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  1. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the end times started on October 1, 1914 and that Satan is controlling the world's governments

  2. Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Satan and his demons were cast down to earth from heaven 100 years ago today: October 1, 1914

  3. Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Satan and his demons were cast down to earth from heaven after October 1, 1914, at which point the end times began.

  4. The Eternity puzzle launched in June 1999. Consisting of 209 pieces, it was marketed as being practically unsolvable, with a £1 million prize on offer for whoever could solve it within 4 years. The prize was paid out in October 2000.

  5. President Hoover asked every American to turn off their lights for 1 minute in October 1931, as a tribute to Thomas Edison and his recent death.

  6. Jehovah’s witnessed believe Satan was cast down to earth on October 1, 1914 and that only 144,000 will enter Heaven. The rest of the righteous will be resurrected and enjoy life after death in a cleansed planet after Armageddon.

  7. When Germany joined the Central Powers in October 1915 it complicated the Allied Gallipoli Campaign. Bulgaria's location in central Europe created a land bridge between Germany and the Ottoman Empire and the Allies were forced to take some of their forces from Gallipoli to face Bulgaria in central Europe.

  8. On October 1, 1847 Mitchell discovered C/1847 T1 and won one of the gold medals.

  9. On October 1, 1901 they designed a movable tail rudder which greatly improved control and eliminated yaw.

  10. The Asiatic Lion rebounded from 20 in 1913 to 600 in 2018. But there is no plan for disease outbreaks. In October 2018 CDV was discovered in Asiatic lions, a disease which wiped out 1,000 African lions in 1994.

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The invention was successful and he founded his company, Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siements and Halske on 1 October 1847.

Simon and Garfunkel‘s “Sound Of Silence”(released October 1964) originally flopped. The two broke up the band as a result. Over a year later a remix version took off reaching #1 in Jan 1966, they reunited and had other hits such as “Homeward Bound” and “I am a Rock”

Australia has a talking clock called George and if you dial 1194 you will get the exact time in your area. Have a go fellow Australian, this service is going to be cancelled on October 1 after serving the Australian public for 60 years!

There has been an uninterrupted human presence in space ever since October 31, 2000 when the crew of Expedition 1 went to the International Space Station

Botanically speaking, fruit of hawthorn is a berry-like, fleshy pome. Fruit is also known as haw. It contains 1 to 5 seed covered with tough membrane. Fruit is arranged in clusters and it ripens during October and November.

Majority of females lay 1 to 5 (4 on average) eggs during October. Eggs are light green or olive-brown colored and covered with dark brown spots. Both parents participate in the incubation of eggs during a period of 25 days.

Back in October 1995 a us army sniper attempted a large scale shooting spree by opening fire upon a large gathering of more then 1,300 fellow soldiers, killing one and wounding 20 others. He was taken down by a unarmed unit of special forces soldiers who were participating in the run.

The Barenaked Ladies song "One Week" was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for exactly one week in October 1998.

The Peshtigo fire. The Peshtigo fire occurred on October 8, 1871, the same day as the Great Chicago Fire. Ranking as the most deadly fire in US history with estimates of 1,500-2,000 deaths, the Peshtigo fire is largely forgotten.

Monster Mash By Bobby Pickett was released in August 1962. It was the #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on October 20–27, 1962, because of this it became a seasonal song during the Halloween.

When The Pony Express opened in April 1860, delivering a letter cost $5 ($130 in today's dollars). By the time they closed, two days after the transcontinental telegraph was connected in October 1861, they had reduced the price to $1; but all told, they lost a net of $110,000.

The "caterpillar drive" marine propulsion system designed without any moving parts as utilised by the fictional "Red October" Typhoon-class ballistic missile submarine actually exist, an experimental unit was installed into a Japanese prototype vessel "Yamato 1" and trialled during the '90s.

Depending on where you are in Australia, you will celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's birthday on either June 11, September 24, or October 1. This is despite the fact that the Queen's actual birthday is April 21

On 17 October 1814 a total of 1,470,000 L of beer gushed into the streets. At least eight people were known to have drowned in the flood or died from injuries. The brewery was eventually taken to court over the accident, but the disaster was ruled to be an Act of God by the judge and jury.

On October 9th, 1916 Babe Ruth pitched 14 innings of 1 run ball to win a World Series game.

Germany made their final reparation payment for World War 1 on October 3rd, 2010

Between October 26, 2002 and March 1, 2003 Grohl was in the number one spot on the Modern Rock charts for 17 of 18 successive weeks, as a member of three different groups. Nirvana, Foo Fighters & QOTSA

The French won the battle after they launched two major offensives beginning in October.

The Godfather Part II was shot between October 1, 1973 and June 19, 1974 and was the last major American motion picture to have release prints made with Technicolor's dye imbibition process until the late 1990s

Country Bear Jamboree opened 45 years ago today (October 1, 1971) in the Magic Kingdom.

The deepest concert was performed by Katie Melua (UK) and her band at 303 m (994 ft) below sea level, on Statoil's Troll A gas rig, off the coast of Bergen, Norway, on 1 October 2006.

Kartchner Caverns Big-room cave tours are closed annually from April to October so 1,000+ bats can mate.

The german Code of Criminal Procedure disallows standard house searchings of private premises during the night times which from 1 April to 30 September, the hours from 9pm to 4am and during the period from 1 October to 31 March, the hours from 9pm to 6am in the morning.

In 2010, Spain held its first national siesta championship. A competition which was started to "save the tradition of the siesta". The competition was held from October 14th through October 23. The winner was awarded €1,000 in cash prize money.

If you purchased a can of Red Bull between January 1, 2002 and October 3, 2014 you may be entitled to a cash payment of $10 or free Red Bull products from a class action settlement.