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  1. In November 2001, a body of a now-extinct pregnant baiji dolphin was found. This is probably the last time a baiji, a species that is 19 million years old, ever reproduced.

  2. A 'White Hurricane' hit Michigan in November of 1913 with 90mph winds, waves over 35ft high and resulted in 250 deaths, 19 destroyed ships and 19 other ships stranded.

  3. A new national cemetery at Gettysburg was dedicated on November 19, 1863.

  4. The tide started to turn for the Soviets when they initiated Operation Uranus on November 19, 1942, which was a massive assault on the Romanian and Hungarian flanks.

  5. About the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, held at University of Minnesota on November 19, 1944 in which 36 volunteers were semi-starved for 6 months. Test subject experienced depression, preoccupation with food, hunger-induced psychosis, and even self mutilation.

  6. In June 1992, Ross Perot was the clear leader in the polls with 39%, only to finish in November with 19%.

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