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  1. The JFK Records Act, an act that states that all government documents related to the Kennedy assassination be publicly disclosed on October 26 2017.

  2. Since there is an exact number of weeks in a 400-year period (20,871 weeks), the day of the week exactly 400 years ago was the same as it is today. Thus, October 26, 1615 was a Monday.

  3. Mississippi leads all states in percentage of same-sex couples raising children (26%) even though it doesn’t allow for same-sex adoption. Salt Lake City leads all cities (25%) even though same-sex adoption was illegal until October 2014.

  4. Ford designed, built and raced a 26 horsepower car in October 1901 and on November 30, 1901 he and some of his previous stockholders formed the Henry Ford Company.

  5. Although naval firepower played a role during the initial amphibious invasions of the islands and throughout the land battles, a major sea battle took place on October 26. The sea battle became known as the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, which ended in an American retreat.

  6. There is a Welsh-Argentine community in Patagonia. Immigrants first settled in 1865. Today up to 26,000 people in Argentina speak Patagonian Welsh. The town Gaimon has Welsh-style churches, tea houses, and an annual festival every October called Eisteddfod de Chubut.

  7. Appomattox Court House was added to the National Registry of Historic Places on October 15, 1966 and became a National Historical Park on June 26, 1989.

  8. Back to the Future was released on July 3rd, 1985 but the movie takes place on October 26, 1985 making "present day" Hill Valley in the future for viewers until October 26, 1985

  9. Donald A. Gorske (USA) consumed his 26,000th McDonald’s Big Mac on 11 October 2012, in his fortieth year of eating Big Macs on a daily basis.

  10. Donald A. Gorske consumed his 26,000th McDonald's Big Mac on October 11, 2012 — after 40 years of eating Big Macs on a daily basis.

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton died on October 26, 1902 at the age of eighty-six of heart failure.

On October 26 2017 a Rolex wristwatch owned by Paul Newman was sold at an auction for $17,752,500

Between October 26, 2002 and March 1, 2003 Grohl was in the number one spot on the Modern Rock charts for 17 of 18 successive weeks, as a member of three different groups. Nirvana, Foo Fighters & QOTSA

Louis began a short boxing comeback in 1950 to payback the IRS. The comeback ended when he was knocked out in October 26, 1951 by another boxing legend, Rocky Marciano.