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  1. Akinetopsia, a neuropsychological disorder that makes it so patients are unable to perceive motion. Instead, they often view life as a series of photographs or frozen movie reels.

  2. The movie Inside Out's film producers consulted numerous psychologists who helped revise the story by emphasizing neuropsychological findings that altered the script to make it more accurate.

  3. "Motion Blindness" or Akinetopsia is a neuropsychological disorder in which a patient cannot perceive motion in their visual field, despite being able to see stationary objects without issue. A person who moves will suddenly be in one place and suddenly appear elsewhere.

  4. there's a neuropsychological condition that makes you feel the room to grow/shrink in size, disorient you, and put you in the Wonderland.

  5. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, a rare neuropsychological condition in which people have episodes of visual distortion where objects may appear much larger, smaller, further or nearer than they actually are. They may even feel as though they're expanding or shrinking.

  6. Bálint Syndrome, a neuropsychological disorder that greatly impairs both one’s hand/eye coordination and eye movement capabilities. Making it one of the most debilitating and poorly understood cognitive impairment

  7. Researchers in Spain have found that at least some of the individuals claiming to see the so-called aura of people actually have the neuropsychological phenomenon known as "emotional synesthesia". This might be a scientific explanation of their alleged ability.

  8. Neuropsychological testing revealed the man had an IQ of 75, with a verbal IQ of 84 and performance IQ of 70. The bulk of people in society have a minimum IQ of 85: “the man has been able to lead a life that can be considered normal,”

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