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  1. Joy Milne, the woman who can smell Parkinson's. In one test, she was given 12 t-shirts, 6 from those who have Parkinson's and 6 from those without. She identified 11 of them but was adamant that one control subject had Parkinson's. 8 months later that subject was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

  2. A woman who was able to smell Parkinson's disease. In a study she was able to accurately identify 11/12 patients with Parkinson's. And not a year later the last patient was also diagnosed, making her record 12/12.

  3. A woman smelled Parkinson's Disease on 7 out of 12 people in a test to prove her ability. Though only 6 of the 12 people had Parkinson's, she actually smelled the disease on one person three months before he was diagnosed.

  4. Robin Williams had Diffuse Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson's which [his wife believes] led him to kill himself. His wife says depression had very little to do with it.

  5. An Israeli team of researchers invented a breathalyzer that can detect 17 different diseases, including two types of Parkinson's, Crohn's, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, and cancers including lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer.

  6. A woman correctly detected 11 out of 12 subjects in a Parkinson's study using her sense of smell. 8 months later the one extra she believed had Parkinson's was diagnosed with the disease making her 12/12

  7. Chemistry graduate student Barry Kidston gave himself Parkinson's disease after ingesting a compound he synthesized for a legal high. An impurity he neglected is toxic to dopamine neurons, which is responsible for the effect. He was treated, but died of a cocaine overdose 18 months later.

  8. Some Amish communities willingly participate in studies of genetic diseases, as they have unique genetics due to the enclosed nature of their order. Their extensive family histories are useful to researchers investigating diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and macular degeneration.

  9. A graduate chemistry student tried to get high by synthesizing MPPP but accidentally made MPTP instead, which gave him permanent symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

  10. A 2-year study that linked Ecstasy to Parkinsons was retracted from the journal Science after the authors realized they had accidentally used meth instead.

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Michael J Fox was one of four cast members on the set of Leo and Me who was diagnosed with Parkinsons. The event was improbable enough that an investigation was launched.

Parkinson's Law: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

In 1982 drug dealers in California tried to synthesize heroin more cheaply, and accidentally created a substance that gave users late stage Parkinson's disease in a matter of days.

Robin Williams' had been diagnosed with Parkinson's and LBD (Lewy Body Dementia) before he died. His wife believes this was why he took his life.

Bill Lawrence, creator of scrubs, created the character Kevin Casey specifically for Michael J. Fox to cover up his Parkinson’s disease. Casey’s OCD diagnosis ensured Fox’s Parkinsonian side effects would not affect his performance. Fox gained plaudits for his accurate depiction of OCD.

When Australian cricketer and RAAF pilot Keith Miller was asked by Michael Parkinson, about pressure in cricket, Miller responded "Pressure is a Messerschmitt up your arse, playing cricket is not".

In a case study patients were given an experimental drug to treat their Parkinsons disease, 11 of the patients experienced intense urges to gamble their money despite little interest in gambling before. Even losing large sums of money. All the patients stopped gambling when tapered off the meds.

Some of Parkinson's medications side effects include excessive gambling, sexual behaviors, shopping sprees and stealing.

Nicotine has been shown to relieve or prevent Parkinsons, Schizophrenia, and Tourette's. The drug even improves attention and focus.

Nicotine consumption has been proven to protect against parkinson's

About DNP,a chemical that causes rapid weight loss in humans.It was prescribed to 100,000 people in the 1930s in the US and then discontinued after 2 people used 10x the recommended dose and died.It's being studied as potential treatment for obesity,Alzheimer's,Parkinson's diseases and epilespy.

People who suffer from gout are significantly less likely to develop Parkinson's disease.

Microsoft is developing a watch that counters Parkinson's tremors using vibrations. It is called the "Emma Watch"

There is a Scottish nurse that can detect Parkinson's disease through smell with an accuracy of 91%.

Herbal remedies made of dried berries, leaves and flowers of chaste tree are used in treatment of Parkinson's disease, premenstrual disorder, arthritis, edema, coughing and to stimulate lactation in breast-feeding women.

Parkinsons law is the adage that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion", with variations of the principle including “The more money you earn the more money you spend,” or “The bigger the available space, the more junk it can hold.”

Tobacco smokers and coffee drinkers have a reduced risk of acquiring Parkinson's Disease.

Botox injections are sometimes used to treat symptoms of Parkinson's Disease like drooling

Tennille, of The Captain and Tennille, divorced the Captain after 39 years of marriage and a very successful career because he became ill with Parkinson's, and could no longer play the keyboard.

Robin Williams was given L-DOPA to treat his Parkinson's disease shortly before his death in 2014. This is the same drug his character in "Awakenings" discovers as a cure and administers to his coma induced patients in the 1990 movie.

4 out of 125 People on the Set of Micheal J Fox's first sitcom "Leo And Me," had been diagnosed with Parkinson's. It's usually 1 in 300.

It was discovered that a common side effect of anti-Parkinson medications, is "gambling, sexuality addiction and compulsive shopping"

Cerebrospinal fluid flushes the brain of neurotoxins (beta-amyloid) during sleep (The cycle takes 6-8 hours) and a buildup of said toxins were found in patients with Alzheimer's an Parkinson's

Smoking tobacco significantly decreases the chances of developing Parkinson's Disease later in life

A woman could smell Parkinson's disease long before any doctor made a diagnosis.