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  1. Sarah M. Pratt, wife of Orson Pratt who was an original apostle in the Mormon Church, claimed that Joseph Smith's polygamous marriages never produced offspring because Smith had his doctor, John. C Bennett, practice abortion "on a large scale" during their time in Nauvoo, Illinois.

  2. In 1928, the body of Mormon founder and prophet Joseph Smith was exhumed from Nauvoo, IL, and his skull was photographed.

  3. Having received a commission as Lt. General of the Nauvoo Legion the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith was the highest ranking military officer in the United States in 1842

  4. On Sept. 11 , 1857, a group of Mormons formed a militia with local Indians called the Nauvoo Legion to stop a wagon train invading their land. Pretending to be friends with the Indians they later turned against them and killed them all in a massacre.