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  1. In November 2000, Japan passed their first anti-stalking law after a 21 year old student was murdered by her stalker the previous year. She had been turned away multiple times by the police who denied and falsely portrayed her as a promiscuous flirt on the media.

  2. In 2009 the Timor Sea was the location of Australia's worst oil spill. The spill lasted from August 21 to November 3, and each day it is estimated that the equivalent of 400 barrels oil were leaked.

  3. Lt. William D. Hawkins personally initiated an assault on a hostile position fortified by five enemy machine guns, refused to withdraw after being seriously wounded and destroyed three more pill boxes before he was mortally wounded on November 21, 1943.

  4. On November 26th, 2006 the Sápmi National Football team: a team representing the Sámi people inhabiting the northern parts of Norway,Sweden,Finland, and Northern Russia beat Monaco's national football team 21-1.

  5. Once during a November 21, 1996 episode of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak suffered from laryngitis and switched places with Vanna White [21:18]

  6. Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozierd and the Marquis d'Arlandes made the first untethered human flight in a Montgolfier hot air balloon on 21 November 1783. Their 25-minute flight covered 5½ miles and attained 3,000 feet.

  7. An amateur radio satellite built by HAMs that launched in 1974 was off the air for 21 years until it 'came back' in 2002 and celebrated it's 40th year of operation in November of 2014.