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  1. Pirates kidnapped Caesar, and held him for ransom. Caesar was insulted at the ransom demand, which he saw as too low, and promised to crucify the pirates after he was free. ... After his freedom was purchased, he assembled a small army, which captured the pirates and crucified them

  2. When kidnapped by pirates, a young Julius Caesar basically took charge of the ship, ordered his captors around & even read them his poetry (while reminding them they'd be crucified afterwards, which the pirates found hilarious.) Once free he raised a navy, captured them, and had them crucified.

  3. Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates, who demanded 20 talents of silver for his freedom, however Caesar told them to ask for 50. When the ransom was paid and he was released, Caesar raised a fleet, pursed and eventually captured the pirates and had them crucified.

  4. In 75 BC, pirates seized a vessel that Julius Caesar was in, and held him for ransom. Caesar was insulted at the ransom, which he saw as too low, and promised to crucify the pirates. At his insistence the pirates raised the demand. After he was freed, he captured the pirates and crucified them.

  5. Julius Ceasar was once kidnapped by pirates. Insulted by the low ransom they demanded, he insisted they raise it. He also promised to crucify them once he was freed; the pirates took this as a joke, but Ceasar returned with a naval fleet and crucified them.

  6. When a young Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates, he demanded they more than double the amount of money they were ransoming him for. He also 'joked' that after his release, he'd come back and crucify them, something he then did after his release

  7. 25-year-old Julius Ceaser was captured by pirates who demanded a ransom of 20 talents, equivalent to $28 million today, causing Ceaser to burst out laughing and offer 50 talents instead. Ceaser then raised a Naval force, went back to their island, and had the pirates captured then crucified.

  8. In 75 BC, Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates and held for a ransom he found to be too low, so he promised he would find them and crucify them. He was released and followed through with his claim.

  9. Caesar was kidnapped by pirates. When they demanded a ransom of 20 silver, he insisted they ask for 50. After the ransom was paid, he raised a fleet, and captured the pirates. He had them crucified, as he had promised while in captivity, a promise the pirates had taken as a joke.

  10. Julius Caesar was once kidnapped by pirates, he insisted that they raised the ransom and promised to crucify them. After the ransom was paid he raised a fleet, captured the pirates and imprisoned them. He then had their throats cut and crucified.

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Julius Caesar was captured by pirates and negotiated his own ransom up. From time to time he would threaten to have them all crucified. After the ransom was paid and Caesar went free, Caesar managed to raise a naval force despite holding no office, capturing the pirates and crucified them.

When Julius Caesar was a young man, he was captured by pirates and ransomed. Insulted by the low sum of money they offered for him, he decided to crucify them for after being freed. After his friends paid his ransom, Caesar assembled a small army and captured the Pirates, then crucified them.

Julius Caesar was once captured and held at ransom by pirates for 38 days. He laughed at the original ransom of 20 talents, offering instead to pay 50, and befriended his captors joining in their games and exercises. Upon his release, he returned to capture and crucify all of them

Julius Ceaser was once captured by pirates who demanded a ransom. After finding out how much the ransom was he told them he was worth far more. The ransom was subsequently paid and Julius Ceaser raised an army that captured and crucified the pirates.

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