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  1. The "friendliness" gene mutation that distinguishes dogs from wolves causes Williams syndrome in humans, which causes hypersociality and reduced intelligence

  2. There is a mutation that causes bones to become 8 times denser than normal that allow people to walk away from car accidents without a single fracture but with a trade off of being unable to swim.

  3. A rare mutation among the Bajau people lets them stay underwater longer: natural selection at the PDE10A gene has increased spleen size in the Bajau, providing them with a larger reservoir of oxygenated red blood cells.

  4. 5-10% of Melanesians (a dark-skinned Pacific Island people) have blonde hair. This is not due to mixture with European populations, but rather due to an independently arising mutation.

  5. A genetic mutation can cause some people to have 4 cones that perceive color as opposed to the standard 3, which means they would be able to see 100 million colors while a normal person sees just 1 million.

  6. Heart cancer is not as common as other kinds of cancer because heart cells do not often undergo cell division, which reduces the chances of mutations that might ultimately lead to cancer.

  7. 1-3% of people are equipped with a mutated gene called hDEC2 which allows their body to get the rest it requires from just a few hours of sleep.

  8. In 2010 the RIKEN institute in Japan created mutant cherry blossom trees by firing ion beams at them in a particle accelerator. The mutated trees now bloom 4 times a year and produce more flowers.

  9. People with blue eyes all have a single, common ancestor. A mutation occurred between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago, up until which we all had brown eyes.

  10. Over 99% of Koreans have a mutated gene called ABCC11 which alters the composition of sweat so that they do not produce body odor. Only 2% of Europeans have this same mutation

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How the mutation rate affects the time that it takes for a Machine Learning Genetic Algorithm to learn to type "Hello World"

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A YouTuber named Primer made a video showcasing how traits mutate in response to natural selection utilizing a 3D graph.

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Scientists found that descendants of Holocaust survivors developed a stress hormone mutation. They are inherently at higher risk of anxiety and stress disorders as a result of family trauma imparting gene mutations.

Because of a lucky genetic mutation happened in the 18th century, today 38 people in a small town in northern Italy don't suffer from cholesterol artery-clogging, making them virtually immune to heart disease and strokes. They all smoke, they eat like hell, and they don't care

While a person who inherits two copies of a cystic fibrosis mutation has a terrible disease, someone who only has one (a carrier) has an inborn resistance to cholera, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis. This is an example of heterozygote advantage.

Ozzy Osbourne's DNA has been sequenced to see how he's still alive after a life of hard drug use and drinking. His full genome was sequenced and analysed by American researchers, who uncovered mutations related to addiction, metabolism, and Osbourne's Neanderthal ancestors.

The gene that was bred into tomatoes by commercial farmers to give them a uniform color had the unintended result of preventing internal sugar reactions that give tomatoes flavor. This mutation (and lack of flavor) has been bred into almost all commercial American tomatoes.

Ozzy Osbourne has survived decades of drug and alcohol abuse because he has several genetic mutations "we've never seen before" that help him party hard.

A genetic study of people from Iceland found a number of them had a mutation predominantly found among Native Americans. It has theorised that this could be because of American women breeding with Viking men, during Norse exploration of America in the 11th century AD.

Steve Crohn was one of the first studied cases of HIV immunity. His Immunity was due to a mutation in the CCR5 delta-5 receptor of CD4-t*cells, this prevented the virus from "entering" the immune cell. He committed suicide at the age of 66 after most of his friends died from the disease.

Researchers found a single genetic mutation that occurred about 10 million years ago and endowed our ancestors with a stronger ability to metabolize ethanol. As getting drunk off fruit would render one unable to defend territory or look for food, selection favored those with the new mutation.

Burning incense sticks causes lung irritation and can lead to mutations in bacterial cultures. Despite not being on par with cigarette smoke, incense smoke is much worse than other scented alternatives.

A man was cured of HIV in Germany via a bone marrow transplant from a donor whose gene mutation made him immune to HIV. That gene is relatively common in N. Europe. Researchers have speculated that the gene is the result of natural selection during diseases similar to small pox or Black Death

People with red hair are more sensitive to thermal pain, are less sensitive to electrically induced pain, and require larger amounts of anesthetics than people without red hair due to a mutation in their melanocortin 1 receptor.

Originally all humans were lactose intolerant, and those who aren't lactose intolerant are the ones with a mutation.

The project aimed at resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth is only three successful mutations away from beginning embryo growth in Asian Elephants.

Goldfish are a completely manmade species and have no natural habitat. Originally domesticated as food, they began being selectively bred for their color—the result of a genetic mutation. Today, their color, size, shape, and fins are the result of thousands of years of selective breeding.

All navel oranges are genetic clones of a single mutated tree discovered by a missionary in Brazil in the 1800s.

Redheads are more sensitive to pain because of a mutation in a gene that affects hair color and require, on average, about 20 percent more general anesthesia than people with dark hair or blond coloring.

Evolution doesn't "plan" to improve an organism's fitness to survive; it is simply a goalless process where random mutations can aid, hinder or have no effect on an organism's ability to survive and reproduce

If you have blue eyes, you may be related to every other blue-eyed person in the world. Researchers in Denmark have found that every person with blue eyes descends from just one "founder," an ancestor whose genes mutated 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Before then, everyone had brown eyes.

Elizabeth Taylor's apparent dark outlined eyes were due to a rare genetic mutation giving her "double eyelashes".

Scottish fold cats are banned by the UK's pedigree cat registry because a genetic mutation that make their ears folded and their faces so cute also causes distortion of their limb bone shapes and severe painful arthritis.

After WWII plants were bombarded with radiation to produce useful mutations known as Atomic Gardening which resulted in todays peppermint and red grapefruit

Plants don't die from cancer because plant cells can recreate any cell type the plant needs (unlike animal cells) so they replace dead cells & tissues easily. Also mutated plant cells are usually not able to spread to other parts of a plant due to rigid interconnecting cell walls

Wolves with black pelts owe their distinctive coloration to a mutation which occurred in domestic dogs, and was carried to wolves through wolf-dog hybridization.

China sent seeds into space to see the effects of cosmic radiation on DNA. Some of the seeds had very useful mutations after being sent up.