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  1. In 2001 the daughter of a 70yr old Japanese man saved him from choking on a mochi rice cake by sucking it out with a vacuum cleaner.

  2. He married Esterre Mochi, a fellow employee of the theater, and they immigrated to Cuba after Meucci was imprisoned briefly on suspicion of working to unite Italy.

  3. Mochi, a kind of Japanese sweet, can pose a deadly choking hazard. Just this year, in Japan, 128 have been hospitalized and nine have died from eating mochi.

  4. Mochi causes several suffocation deaths every year in Japan. Japanese authorities warn people to cut mochi into small pieces before eating it.

  5. Japan has a type of dessert called a Mizu Shingen Mochi and it looks like a giant raindrop and tastes quite like a giant raindrop

  6. Every year, several people, primarily the elderly, choke to death at New Year's consuming mochi, a type of glutinous rice cake.

  7. A handful of people perish and many are hospitalized after choking on traditional rice cakes, mochi, during Japanese New Year celebrations. PSAs are issued to help prevent these tragedies.

  8. The inventor of mochi ice cream, Frances Hashimoto, was born in a WW2 internment camp in Arizona.

  9. In Japan, eating rice cakes called Mochi sends more than 100 people to the hospital in Tokyo every year

  10. Mikawaya, the confectionery company based in LA that invented mochi ice cream, states in their company history that in 1930, they "closed their confectionery because of the war". They closed because the owners were sent to the Japanese-American internment camps.

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choking on mochi is a cause of death every year, and sends 100 people to the hospital annually in Tokyo alone.

A handful of people are killed and many hospitalized after choking on celebratory rice cakes, mochi, during Japanese New Year celebrations. PSAs are issued to help prevent these tragedies.

A Cheyenne Indian woman named Mochi witnessed her mother get murdered and then was almost raped by American soldiers that her camp. After the massacre she became a warrior and engaged in raids and warfare for the next 11 years.

People die from choking while eating Japanese rice cake Mochi

Alicia Silverstone, inspired by birds feeding their chicks, fed her 10 month old son by chewing up his food and regurgitating it into his mouth. “I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup… from my mouth to his. It’s his favorite...and mine.”

Before the spread of freemium mobile games, a company named Mochi Media sold Mochi Coins for real money. Mochi Coins could then be used to buy items in free flash games.

Mochi", a St. Bernard, currently holds the world record for longest tongue on a living dog 18.58cm(7.3in).

Dessert mochi killed 8 people in Tokyo in january of 2011.