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  1. The Roman Army administered an eye test using the middle tail star of the Big Dipper, Mizar, and a star in close proximity, Alcor. If you could distinguish between the two stars you were deemed to have good eye sight and would become an archer. If not, you were placed in infantry.

  2. Ancient Arabs used Mizar and Alcor, stars in the Big Dipper constellation, to test their eyesight .

  3. The AVE Mizar, a flying car developed in the early 1970s that mated the rear end of a Cessna Skymaster to the body of a Ford Pinto. Its developer, Henry Smolinski, was killed in a test flight.

  4. Mizar and Alcor, part of the big dipper constellation, is actually a system of 6 stars. With Mizar having a double binary star system and alcor having a single one, all interacting orbit-wise.

  5. the end of the handle of the big dipper was thought to originally be only two stars, Mizar and Alcor. Mizar was then found to be a binary system, and later found that each of those a binary system. Then later Alcor was found to also be a binary system, for a total of 6 stars.