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  1. The saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" was originally coined in 1944 by a marketing campaign from General Foods, the manufacturer of Grape Nuts, to sell more cereal.

  2. Barbie's original design was based on a German cartoon character named Lilli who was a saucy high-end escort. Lilli dolls were marketed to men who gave them as a gag gift at bachelor parties, dangled them from the rearview mirror, or gave them to girlfriends as a suggestive keepsake.

  3. While Coca-Cola denies it designed "New Coke" to fail and create demand for "Coca Cola Classic" the period when "old" coke was off the market also helped mask the final transition from real sugar in the original recipe to High Fructose Corn Syrup in Coke Classic.

  4. Heroin is a brand name and the drug was originally marketed by Bayer as a non-addictive cough medicine.

  5. In 1989, a man bought a an old painting from a flea market for $4 because he liked the frame. Hidden behind it was an original printing of the Declaration of Independence which went on to sell at auction for $2.42 million.

  6. Biotech firm Pembient has managed to 3-D print fake rhino horns that are genetically identical knock offs. The company plans to flood Chinese rhino horn market at one-eighth of the price of the original, undercutting the price poachers can get and forcing them out eventually.

  7. Heroin derives its name from "heroic", as it was originally marketed as a non-addictive wonder cure to morphine addiction

  8. Marlboro cigarettes were originally designed for women. The iconic red stripe was intended to hide lipstick stains, thus making it appealing to women. When it failed to attract women, the company changed the filter color to a muted brown, slapped a cowboy on it and marketed it to men.

  9. The Lion King, heavily marketed by Disney as their "first Disney original" was straight up plagiarized from Osamu Tezuka's Kimba the White Lion (1960)

  10. The word "moxie", synonymous with "energy" and "spunk" originates from a brand of soft drink. As with many sodas, it was first marketed as an over the counter medicine called "Moxie Nerve Food". Moxie was created in 1876, is flavored with gentian root extract and is still sold in the eastern US.

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The rights to the original Captain Marvel have been owned by DC Comics since 1972. However, trademark conflicts with Marvel have resulted in DC marketing the hero under the name, "Shazam!"

Lysol was originally marketed it as a contraceptive. It was corrosive to sperm, but also damaged tissue inside the woman. Hundreds of people died from Lysol exposure

The original 1983 V miniseries was inspired by the 1935 novel It Couldn't Happen Here but with American fascists replaced by an alien occupying force to make it easier to market.

The fortune cookie was created by Japanese Americans and originally associated with Japanese food. In WWII, Japanese Americans were forced into internment camps and Chinese American manufacturers took control of the market, which is why today fortune cookies are associated with Chinese food.

The original name for gasoline was Cazeline, named after marketer James Cassel. A shopkeeper in Dublin sold counterfeit Cazeline and replaced the “C” in the name with a “G,” thus coining the name “gazeline.”

Heroin was originally marketed as a nonaddictive alternative to morphine

Netflix's origin story "Reed Hasting came up with the idea for Netflix when he was hit with a $40 late fee on the movie Apollo 13" is BS and just a marketing tool.

Bubble wrap was originally invented in 1957 to be used as wallpaper. After not selling well it was marketed as a greenhouse insulator, and then eventually as the packaging material we know it as today.

The refreshing and minty taste of toothpaste was originally constructed as a marketing technique, in which our subconscious minds learned to anticipate the tingling sensations of citric acid, mint oil, and other chemicals as a sign that our mouths were 'clean', thus creating a habit loop.

The Nissan Z series was originally named the Fairlady by the president of Nissan in Japan. The U.S. head knew this wouldn't appeal to the American male market, so he removed the Fairlady labels from the cars that arrive in the U.S. and replaced them with the internal code for the project, 240-Z

Coca-Cola was originally invented and marketed as a cure for morphine addiction

Lifesavers were originally sold for 5 cents a roll and were marketed by being placed next to cash registers in restaurants and stores where the cashiers were encouraged to always give back nickels in the customer’s change.

Butterfly knives originated in the Philippines after WWII as a product marketed to American soldiers.

Pez dispensers were originally designed to resemble cigarette lighters as the candy was marketed as an alternative to smoking.

The Kiwifruit was original called the Chinese Gooseberry. In 1962, New Zealand growers began calling it "kiwifruit" to give it more market appeal

Chinese Checkers originated from Germany, and the name is just a marketing scheme.

The Georgia Aquarium’s whale sharks. These sharks, the largest in the world, were originally captured and nearly killed for food by a fish market in Taiwan. Once rescued by the aquarium, they were flown over 8,000 miles by a specially configured freighter plane to Georgia.

Salmon sushi isn't originally Japanese; it was introduced to the country through a desperate marketing effort by the Norwegian fishing industry, which had too much salmon

PEZ candy was originally marketed as a mint to aid in smoking cessation

The original Street Fighter 1 arcade games had rubber pads that players punched. They were removed from the market when people injured themselves.

KFC once tried to market their original recipe fried chicken as a "healthy option" until the government made them stop

Play-Doh was originally sold as a wallpaper cleaner, but with the introduction of washable vinyl-based wallpaper, the market for cleaning putty decreased substantially. After discovering it was used by nursery school children to make Christmas ornaments, Play-Doh was rebranded as a school supply

Android was originally developed as an advanced operating system for digital cameras. This idea was scrapped because the market for cameras was not large enough and the OS was transitioned to become a competitor to Symbian and Windows Mobile.

The idea that a man should spend a significant fraction of his annual income for an engagement ring originated 'de novo' from De Beers marketing materials in the mid-20th century in an effort to increase the sale of diamonds in the 1930s.

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer was originally composed by a copywriter, as the marketing campaign for a promotional colouring book

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