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  1. Tom Cruise's career saved Ray-Bans from extinction. Business was tanking in the 70s, so Ray-Ban signed a product placement deal for 60 films. Risky Business, Top Gun, and Rain Man all had Cruise wearing Wayfarers and Aviators, and sales went through the roof.

  2. For at least 6 years, ad companies have been retroactively adding/changing product placements in old TV shows

  3. Gladiators in Ancient Rome used to carry product placements out in the arena; This was present in an early script for Gladiator (2000), but was removed out of fears that it would be viewed as anachronistic

  4. Mars (the owner of M&M’s) rejected a product placement deal in a film (E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial) about a boy who befriends an alien by luring him with candy, but Reese’s Pieces ( owned by Hershey’s) took a shot and and sales shot up 65% in the first two weeks after the movie hit the theaters.

  5. Ronald Reagan removed the regulation against product placement in children's shows, helping create the 80's cartoon boom with shows like Gi Joe, My little Pony, and Transformers.

  6. James Cameron received a 'snarky' email from Neil DeGrasse Tyson regarding star placement in the movie Titanic. He complained they wouldn't have been the same ones as in 1912. James Cameron agreed to fix it.

  7. Honda sponsored an episode of Community critical of product placement and guerrilla marketing. After the episode aired, 50% of viewers were more likely to buy a Honda.

  8. After the placement of a Buddha statue to deter illegal dumping, Oakland police stated that criminal activity in the area, including dumping, graffiti, drug dealing, and prostitution, had dropped by 82% as of 2014.

  9. McDonald's offers product placement rewards to rap artists who mention the Big Mac in their songs.

  10. We perceive things as cute because of certain child-like traits that trigger a nurturing instinct. These traits include head-to-body ratio, eye and ear placement, smaller mouths, and rounder soft bodies.

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/r/place colored tile placement over time comparison

placements fact data chart about Fortnite had a special ranked mode where each contestant wou
Fortnite had a special ranked mode where each contestant would play 50 games. My boyfriend kept track of his placements and I decided to make some graphs for him on Excel!

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Advertisers are digitally adding product placement in TV shows years after they come out promoting current campaigns/deals etc.

James Bond film makers turned down Sony's smartphone product placement offer of $5 million dollars because "James Bond only uses the 'best.'"

Michael Larson, an ice cream driver from Ohio won over $100,000 on the game show "Press your Luck" by memorizing the boards marker placement.

Because of BBC's anti product placement policy, Ray Davies of The Kinks was forced to make a round-trip flight from New York to London and back on June 3, 1970, interrupting the band's American tour, to change "Coca-Cola" to "cherry cola" in "Lola" to prevent a ban on the song.

Yankees Stadium has flags for every baseball team in the MLB around the perimeter ordered by their standings in the division; their placement is changed each time the standings change.

There is a “retrospective product placement.” It when advertisers take already existing movies or TV shows and change trademarked mentions or products featured there for new ones. For example, Friends could soon come with added product placement - like Rachel with iPhone.

The IBM Keyboard - the standardised layout we use today - was criticised for its awkward left-shift key placement.

Costa Rica has ancient stone spheres created in the era of the Diquis indigenous culture that are distinctive for their perfection, their number, size and density, and their placement in their original locations and whose whose meaning, use and production remain largely a mystery.

The BBC banned The Beatles' "Come Together" because the mention of Coca-Cola violated the BBC's policy against product placement.

Canada banned 'Money for Nothing' by Dire Straits in 2011 for containing the word "faggot". Later that same year, in the face of push back about the word's ironic placement in the song, they unbanned it.

Lady Gaga's music video for "Telephone," earned a Guiness World Record for "Most Product Placement in a Music Video."

The 2015 sci-fi film Chappie incorporated product placement for the PS4 into the film's plot by having the title character wire multiple PS4s together to make a supercomputer. This references actual past projects with PS2s & PS3s by the USAF and astrophysicists at UMass Dartmouth.

The James Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies" was the first movie in film history to have its entire budget covered by product placement and endorsements, enough to allow for the film's $100 million budget.

In 2005, McDonald's began offering product placement rewards to hip hop artists who name dropped the Big Mac in their music giving US$5 to the artist for every time a song mentioning the hamburger was played on the radio

Ford Motor Company knew in advance that the placement of the fuel tank in the Pinto would lead to fires and explosions but an internal cost benefit analysis revealed it was lest costly to pay for fatal incident law suits than to retool the car.

The BBC's rule against product placement forced the lead singer of the Kinks to fly 6,000 miles round trip to replace the words "Coca-Cola" with "cherry cola" in the band's 1970 classic song "Lola"

Prior to about 300 BC the best chronologies we have are dubious and the placement of every event before that is uncertain by several years.

The ignition in Porsches is to the left of the steering wheel. The placement of the ignition enabled a racecar driver to start the car with the left hand and put it in gear with the right.

Sea burials are an actual authorized/legal option for placement of human remains

After the BBC's anti-product-placement policy banned the original version of "Lola" for mentioning Coca-Cola, Ray Davies of The Kinks had to do a round-trip flight to London in the middle of an American tour just to change the drink's name to "cherry cola" for the single release.

Man of Steel made 160 million dollars with product placements

In 2007 Johnson & Johnson filed suit against the American Red Cross seeking to halt the placement of the Red Cross emblem on all first aid, safety and disaster preparedness products not specifically licensed by Johnson & Johnson

The first person to be tried and hung for treason in the United States was a citizen who was angry at the placement of an American flag in formally Confederate North Carolina and tore it down. He was publicly hung in front of the mint building he took it down from.

The 2002 game Darkened Skye, which, despite no mention on the box cover or cross promotion, featured heavy product placement of Skittles candy which all magic use was based around.

Young whales and dolphins rest, eat and sleep while their mother swims, towing them along in her slipstream--a placement called echelon swimming. If the mother stops for any length of time, the calf will begin to sink; it is not born with enough body fat or blubber to float easily.

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Knight Tournament Simulator league placement by Age & Ability

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Reddit r/place pixel placements per second