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  1. In 2004 actor Paul Walker secretly purchased a $10,000 engagement ring for a U.S. military veteran. Paul was at a jewelry store & overheard a couple talking about a ring they loved but that was too expensive. Paul quietly put the ring on his tab and walked out of the door.

  2. "on January 13, 1958, Klansmen burned a cross on the lawn of a Lumbee American Indian woman in the town of St. Pauls, North Carolina as "a warning" because she was dating a white man." At their next rally, a group of 500 armed Lumbee encircled the klansmen and opened fire.

  3. Paul Bettany was told by a movie producer that "his career was over" and he was "done in Hollywood". As he sat down in the sidewalk minutes later, Joss Whedon called him and asked if he wanted to be Vision in "Age of Ultron".

  4. In 1981, a Turkish man shot Pope John Paul II four times but didn't kill him. After the Pope recovered, he visited the assassin in prison forgave him. The assassin was pardoned at the Pope's request and 33 years after his crime, he visited Vatican City and laid flowers on the Pope's tomb.

  5. Joe Perry sold his 1959 Gibson Les Paul during his 1982 divorce. Later he found the guitar was owned by Slash. Perry called Slash and bugged him for years, offering to pay more than the guitar's worth. Years later at Joe's 50th birthday party, Slash finally gave him the guitar as a gift.

  6. The piano Freddie Mercury used to record "Bohemian Rhapsody" is the same one Paul McCartney used on "Hey Jude"

  7. Vatican once invited Stephen Hawking to a conference where he had an audience with the Pope. Pope John Paul had trouble understanding Hawking and knelt down beside his wheelchair to hear him better, prompting one scientist to comment that "things certainly have changed since Galileo."

  8. Sybil Ludington—a 16-year-old revolutionary who rode twice the distance Paul Revere did in 1777 to warn people of a British invasion. She navigated 40 miles of rainy terrain at night while avoiding British loyalists and ended up completing her mission before dawn the next day.

  9. Paul McCartney started the recording of "Hey Jude" unaware that Ringo wasn't there and sitting on the toilet. Ringo tiptoed his way back into the studio just in time for the drums to start.

  10. Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, the respected commander of German forces in East Africa during WW1 was offered a job by Hitler in 1935. He told Hitler to "go fuck himself" though other reports say he didn't "put it that politely."

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pauling fact data chart about Minneapolis-St. Paul Climate Temperature Trends 1917-2016
Minneapolis-St. Paul Climate Temperature Trends 1917-2016

pauling fact data chart about Relative popularity of internet memes on Google Trends (ft.
Relative popularity of internet memes on Google Trends (ft. Logan Paul, Pewdiepie, Belle Delphine, Area 51)

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Seinfeld, Mad About You, and Friends all exist in the same universe. Kramer is subletting his apartment from Paul; Jamie appeared in an episode of Friends and mistook Phoebe for Ursula; Ursula works as a waitress in Mad About You

Mathematician Paul Erdös regularly took amphetamines, which worried his friends enough that one bet him $500 that he couldn't quit for a month. Erdös won the bet, but later claimed mathematics had been set back a month.

The most prolific mathematician of the 20th century (Paul Erdos) used amphetamines to fuel 20 hour number benders. When a friend bet him $500 that he couldn't quit for a month, he won, but complained "You've set mathematics back a month"

Newman's Own, founded in 1982 by the now late actor Paul Newman, donates 100% of post-tax profits to charity. In total, the food brand has donated over $450 Million to charity, including several children's organizations.

The movie Crocodile Dundee's character was loosely based on a man called Rod Ansell, who was lost in the outback for 56 days, sued Paul Hogan for not profiting from the film, lost his property, started growing weed, got hooked on meth and ended up dying in a drug fuelled police shootout.

After Paul McCartney dreamed the melody to "Yesterday" and woke up thinking he subconsciously plagiarized the song, he would play a demo to other bands to make sure the song wasn't theirs.

Vin Diesel named his daughter Pauline in honor of his late friend, Paul Walker.

Paul McCartney's condition for guest starring in The Simpsons episode "Lisa the Vegetarian" was that Lisa, who becomes a vegetarian in the episode, remain one for the rest of the series. The staff promised, resulting in one of the few permanent character changes made in the show.

Paul Rudd had the cast of Infinity War sign the Captain America shield to earn 53k for charity.

John Lennon was so fed up with people trying to over-analyze Beatles lyrics and trying to find a hidden meaning in them that he started purposefully putting in meaningless nonsense into songs like "the Walrus was Paul" just to confuse them

Paul Revere did not complete his famous ride; he was captured by the British. He was riding with two other men; William Dawes escaped, then fell off his horse. The third man, Dr. Samuel Prescott, was the only one who actually made it to their destination, Concord. - fact check

John Lennon tried to convince Paul McCartney to drill a hole in his skull as part of a practice called trepanning explaining “All you’d have to do is just bore a little hole in your skull and it lets the pressure off. Paul replied ‘ John, you try it and let me know how it goes.'”

Paul Revere never managed to warn anyone. He was actually captured, escaped, and then captured again. He was riding with two friends and it was one of them that escaped and managed to warn the Colonials.

When Simon and Garfunkel were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Art Garfunkel thanked Paul Simon for enriching his life and Simon said, "Arthur and I agree about almost nothing. But it's true, I have enriched his life quite a bit." After three songs, the duo left without speaking.

Not only there was a 'Rat Pack' and a 'Brat Pack' but there was also a 'Black Pack' that was founded by Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall and featured Robert Townsend, Arsenio Hall, Paul Mooney and Keenen Ivory Wayans. The only white member was Pee-Wee Herman.

Paul Rudd and Jeffery Dean Morgan own Samuel's Sweet Shop, a candy store in Rhinebeck NY, which they saved from closing after the passing of its previous owner, a friend of theirs

Paul McCartney agreed to appear on The Simpsons if the "Lisa Simpson character would become a vegetarian like the McCartneys and never be considered a meat eater ever again"

When 16 year old John Paul Getty III was kidnapped in 1973, his billionaire grandfather refused to pay $17 million ransom. After the kidnappers mailed Getty's ear to a newspaper, his grandfather only agreed to pay $2.2 million because that was the maximum amount that was tax deductible.

In 1997 Pope John Paul II had nominated St. Isidore of Seville to be the patron saint of the Internet, a seventh-century theologian and encyclopedist who tried to record everything ever known.

WWE’s The Undertaker is afraid of cucumbers. Paul Bearer watched The Undertaker, “throw up all over a Waffle House because there was a cucumber floating in his iced tea.” Bearer used to prank the Deadman by placing cucumber slices in his hat and gloves.

In 1974 Lorne Michaels offered $3000 on SNL for the Beatles to reunite, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, both of whom happened to be watching the show together at Lennons home, considered walking over to the studio just a few blocks away, but decided not to because they were tired. - fact check

J. Paul Getty, with a net worth of 1.2billion in the 50s, scolded his wife for spending money freely on the treatment of their six-year-old son after he went blind from a brain tumour. When his son died six years later, Getty didn't attend the funeral.

It took architect Christopher Wren 35 years to complete London's St. Paul's Cathedral. After he died twelve years later in 1723, he was entombed inside, and Wren's son placed a dedication nearby, which contains the words "Reader, if you seek his monument, look around you."

Jean-Paul Sartre hallucinated seeing crabs for most of his life after taking mescaline.

When Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) was arrested in 1983 for possession of marijuana, his punishment was to write, produce and finance his own anti-drug PSA.

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