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  1. When Google built a neural network and connected it to YouTube, it spontaneously taught itself to recognize cats with 74.8% accuracy.

  2. Brain scans show compulsive gamers have hyperconnected neural networks. One researcher said: “Hyperconnectivity between these brain networks could lead to a more robust ability to direct attention toward targets, and to recognize novel information in the environment.”

  3. Google created a neural network on 16000 processors, fed it 10,000,000 random images from YouTube and let it run without specific instructions on what anything was or what to look for - and it found a cat.

  4. Google owns an AI company known as Google Deepmind that successfully taught a neural network to play video games!

  5. Scientists have mapped a worm's nervous system into a robot. The rudimentary reactions of the robot to its environment wasn't learned or programmed, but a direct result of the neural network.

  6. His model has great scientific significance in diverse fields including the study of neural networks, protein folding, and biological membranes.

  7. A research scientist entered valentines phrases found on classic candy hearts into a neural network. The program created its own phrases such as "STANK LOVE", "SWEAT POO" "SWEET MEAT."

  8. Roman Mazurenko, a Russian startup founder who died in a tragic accident in Moscow in 2015, and is now "revived" through an app his best friend has developed by feeding all their text messages to a neural network in order to speak with him again.

  9. While trying to simulate creativity, a neural network termed the "grim reaper" applied synaptic damage to a neural net that had learned Christmas carol lyrics. Looking for unique lyrics, the grim reaper seized upon the sentence, "In the end all men go to good earth in one eternal silent night"

  10. A 17-year-old girl built an artificial neural network that can detect breast cancer with 99.1% accuracy.

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neural network fact data chart about I Baked up a Deep Neural Network to Predict the Outcome of t
I Baked up a Deep Neural Network to Predict the Outcome of the Great British Bake Off

neural network fact data chart about Visualizing a Neural Network Controlling an Interplanetary S
Visualizing a Neural Network Controlling an Interplanetary Spacecraft Trajectory

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AI can predict aftershocks better than trained seismologists. The machine learning process - termed "neural-network forecast" - outperformed the traditional "stress-failure" method by allowing computers to consider additional variables, including stresses in metals.

Octopi have three hearts and nine brains, one "brain", or cluster of neural networks, in each tentacle

One of the first learning machines, the Perceptron, was invented in 1957 and served as a basic model for future neural networks

The "neurons" in a neural network are just thousands of layered functions activating each other in various ways

Google's artificial neural network can dream by creating its own images from keyword

A professor of Linguistics uses big data to make social media a more reliable place. By using machine learning and deep learning neural networks, she can create programs that understand, classify words and exploit contextual information that helps machines understand the nuances of language

They have created software which lets you see what the individual neurons in a trained neural network are responding to.

Stanford university has a deep neural network that generates memes called Dank Learning

A Neural Network Wrote the Next 'Game of Thrones' Book Because George R.R. Martin Hasn't

Google researchers can peek into the dreams of their neural networks, and the pictures they generate are mind blowing!

A neural network was trained to create Halloween costume ideas and the results were hilarious.

A foot fetish is actually the most common non reproductive body part fetish, and that it occurs from a mistake in the brain wiring in which your foot neural network gets linked to your reproductive neural network due to the close proximity of the nerves in your brain.

Google DeepDream can be used to turn images and videos into dream-like states using convolutional neural networks via algorithmic pareidolia (i.e. dream-like hallucinogenic appearance)

A Google project aimed at simulating the human brain let a huge neural network loose on the internet to see what it would learn. The first thing it taught itself? How to recognise cats.

Google sets up feedback loop in its image recognition neural network - which looks for patterns in pictures - creating these extraordinary hallucinatory images

A Youtuber was able to program an AI that plays Mario and evolves as it makes mistakes through the use of neural networking and genetic algorithms

Weather Forecasting using Artificial Neural Networks

Google's prototype of the Smart Reply feature, powered by neural networks, had a propensity to offer "I love you" as a reply to seemingly anything.

A Neural Network Wrote A Christmas Carol That Will Ruin Your Month

Carykh is a youtuber who makes AI videos ranging from his computer making music (using different neural networks like PixelCNN, HyperGAN, and CBLSTM) and evolution simulators with different end goals for his virtual creatures to accomplish (I believe using NEAT most of the time).

12 Yr old teaching Neural Networks in Machine Learning! Am Stunned.

Google runs a Quick, Draw! website, where a neural network learns to recognise hand-drawn pictures. And everyone can teach it!

Teen Programmer Creates a Neural Network Kanye West Rapping A.I.

ANN stands for artificial neural network.

Neural networks today are capable of generating realistic photos of (non-existent) birds from a plain text description of the bird

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neural network fact infographic about Visualizing neural networks as large directed graphs
Visualizing neural networks as large directed graphs

neural network fact infographic about Neural network structure visualization from the Graphcore IP
Neural network structure visualization from the Graphcore IPU processor