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  1. The D-Day(June 6) Crossword Panic of 1944 in which, in the 35 days before the invasion, 5 obscure, top-secret code words appeared in the Daily Telegraph puzzles..The words 'Utah, Omaha, Overlord, Mulberry and Neptune' triggered a MI5 investigation.

  2. In 1988, a US Senator invoked an obscure rule to allow the Sergeant-at-Arms to arrest absent Senators and bring them into the chamber for a vote. One Senator attempted to escape, but was caught and carried feet-first into the Senate chamber by three officers.

  3. The first scientist to see penguins engage in gay sex and necrophilia was so disturbed he tried to obscure his findings

  4. Olympus Mons on Mars, the tallest known mountain in the solar system, is so large at its base that an observer on its peak wouldn’t know he was standing on a mountain because its slope would be obscured by the curvature of the planet itself.

  5. Edgar Allan Poe wrote Eureka, an obscure book, in 1848 in which he insisted that the universe began in "one instantaneous flash" - more than a century before astronomers hypothesized the Big Bang Theory.

  6. Ted Bundy, handling his own defense, asked a character witness to marry him during his trial in Florida. Due to an obscure state law, when she said "yes" on the stand their marriage was considered legal.

  7. Olympus Mons on Mars, the tallest known mountain in the solar system, is so large at its base that an observer on its peak wouldn’t know he was standing on a mountain because its slope would be obscured by the curvature of the planet itself.

  8. Oreos are over 100 years old and are a knock off of a cookie called Hydrox, which itself suffered from the impression that it was a knock off of Oreo and fell into obscurity.

  9. One of the most famous lines in movie history, "You're going to need a bigger boat" from Jaws, was actually an ad-lib on set; furthermore, the audience screams at test screenings obscured the line, leading to a longer pause before hearing the line.

  10. There's a mystery soda machine in Seattle that no one knows who stocks and sells them for 75¢ a pop. And it also has a mystery button that dispenses random and sometimes obscure sodas.

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The Golden Goose Award, a prize that honors "scientists whose federally funded work may have been considered silly, odd, or obscure when first conducted but has resulted in significant benefits to society."

Two US Soldiers were killed by North Korea, while trying to trim down a tree that obscured their view. 3 days later, a task force of 813 troops entered Korea and chopped it down.

Michael Keaton's real name is Michael Douglas and to satisfy SAG rules he had to change it due to some obscure guy with the same name.

Mars' Olympus Mons has such gentle sloping, that it would be impossible for a ground observer to see the entire mountain, as the curvature of Mars would obscure the view.

About "The Philidelphia Incident". A Relatively Unknown Bill Burr Verbally Destroyed the City with a Savage Rant After Watching His Friends Get Booed Off Stage One After Another and Propelling Himself Out of Obscurity

The first scientist who observed necrophilia in penguins was so disturbed that he tried to obscure his findings

Jack And Meg White of the White Stripes did a strange tour in Canada consisting of many obscure venues, (senior home, bowling alley) and "a show that lasted for a single note. (It was an E. The crowd chanted, “One more note!”)"

Due to an obscure subculture, there are more restored 1950s American cars in Sweden than in the entire USA

An obscure mathematical principle called Zipf's law has predicted the size of mega-cities all over the world. And nobody knows why.

In 2003 unknown Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman proved the long awaited Poincaré conjecture publishing it openly. He is the only person to reject Fields Medal, Clay Millennium prize of $1,000,000 and EMS prize. He has since vanished back to obscurity.

The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon is where one stumbles upon some obscure piece of information—often an unfamiliar word or name—and soon afterwards encounters the same subject again, often repeatedly.

An obscure Chinese company has become the top smartphone seller in Africa, largely because they adjusted their phones to work with darker skin tones.

About Mrs. Chippy, a cat that went on the Shackleton expedition to Antarctica. Shackleton ordered Mrs. Chippy shot when the expedition had to abandon its ship. His owner, McNish, died in poverty and obscurity, some of his last words being, "Shackleton killed my cat."

Gary Burghoff, who played Radar O'Reilly on MASH, has a visibly deformed left hand, which ironically would have made him unfit for military service. They tried to hide it throughout the series' run by having Radar hold a clipboard or other hand-obscuring prop in virtually all his scenes

The family of China's last imperial family live in obscurity and the niece of the last emperor went out of her way to marry a penniless husband descended from farmers to prove that she was part of the new China rather than the Imperial China

Reebok's first major ad campaign featured two obscure decathletes.They were features in several Super Bowl ads in 1991. The ads pitted them to see who was the worlds greatest athlete and who would win the Olympic title. After being made superstars, one failed to qualify and the other got bronze

In 1942, hundreds of skeletons were found around an obscure high altitude lake in India. The skeletons were the remains of a 9th century AD party killed by a freak hail storm.

The 1995 Bjork song "It's Oh So Quiet" is a remake of an obscure B-side from 1951 — which itself was a remake of a French song from 1949 ("Tout est Tranquille") — which itself was a remake of the original German song, "Und Jetzt ist es Still" from 1948. It's a cover of a cover of a cover.

The Beatles' set off on their 1st World Tour without an unexpectedly sick Ringo. Session drummer Jimmie Nicol replaced him for eight performances before fading into obscurity. The whirlwind experience was a mixed bag for Nicols, who later said "I see why so many famous people kill themselves."

In 1924, the dying wish of an obscure writer to his close friend was to destroy the roughly 10% of his writings he hadn't been able to destroy himself. When the writer died, his friend published the writings instead. The writings quickly gained renown as did the man who wrote them - Franz Kafka.

Infamous serial killer Ted Bundy married a witness while questioning her during his murder trial. While acting as his own lawyer and taking advantage of an obscure Florida law.

Andre Kasongo Ilunga was the rising star of Congolese politics in 2006. Just 34, he had risen from obscurity to be appointed minister for foreign trade in Congo's first democratic government, despite being completely fictional.

When Koichi Tanaka of Japan won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2002, he became the first to only have a bachelor's degree. Tanaka was so unknown that he was on the second-lowest job level at the obscure Shimadzu Corp. The embarrassed scientific-instrument maker immediately promoted Tanaka.

Irish physicist John Bell, largely credited with settling the scientific battle between Einstein and Bohr over the validity of Quantum Physics, summed up his position by saying "Bohr was inconsistent, unclear, willfully obscure and right. Einstein was consistent, clear, down-to-earth and wrong".

The Buddha is the origin of an obscure Christian saint known as Josaphat. His life story was altered by transmission to being a Christian prince and the title Bodhisattva to Josaphat.