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  1. Billy Joel never sells front row seats in order to see the real fans right in front of him. He gives them away to random people in the cheap seats so that front row isn't always just wealthy people.

  2. When Rockstar first released Grand Theft Auto, they actually paid reviewers to negatively review the game in order to keep it controversial, and therefore popular. They targeted right wing news papers to ensure moral outrage and drive the game to success.

  3. About the Rosenhan experiment, in which a Stanford psychologist and his associates faked hallucinations in order to be admitted to psychiatric hospitals. They then acted normally. All were forced to admit to having a mental illness and agree to take antipsychotic drugs in order to be released.

  4. On September 8, 2009, Sgt. Dakota Meyer disobeyed a direct order to pull back from his position so he could rescue wounded soldiers from a firefight a mile away. He ended up going back five times, saving the lives of 36 soldiers, saying “That’s what you do for a brother”.

  5. 80% of toilets in Hong Kong are flushed with seawater in order to conserve the city's scarce freshwater resources

  6. Mister Rogers once used an egg timer and simply let it run for sixty seconds on a television broadcast—in order to demonstrate how long a minute is. Unlike most TV made for kids, "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood" was deliberately slow and contemplative.

  7. After Nicole van den Hurk's death, her stepbrother falsely confessed to the killing in order to get her body exhumed for DNA tests, leading to the arrest and prosecution of her real attacker

  8. Back in May 2016, in order to show the absurdities of software EULAs, the Norwegian Consumer Council did a live, word-by-word, non-stop reading of all of Apples and 3rd party EULAs on an "average" iPhone. It took them over 32 hours.

  9. When Crystal Pepsi was released, Coca-Cola released a competitor called Tab Clear, however Tab Clear was intentionally marketed poorly in order to hurt Crystal Pepsi's image by product association. The "born to die" strategy was successful and both campaigns were dead 6 months later.

  10. Even though almost all planes were grounded during 9/11, there was one non military plane flying after the FAA ordered all planes to land. This one plane was carrying snake anti venom to Florida to save a snake handler’s life after he had gotten bit by a Taipan snake

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orderlies fact data chart about Lifespans of the Presidents of the United States (Chronologi
Lifespans of the Presidents of the United States (Chronological Order)

orderlies fact data chart about Rate of Executive Orders per President
Rate of Executive Orders per President

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Sears once sold on mail order an entire house as a giant DIY kit. There were over 370 home designs, and the house had over 30,000 parts worth 25 tons. Sears claimed a man of “average” abilities could assemble it in 90 days.

Taco Bell failed to pay two Michigan men who created the Taco Bell Chihuahua mascot, and were court-ordered to pay back $42 million dollars.

Kyoto was actually at the top of the list of targets for the atomic bomb, not Nagasaki nor Hiroshima. Secretary of War Henry Stimson ordered for the ancient city with its thousands of palaces, temples, and shrines to be removed from the list, but the military kept on putting it back.

In order to ensure Kendrick Lamar didn't have a ghostwriter Eminem kicked everyone out of the studio and made him write a verse on the spot

Chess Grand Master Ossip Bernstein was arrested by the Bolshevik secret police and ordered to be shot. As the firing squad lined up, an officer asked if he was really the famous chess master. The officer made Bernstein play a game for his life against him. Bernstein won easily and was released.

Polish intelligence officer Witold Pilecki volunteered for a resistance operation to be imprisoned in Auschwitz in order to gather intelligence about the camp. He organized a resistance movement in the camp, sent information to the Allies about what was happening there, and escaped in 1943.

“Shoeless” Joe Jackson was illiterate. In restaurants, rather than ask someone to read the menu to him, he would wait until his teammates ordered and then order one of the items that he heard.

In 2014, an 89 year old WW2 veteran, Bernard Shaw went missing from his nursing home. It turned out that he went to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of D-Day landings against the nursing home's orders. He left the home wearing a grey mack concealing the war medals on his jacket.

GameStation, a UK video game retailer, added a clause to their T&C's that stated that you surrender your immortal soul when you place an order through their site, to show that people don't read them. They now own 7500+ souls.

In England, after 2 thieves broke into a mans home and made off with his laptop, they inspected the device, found serious child abuse material and went to the cops regardless. The paedophile got 3 yrs in jail. The judge gave robbers a 12 month community service orders in light of their good deed

Sears once offered mail order houses. You'd select your house then Sears would ship it to you by RailRoad and you'd assemble it yourself based on the instructions - fact check

Before Japan surrendered to end WW2, the US armed forces ordered over 1 million Purple Heart medals in anticipation of a difficult land invasion. That stock is still being used today.

Prince Harry took a HIV test live on July 14, 2016 to show how easy it is. It was hailed as a "groundbreaking moment in the fight against HIV." HIV awareness group THT has reported a 5 fold increase in the number of orders of HIV self-tests since the prince's broadcast.

On a 1995 visit to Washington D.C., Russian President Boris Yeltsin was found on Pennsylvania Avenue, drunk, in his underwear and trying to hail a cab in order to find pizza.

In 2012, a Cleveland woman arrested for a traffic infraction was ordered to stand for 2 days holding a sign that read "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus."

In old Eastern Europe folklore vampires are obsessed with counting. Millet or poppy seeds were placed on the ground at the grave site of a presumed vampire, in order to keep the vampire occupied all night counting. Hence Count von Count on Sesame Street.

Vince Coleman, a railway dispatcher, sacrificed his life in order to warn an incoming train of an imminent explosion. His telegraph said "Hold up the train. Ammunition ship afire in harbor making for Pier 6 and will explode. Guess this will be my last message. Good-bye boys." He saved 300 lives.

The Raines Sandwich. In 1896, New York passed the Raines law to reduce Sunday drinking. The law had a loophole allowing bars to serve alcohol only with a meal. Staff added a sandwich to every drink order, then took it away, serving it to the next customer - the sandwich often lasted all day.

On 12th September 2001, the day after 9/11, The Queen ordered her Royal Guards to break protocol and play the USA's National Anthem for stranded Americans in London

In 2016, a British man crowdfunded a ten hour film of paint drying in order to force the British Board of Film Classification to watch it, as part of a protest against it. This is due to independent filmmakers needing to pay £1,000 per submission in order to be certified. The film received a U.

In the Breaking Bad episode “Ozymandias”, the show's producers secured special permission from the Hollywood guilds to delay the credits (which would normally appear after the main title sequence) until 19 minutes into the episode, in order to preserve the impact of the beginning scene. - fact check

George H.W. Bush ordered emergency airlifts of food and supplies to Somalia in 1992.“Operation Restore Hope,” to help the starving country by protecting food shipments from the warlords. By helping to end the famine, American forces saved around 100,000 lives

The Etoro people of New Guinea believe that in order for a boy to achieve manhood they must first ingest the semen of their elders through fellatio. The nearby Kaluli tribe find this barbaric, and instead believe that the semen should be delivered to the boys in the anus.

Francis Tsai, an artist who did work for Marvel, and was later diagnosed with ALS. When the disease paralyzed his arms, he learned to draw using his right foot on an iPhone. When he was no longer able to use his feet, he used eye-gaze technology in order to keep drawing.

In Taiwan, a 96-year-old saved his village from demolition by painting every surface of it with colourful imagery, which brought in so many tourists that the mayor ordered that the village be preserved.

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orderlies fact infographic about The n! permutations of 4 objects, ordered by Heap's algorith
The n! permutations of 4 objects, ordered by Heap's algorithm. Visualized in the medium of beaded bracelet.

orderlies fact infographic about Medal table of the Olympic Winter games 2018 in Pyeongchang,
Medal table of the Olympic Winter games 2018 in Pyeongchang, ordered by population of the countries (19. Feb. 2018, 13:00 GMT+1)