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  1. Manly, NSW, Australia, was named after the local indigenous people who the governor thought were very.... Manly

  2. There's a "League of Extraordinary Communities" consisting of "Boring", Oregon in the USA, "Dull" in Scotland, and "Bland", NSW in Australia.

  3. Before July 2016 - lifting one’s body off the bike seat when ascending a hill or increasing speed was illegal in NSW, Australia

  4. A preservation project in NSW, Australia has been slowly breeding a partially immune population of Tasmanian Devils to help stave off extinction and the 100% fatal Devil Facial Tumour Disease

  5. Microwave ovens caused radio signal detection in Parkes Observatory, NSW, Australia and not celestial bodies.

  6. In 1944, several hundred Japanese POWs in Australia overwhelmed their guards and broke out of their camp, roaming the NSW countryside until they were captured or killed

  7. The Pasha Bulker, a PANAMAX bulk carrier ship, was washed up on a beach in Newcastle, NSW, Australia in 2007, during wild weather.

  8. Banks in NSW, Australia don't work the first Monday in August because it's their reward for all the "extra counting" they do coming up to June 30.

  9. The sister towns of Boring, Oregon (USA) and Dull, Perthshire (Scotland) partnered up with the town of Bland, NSW (Australia) to form a sort of Trinity of Tedium, or an Axis of Banality.

  10. In the state on NSW in Australia, on average 44.2% of people were born overseas.

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nsw australia fact data chart about My daughter mapped the most popular breeds of dog in each co
My daughter mapped the most popular breeds of dog in each council in NSW, Australia

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Its illegal to leave your car unlocked if you are more than 3 metres away from it in NSW Australia (and other silly laws)

The oldest human-made structures on earth, dating back at least 40,000 years, are the Bree fish traps in NSW, Australia.

I learned that if you have crocodile attack insurance in NSW Australia, you can be paid up to $50,000 if death results within 30 days of a crocodile attack

On 5th September 1994, John Paul Newman (member of NSW state parliament) was shot & died outside his house in Cabramatta, New South Wales, Australia. His death was considered to be Australia's first political assassination.

Uncontrollable megafire in NSW Australia is 10 times the size of the city of Las Vegas. Covering over 355,000 hectares. It has a 60km fire front.

NSW Australia has lost more land to fires in this current season (( 2.7 million hectares (only beginning)) than the recent infamous Amazon fire of 2019 (906 thousand hectares).

The world's largest volunteer fire service is Australia's NSW Rural Fire Service with 72,491 volunteers