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  1. On November 5th, 1983, 4 divers were killed when their decompression chamber explosively decompressed from nine atmospheres to one in a fraction of a second. One diver was sucked out of a 60cm diameter hole and literally exploded.

  2. Death to America Day is an Iranian national holiday to mark the November 4 anniversary of the U.S. Embassy seizure in 1979

  3. After Fallout 4 was released on midnight of November 10, Pornhub had 10% traffic drop among gamers. The site's vice president said they would have done the same

  4. Babe Ruth has a statue in Sendai Zoo in Japan on the spot where his first home run in Japan landed in November 4th 1934 during Game 4 of the tournament at Miyagi Prefecture Yagiyama Baseball Stadium. The statue was funded with donations from local citizens.

  5. In Germany 1922, in January one US dollar was worth 191 Reichsmarks (Germany's currency at the time), but by November it was worth 4,200,000,000 Reichsmarks.

  6. Tiger swallowtail can be seen in the wild from February to November. It has a wingspan of 4 to 5 inches and it usually moves by gliding through the air.

  7. "Death to America" Day is Celebrated Annually in Iran since the Hostage Taking of Americans on November 4, 1979 (Officially becoming a Holiday in 1987)

  8. Female lays 4 to 5 eggs usually from November to December. Eggs hatch after 38 to 39 days. Both parents collect food for their chicks.

  9. On November 4, 1970 in Los Angeles, California. A social worker discovered the 13-year old girl after her mother sought out services. An investigation by authorities quickly revealed that the child had spent most of her life in a small room, often tied to a potty chair.

  10. The last game to be released on the Playstation 2 was Pro Evolution Soccer in November 2013, more than 13 years after the original release of the PS2 and just two weeks before the release of the Playstation 4.

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The first recorded flight of a pig was at Leysdown in Kent, England on November 4, 1909. (The pilot is J.T.C. Moore-Brabazon, I don’t know the pig’s name.)

Hemp is planted from March to May in the northern hemisphere and from September to November in the southern hemisphere. Plant is ready for the harvest 3 to 4 months later.

Canada's Minister of Health "is the first medical doctor to hold this post". She started on November 4, 2015.

Females produce 1.000 to 16.000 eggs per season. They are arranged in the sticky mass of eggs, called frogspawn, that floats on the surface of the water. Tadpoles emerge from the eggs and transform into froglets between April and November. Marsh frogs reach sexual maturity between the age of 1 to 4 years.

On 4 November 1956. 180.000 Hungarian refugees fled to Austria, and 20.000 to Yugoslavia because of Soviet invasion of Budapest. They were accepted and resettled across Austria and Yugoslavia and some other countries.

Because of hyperinflation in post WW1 Germany, the American dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German marks by November 1923.

Due to heavy reparation payments demanded of Germany after WW1, a rapid devaluation of the Mark occured. The result was a hyperinflation, and by November 1923, the American dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German marks.

The first pig to fly was on November 4, 1909. Pioneering English aviator John Moore-Brabazon (The 1st Baron Brabazon of Tara) flew with the pig in a basket, attached to his plane

In 2014, Clay Aiken announced his intentions to run for Congress in North Carolina's 2nd congressional district. He won the Democratic primary held on May 6, 2014 but lost to Republican incumbent Renee Ellmers in the general election on November 4, 2014.

Adolf Beuno Heinrich Ernst Heusinger (August 4, 1897 – November 30, 1982) was a German military officer, Adolf Hitler's Chief of Staff, and later on became Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

Chad: Word of the day for November 4, 2016

The Iran Hostage Crisis was a standoff between Iran and the USA. 52 American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981 and were only released 36 years ago tomorrow as President Ronald Reagan took office.

On 19th of November 2005 the 'Lost' numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) almost came up in the Irish lottery; however the 42 was a 24. So many people had been playing these same numbers that they only received €341 each for matching 5 numbers, instead of the usual €12,000.

The end of the Iran Hostage Crisis occurred today in 1981 with the release of sixty American diplomats and citizens who were held hostage for 444 days (November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981).

The US hit a record number of breweries in November 2015 at 4,144. Beating the previous, pre-prohibition mark of 4,131 set in 1873.

The Redhead Murders, a series of unsolved murders of redheaded women from between October 1978-1980s, believed to have been done by an unknown serial killer. The number of victims range from 6-11. Only 4 were identified by November 2018.

The Qur'an prohibits Muslims from waging war(except in defense) for 4 months of the lunar calendar year. The most recent of these (Muharram) ended on November 12 2015.

Outgoing French president Francois Hollande, when his work was polled in November 2016, managed an approval rating of only 4% - the worst in French history.

Only once has a US city played a game in all 4 major sports on the same day. That city was Phoenix on November 4th, 2001. The Phoenix teams only won one: Game 7 of the World Series.

A loaf of bread in Berlin that cost around 160 Marks at the end of 1922 cost 200,000,000,000 Marks by late 1923.[17] By November 1923, the US dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German marks

There are two independence referenda scheduled. New Caledonia, a group of French islands in Oceania, votes on November 4, 2018. Bougainville, a group of Papua New Guinean islands, votes on June 15, 2019 (may be delayed). Both will be recognized. Bougainville is expected to vote for independence.

In November and December of 2010 42 Republican Senators and 158 Members of the House ( 154 Republican 4 Democrats) voted against "James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act".

On this day, November 5th, in 1854, after an earthquake struck Japan around 4:00am, Hamaguchi Goryō set fire to his harvested rice sheaves to warn his fellow villagers to get to high ground, and thus saved many of their lives from a subsequent tsunami. Today is now World Tsunami Awareness Day.

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if Trump attempts to cancel the election in November then Nancy Pelosi will become president through succession. Presidents and VPs can only serve 4 year terms without reelection and only congress can change that. Elections can only be delayed by a few days.