later specifically requesting him.

  6. Solitaire was created by a Microsoft intern who wasn't paid for the game. Bill Gates liked the idea but complained it was too difficult to win at this game. Original version also included a fake Excel spreadsheet to hide the game from your boss.

  7. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer was the first person to become a billionaire by being an employee and not a company founder (or heir).

  8. In 2003, Mike Rowe created and was sued by Microsoft because it sounded too much like Rowe lost the case but was given an Xbox as compensation.

  9. Microsoft tried to monopolize the early web browser market by making it difficult to install other web browsers and slowing down Windows if Internet Explorer was uninstalled.

  10. In 2004, Microsoft sued Mike Rowe for the domain - They settled for an XBox and a selection of games

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microsoft fact data chart about Top 20 governments requesting content removals from tech com
Top 20 governments requesting content removals from tech companies (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Wikimedia)

microsoft fact data chart about Google vs Microsoft - TTM Revenues for past 25 Quarters
Google vs Microsoft - TTM Revenues for past 25 Quarters

What are some fun facts about microsoft?

In 2002 Microsoft forgot to pay to renew one of their domains and a random guy paid the bill so he could check his hotmail.

Microsoft once sued Mike Rowe, a high school student who registered for his part-time web design project. Eventually a settlement was reached, with Microsoft purchasing the domain in exchange for an Xbox console.

Microsoft once had to rename the "Critical Update Notification Tool" in order to avoid the unfortunate acronym

Microsoft Solitaire was developed by a summer intern named Wes Cherry. He received no royalties for his work despite it being among the most used Windows applications of all time.

In 1994 Guns n Roses Bassist Duff McKagan bought $100,000 in stock in Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks

In 2010 Microsoft banned a user from Xbox Live for putting Fort Gay (A real location in West Virginia) as his address. Microsoft refused to believe that Fort Gay actually existed, and eventually took an appeal from the towns Mayor David Thompson for the issue to be corrected.

A five year old boy passed a Microsoft exam to become the youngest person to become a Microsoft Certified Professional

Bill Gates owns a small investment firm which has the sole purpose of selling off shares of his Microsoft stocks on a daily basis and investing the profits in a tiny portfolio of high performance non-tech companies.

Microsoft once sued a high school student named Mike Rowe who registered the domain for his part-time web-design business. A settlement was finally reached that included sending the teenager an X-Box in exchange for the domain.

Microsoft gave the domain to a guy named Bob in exchange for

Microsoft had planned to host multiplayer for Xbox and PC games on the same Microsoft LIVE network. Plans were cancelled after play-testing showed that PC players won virtually every match versus console opponents. - fact check

Consumer groups have slammed Microsoft for its policy of forced updates for Windows 10, which is hitting customers in remote locations with massive bill shocks by blowing out their data caps.

There was a computer worm that would gain access to Windows XP systems, download a patch from Microsoft to close the vulnerability that it used to infect the system, attempt to delete the infamous Blaster worm (if present) from the system, then delete itself.

Goldman Sachs complained to Microsoft that Word always autocorrected "Goldman Sachs" to "Goddamn Sachs"

Because Windows XP’s wallpaper was costlier than FedEx's insurance, Microsoft had to buy a plane ticket for the photographer to personally deliver it to Seattle

Microsoft was about to use "Prepare to Fly" slogan for Windows XP launch but dropped it because the 9/11 happened.

The true purpose of Microsoft Solitaire and Minesweeper was to teach mouse-fluency by stealth

The reason Microsoft changed their word font setting from Time New Roman to Calibri 11 was to acknowledge the end the print era and the rise of the digital age.

From 2011 to 2013, a hacker group repeatedly broke into Microsoft's computer network: Using stolen credentials, they even were able to walk into Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond. Walking out again, they took three unreleased Xbox One dev kits with them.

Microsoft has created 3 billionaires and an estimated 12,000 millionaires. - fact check

The Xbox 360's "Red Ring of Death" problem was so widespread that, in 2007, more than 30% of consoles failed. Repairs cost Microsoft $1.15 billion. - fact check

The guy who bought happened to be named Bob and Microsoft happened to own They came to an agreement to trade one for the other.

Microsoft threatened 17 year old Mike Rowe with a lawsuit after the young man launched a website named

In 1997, Microsoft saved Apple from bankruptcy by investing $150 million into the company.

Microsoft once held a funeral to mark the death of the iPhone when it launched its own line of phones

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microsoft fact infographic about I analyzed about 60,000 comments from top posts in r/linux a
I analyzed about 60,000 comments from top posts in r/linux and r/linuxmasterrace to find out how often people mention operating systems -and Microsoft- and this was the result (rip

microsoft fact infographic about Apple Stores vs. Microsoft Stores in the US
Apple Stores vs. Microsoft Stores in the US