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  1. Pearl Jam discovered Ticketmaster was adding a service charge to all their concert tickets without informing the band. The band then created their own outdoor stadiums for the fans and testified against Ticketmaster to the United States Department of Justice

  2. Pearl Jam's song Jeremy is based on the real-life classroom suicide of Jeremy Wade Delle of Texas, who was released from a mental hospital and sent back to school -- reportedly, once his insurance money ran out he was deemed "cured" .

  3. Pearl Jam cancelled their 1994 summer tour after they found out Ticket Master was demanding a 'service charge' for fan's tickets. This prompted the band to begin building their own "stadiums" in rural areas where they independently sold tickets to shows to keep prices low.

  4. Pearl Jam sued Ticketmaster for creating a monopoly on ticket sales. Pearl Jam wanted to charge no more than $18.50 for tickets in ’94, with service fees of no more than $1.80. Ticketmaster balked, saying that it needed at least $2 in fees simply to cover its own costs.

  5. It took Pearl Jam around 70 times to record the song 'Even Flow', With guitarist Mike McCready stating, "I swear to God it was a nightmare. We played that thing over and over until we hated each other."

  6. The song Jeremy(Pearl Jam) is about Jeremy Wade Delle who walked into class and committed suicide in front of 31 people due to depression.

  7. Coachella was started when the band Pearl Jam boycotted Ticketmaster in 1993 for their high prices, and played at the location during their Ticketmaster boycott tour.

  8. Pearl Jam's song "Jeremy" is based on a true story where a high school student committed suicide in front of his class.

  9. The Pearl Jam songs "Alive", "Once" and "Footsteps" chronologically tell the story of a teenager who sleeps with his mother, goes on a killing spree in a fit of insanity and gets executed by hanging.

  10. Trevor Wilson, the kid who starred in the video for Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”, died in 2016 from drowning. The video was his only official acting role despite receiving many offers for other acting work.

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I learned that on January 8th, 1991 a 16 year old high school student named Jeremy Wade Delle shot himself in front of his english class. The event became the inspiration for the Pearl jam song "jeremy"

The father of Jeremy Delle had no idea that Pearl Jam had written a song based on his son's suicide until months after its release, when it was being played in heavy rotation on MTV

Eddie Vedder went incognito on a Pearl Jam message board posting correct versions of song lyrics, only to be told by users he was wrong. "That’s when I realized I don’t have time to get in the ring."

When drummer Jack Irons left his band Eleven, he was replaced by Matt Cameron. Years later when Irons left Pearl Jam, he was once again replaced with Matt Cameron.

Pearl Jam's cover of "Last Kiss" was recorded at a live soundcheck and released as a Christmas single to the band's fan club. It wasn't intended to be a single but radio stations started playing it and it became a hit.

The songs "Alive, Once, and Footsteps" by Pearl Jam form a trilogy telling the story about someone abused by their mother, his killing spree, and finally his execution.

Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" was inspired by the real-life suicide of Jeremy Delle, a troubled 16-year-old from Texas who shot himself in front of his second-period English class.

Nickleback’s All The Right Reasons is ranked 9th on Billboard’s 200 Greatest Albums of all time, ahead of Rumors by Fleetwood Mac (15), The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd (31), Ten by Pearl Jam (45), and every Beatles album.

In 1995 Neil Young recorded a grunge album with Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam was accused of ripping off the melody of "Going to California" in their single "Given to Fly." In a 2005 concert the band segued from their tune to the Zeppelin classic. Robert Plant was in attendance and joined in on the performance.

The song Jeremy by Pearl Jam was inspired by a newspaper article Vedder read about a high school student who shot himself in front of his English class on January 8, 1991.

Pearl Jam was originally named Mookie Blaylock who was a popular basketball player at the time. They named their debut album Ten, after Blaylock's number.

A pearl jam fan who believed that Eddie Vedder had fathered her children (and the subject of the pearl jam song "Lukin") drove her truck into Eddie Vedder's house at 50mph. Vedder's life was saved by a wall he built around his house due to stalker issues.

Over a decade ago a man saved Eddie Vedder from drowning off the coast of Hawaii and this Christmas after that man was injured Pearl Jam matched $70,000 in donations to pay for his care.

In the early 90's members from Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains joined to make a "Super Group" called Mad Season. Members of Pearl Jam and SoundGarden had created the group Temple of the Dog shortly before this.

Nirvana and Pearl Jam’s Success Almost Drove Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan to Suicide

The band Pearl Jam was originally named Mookie Blaylock, after the all-star basketball player. Their first studio album, 'Ten', is also Blaylock's jersey number.

During the absolute peak of MTV and music videos in the early nineties, Pearl Jam was one of the very few bands to refuse to make music videos for the sheer sake of musical integrity over fame and money.

Pearl Jam was originally called “Mookie Blaylock”, after the then-active NBA player of the same name; his jersey number was “10”.

Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins used to play as support bands for Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Kurt Cobain hated "grunge" and once said "I have strong feelings towards Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains and bands like that. They’re obviously just corporate puppets that are just trying to jump on the alternative bandwagon and we are being lumped into that category."

Bill Engvall, Jeff Dunham and the subject of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" all attended the same high school.

At the 2000 Roskilde Festival, 9 people died after a massive crowd surge during Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam's Mike McCready openly admitted to 'ripping off' Stevie Ray Vaughan's vibe in the track 'Even Flow' but was not sued by Vaughan's estate

Footsteps" by Pearl Jam and "Times of Trouble" by Temple of the Dog use the same music. I know the two groups are intertwined. "Footsteps" was one of the songs the band sent to Eddy to add lyrics to before officially becoming their singer. Cornell was doing his thing with it at the same time.