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  1. The rescue of Denmark’s Jews during WWII was so successful, that 99% of the country’s Jewish population escaped. From October 1943, 7,220 of Denmark's 7,800 Jews were ferried to Sweden. At the request of the group, Yad Vashem honoured the Danish Resistance as a whole, than as individuals.

  2. Admiral Harry Ervin Yarnell (18 October 1875 – 7 July 1959), proved in 1932 war games, that Pearl Harbor was vulnerable to a naval aerial attack. His findings were dismissed by his superiors until the Imperial Japanese Navy's Pearl Harbor attack was just as Yarnell predicted, 9 years later.

  3. Since aardvark is a shy, nocturnal animal, not much is known about its reproductive behavior. Pregnancy lasts 7 months and female gives birth to one baby, usually between October and November. Baby stays with its mother six months, after which it begins a solitary life.

  4. Mangosteen tree starts to bear fruit 7 to 10 years after planting. It produces fruit two times per year. Depending on the age of tree, mangosteen can produce from 200 to 3.000 fruit per season (older trees produce more fruit). Mangosteen is available in the supermarkets around the world from June to October.

  5. George Samuel Hurst invented the first resistive touchscreen who received US patent 3,911,215 on October 7, 1975. and produced the first version in 1982. 10 years before the first smart phone came out.

  6. The world record for the most number of non-stoppush-ups is 10,507 by Minoru Yoshida of Japan, which was achieved in October 1980, breaking the record of 7,650 by Henry C. Marshal (USA) from 1977.

  7. The largest mass hangings in US history was committed in Gainsville,TX in October 1862, against suspected Union sympathizers. 42 people were hung. The Judge and 7 of the 12 jurors were all slaveholders in a county that was 10% slaveholding. A simple majority vote was needed to convict.

  8. The fastest manned aircraft is the North American X-15 rock plane that reached a speed of 4,520 mph (7,274 km/h) on October 1967

  9. There's an animated show in Japan that has run since October 1969, making it the longest running animated series in history, complete with over 7,000 episodes

  10. The Battles of Saratoga (September 19 and October 7, 1777) marked the climax of the Saratoga campaign, giving a decisive victory to the Americans over the British in the American Revolutionary War.