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  1. Charles Darwin brought back a 5 year old Tortoise named Harriet from the Galápagos Islands that would be later owned by Steve Irwin. Harriet died in 2006 at the age of 176.

  2. The rights to Back to the Future are entirely owned by the director, Robert Zemeckis, who has pledged for there to never, ever be a remake in his lifetime

  3. Since Milton Hershey didn't have any children he and his wife opened an orphanage school and when he died, he left his entire fortune and the ownership of Hershey Chocolate Company in a trust for the children in the school. Still today 70% of the company is owned by Milton Hershey School.

  4. In 1988 Mad Magazine drew attention to a cigarette manufacturer that owned a life insurance company - claiming cigarettes were harmless while charging more to insure smokers.

  5. President Andrew Jackson owned a parrot named Poll. When Jackson died Poll was present at his funeral, but had to be removed due to "Swearing and yelling profanities" that he learned from Jackson himself

  6. In Germany, when a kid becomes an adult at age 18, it can get rid of all its debt by offering its debtors everthing its owns at that point. The young adult is relieved from all other debts they can't pay back so that no young adult has to face a life in debt for things they did as teenager.

  7. In the late Classical Era of Greece, women owned 35% of the land and property in Sparta. When a woman's husband died(usually in battle), his land and property passed to the wife, not to the oldest male.

  8. Robert E. Lee owned a plantation across the river from Washington DC until the start of the civil war. The Lees abandoned the home and the Union army occupied their land, ultimately burying Union war dead there to spite Lee for his treason. It is now Arlington National Cemetery.

  9. There is one character owned by both Marvel and DC, named Access, whose sole purpose is to try to keep both companies' universes separate.

  10. Joe Perry sold his 1959 Gibson Les Paul during his 1982 divorce. Later he found the guitar was owned by Slash. Perry called Slash and bugged him for years, offering to pay more than the guitar's worth. Years later at Joe's 50th birthday party, Slash finally gave him the guitar as a gift.

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United States 1860 | Counties Where 50% or More of Households Owned Slaves

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Most owned game on Steam per country as of 2018

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Owning an electric car in Norway grants you free public parking, free ferry trips and the right to drive in bus lanes

In 1949 BB King re-entered a burning music hall to save his favorite $30 Gibson guitar. King later learned the fire was started when two men knocked over a burning barrel of kerosene while fighting over a woman named Lucille. King has named every guitar he's owned Lucille as a reminder.

The the term "Taco Tuesday" is legally owned by Taco John's and they have issued hundreds of cease and desist letters demanding companies stop holding Taco Tuesdays.

The exclusive rights to use the color vantablack are owned by artist Anish Kapoor and nobody else is allowed to use it. As a revenge, another artist created the pinkest pink which everyone is allowed to use, except Anish

The Nintendo character Kirby was named after John Kirby, the legal counsel for Nintendo who helped them win their lawsuit with Universal Studios in 1982. John Kirby was gifted a sailboat Christened the “Donkey Kong” and given exclusive rights to name any boat he owned “Donkey Kong.”

Kirsty MacColl, vocalist and female singer in "Fairytale of New York", died saving her son from an oncoming powerboat owned by a multimillionaire while vacationing in Cozumel, Mexico. The boat's driver escaped jail time by paying a fine of $90USD.

In 1943, a Mexican farmer named Dionisio Pulido had a volcano start to form in his corn field. By the early 50s it was over 400 meters tall. Before being evacuated and leaving his home for the last time, he left a sign that read “This volcano is owned and operated by Dionisio Pulido.”

Sting, the wrestler, owns the rights to the name "Sting". Sting, the musician, reportedly pays the wrestler $1 per year to use the name.

The Church of Scientology now owns the "Cult Awareness Network" after they sued the originally Cult Awareness Network for calling them a cult

A New Orleans restaurant has been owned by the same family since 1840. Antoine's, famous for Oyster Rockefeller and Baked Alaska, has had five generations of the family run it, and a sixth is preparing to take over. It is the US's oldest continuously family-run restaurant.

Richard Harris was so drunk through the 1970s that he forgot he owned a Rolls Royce. It sat in a New York garage for 25 years before he found an old photo of himself with it and his accountant confirmed it was still there running up $90k in garage storage costs.

Jay Leno has never spent a penny of his “The Tonight Show” income. He has always worked two jobs and spent the lesser of the two incomes. To date, he has saved every penny from his time as a host. He owns all his cars and buildings and bought them with his secondary income.

Marvel owned the rights to the name Hulk Hogan from '84-'04. For each match Hogan wrestled, Marvel was paid $100. Marvel also made royalties on merch and every project involving his name. When he dropped "Hulk" and started going by "Hollywood" Hogan in '96, he was able to avoid paying the fees.

Oprah Winfrey owns a private road across Maui which cuts out hours of driving time. No one else is allowed to use the road.

Prior to WWII, Los Angeles had one of the most advanced and efficient light rail systems in the country. This privately-run rail system was purchased by a company owned by General Motors, and slowly dismantled in order to drive demand for more cars and buses.

Bottled water brands Perrier, S. Pellegrino and Vittel are all owned by the same company, Nestle. In total Nestle sells water under 50 different brands, including Poland Spring and Zephyrhills.

Queen Elizabeth has owned more than 30 Corgis over the last 80 years all of which were direct descendants of her Corgi named Susan she received on her 18th birthday.

The richest preacher in the world is David Oyedepo of Nigeria, with a net worth of $150 Million. The 63-year old pastor owns 2 private jets, a $10 million house, and controls churches in 45 African nations.

A man bought a golden egg for $13,000 at a sale. It turned out it was an incredibly rare Fabergé egg, once owned by the Emperor of Russia, that had been missing since 1902. It is worth $33,300,000.

The Guy Fawkes mask used by a number of activist groups (including anti-capitalist groups) is copyrighted and owned by Time Warner. Everytime a mask is purchased, Time Warner get paid.

In 1913 John Rockefeller owned 2% of the US GDP, an amount that today would be worth over $409 billion and make him 3 times richer than Jeff Bezos

The Tata Group from India which owns Jaguar-Land Rover and has revenues of over $100b is 66% controlled by charitable trusts, which invest these proceeds in nation-building such as India's hospitals, educational institutions and promoting health, education, culture etc.

Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail comes from cooperatively owned cranberry farms where 100% of product profits are returned to farmers.

One third of all motels in the U.S. are owned by Indians with the last name ‘Patel.’

The highest paid official of the United States government is Bill Johnson, the chief executive officer of the federally owned power and utilities company, the Tennessee Valley Authority. His annual salary is $5.9 million dollars.

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The true cost of owning my BMW 328i - Updated

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United States 1860 | Percent of Households that Owned Slaves