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  1. When city council denied a permit to build on empty lot, a London man applied for a permit for a tank. Thinking it was a water storage container, council approved. Instead the man bought a Russian T-34 tank, parked it on his property and pointed the gun towards the city planning office.

  2. The dept of Homeland Security ran an experiment where they left CDs and USB sticks in the parking lots of government buildings and private contractors. 60% of those who picked them up plugged the device into their office computers, and if it had an official logo, 90% of them were installed.

  3. CNN once had two reporters talk to each other via satellite while they were standing in the same parking lot

  4. The Department of Homeland Security ran a experiment to see if government employees and contractors would use CDs and USB drives they secretly dropped in parking lots where they worked. 60 percent of the time they did, with that figure jumping to 90 percent when an official logo was visible.

  5. Art Babbitt, the creator of Goofy, became the face of the Disney animators' strike in 1941. He would scream at Walt through a bullhorn when he rolled into work and the two nearly got into a fistfight in the parking lot

  6. André the Giant was once in a Montreal bar when four drunken men started to taunt him. André finally got fed up and chased the four men out into the parking lot. When the four men got into their car, André simply grabbed the car, turned it over onto its roof with the four men inside, and left.

  7. In 1996, a Canadian man fled Canada and thought someone was out to kill him, took his money and drove to Knoxville, TN. He ended up dead in a parking lot with his money around his half-naked body. Police reports show the man was killed by a blow to the stomach. The case remains unsolved.

  8. During filming of The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer managed to convince all the major actors that they were Keyser Soze. When Gabriel Byrne first watched the film he was so stunned that he wasn't Keyser Soze that he stormed off into the parking lot and argued with Singer for an hour.

  9. Anthony Curcio put an ad on Craigslist for 15-20 similarly dressed workers for a fake cleanup project and to meet in a bank parking lot at the time he was to rob an armored truck. Curcio, dressed like the others, worked the grounds, pepper-sprayed the driver, and left with over $400,000.

  10. Since 1985 the government of Saudi Arabia has destroyed about 95% of the holy city of Mecca in order to make way for the construction of hotels, apartments, parking lots, etc. There are now less than 20 structures that date back to the period of Muhammad.

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When Jeff Bridges was 14, he and his brother, Beau, would go to grocery store parking lots and pretend to start a fight. Once a crowd gathered, they would both jump into the back of their pickup truck and proceed to do dramatic line readings.

Even though Google's self-driving cats have logged over 700,000 miles, they have yet to overcome the navigational hurdles of snow, heavy rain, open parking lots, multilevel parking garages, construction zones, and when the sun is directly behind a traffic light.

In China some parking lots have spaces reserved for female parking. These spaces are wider and make parking easier and reduces accidents

In 2003 an ER doctor in Idaho saved a patient's life by performing emergency surgery with a cordless drill in a church parking lot to relieve pressure on his brain caused by internal bleeding.

An artist built a 750 sq ft apartment in a shopping mall parking lot that went undiscovered for 4 years.

In 2005, a woman performing her first solo skydive jump of 10000 ft survived a parachute malfunction which caused her to slam face first into a parking lot at 50 MPH. During surgery doctors discovered she was pregnant. She made a full recovery and the baby was fine.

Walmart permits RV parking on their store lots as they are able and the price is free for overnight parking.

The US Department of Homeland Security intentionally dropped USB sticks in government building parking lots to see what would happen. Up to 90% of them were then plugged into government or government contractors' computers by curious employees, exposing a major security problem.

After 9/11, a commuter train station in New Jersey made chalk marks on the tires of unclaimed cars in the station parking lot to help identify the missing

Most Walmart shops allow anyone to use their parking lots at night for free

Little Caesars' founder Mike Illitch's family received $340 million in taxpayer dollars from the City of Detroit to redevelop a 50-block neighborhood, but instead broke their promises, built 29 surface parking lots, and demolished or abandoned 27 historic buildings.

A public beach at California's Pt. Reyes Natl. Seashore was closed after the 2018 US govt shutdown. However, it was not reopened after the shutdown ended; over the month with no human activity, a breeding colony of elephant seals had invaded the beach, picnic area, and even its parking lot.

In 2003, pizza man Brian Douglas was kidnapped, forced to wear a neck bomb and rob a bank. He died in the parking lot after the bomb went off because police told him not to move.

Bill Murray tossed a producer into a lake during the filming of “What about Bob.” He also “threatened to throw her across the parking lot, then broke her sunglasses and threw them across the parking lot.”

In 2012 the remains of King Richard III were found buried beneath a parking lot.

Scientists unearthed a skeleton from a UK parking lot, genetically identified it as the former king, Richard III, and while trying to trace former monarch’s lineage accidentally uncovered centuries-old royal adultery.

The first and last sound of the movie Pulp Fiction is the roar of a motorcycle engine. The first sound of the film is in the parking lot of the diner where Ringo and Yolanda are eating breakfast and the final sound is that of Butch and Fabienne driving away on Zed’s motorcycle chopper.

King Richard III, who died in battle over 500 years ago, was found buried under a parking lot in the city of Leiceter in 2012.

Hundreds of vehicles involved with Volkswagen's Diesel-Emissions Scandal are sitting in the abandoned Pontiac Silverdome parking lot

"worst breach of U.S. military computers in history" started when a USB drive with malicious code was left in a parking lot. Somebody plugged it into a sensitive computer to see what the drive contained and it took 14 months to purge the system of the virus.

King Richard iii’s bones were found under a parking lot in England

The Pentagon has 16 parking lots and can hold approximately 8,770 cars.

Detroit's Michigan Theater, originally seating up to 4,000 people and described as "the world's finest", was closed after decades in part due to a lack of parking, then turned into a parking lot

Disneyland has lots of stray cats that live in the park and come out at night to keep the rodent population down

A brother and sister were arrested for having sex in church parking lot. When questioned by police they said it happened after watching 'The Notebook'