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  1. On October 13, 2016, a man high on LSD, Michael Orchard from Halfmoon, NY, drove through his neighbours' fence, broke their glass door and stole their dog, hallucinating that the neighbours' house was burning and he was saving the canine. He then peacefully handed the dog to police officers.

  2. Hebrew became extinct as a spoken native language around 200 CE. It was revived in Paris on 13 October 1881 when a man called Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and his friends agreed to exclusively speak Hebrew in their conversations.

  3. Thomas Paine moved to London and met Benjamin Franklin, who encouraged him to move to America and provided him with a letter of recommendation. In October Thomas left England and arrived in Philadelphia on November 30th, 1774.

  4. Milton Hershey died from pneumonia on October 13, 1945 in Hershey Hospital. He was 88 years old.

  5. Peyton Randolph presided over the First Continental Congress from September 5th, to October 21st, 1774, when Henry Middleton took over. Henry presided over the First Continental Congress from October 22nd to October 26th, 1774.

  6. At the time of surrender of the British forces on October 17th, 1777, the American forces were more than 15,000 strong.

  7. About Félicette, the first cat to have been launched into space, and the only cat to have survived spaceflight. She was sent into space by France on October 18, 1963. Her mission lasted 13 minutes, reached 152 km (95 miles) above the Earth, and included 5 minutes of weightlessness.

  8. During the second battle on October 7th, 1777 the British force was 6,600 strong and the American force was more than 12,000 strong.

  9. On the night of October 25, 1997, a huge windstorm suddenly knocked down 13,000 acres of trees near Colorado's Mount Zirkel. No one knows the cause and the wind blew in an easterly direction, opposite that of the usual wind direction.

  10. Dr James Lind (4 October 1716 – 13 July 1794) Was a pioneer of naval hygiene, And developed one of the first medical trials to test his theory that citrus fruits could cure scurvy.

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For the first time in Canadian history, citizens are required to register before voting in the federal election on October 19. The deadline for registration is October 13 and homeless people are not eligible.