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  1. Nebraska's major rivers include Republican River, Platte River, Niobrara River and Missouri River.

  2. The name Nebraska is derived from an Oto Indian word meaning "flat water". This is in reference to Platte River meaning "flat river" in French.

  3. Major rivers in Wyoming include the North Platte River, Powder River, Belle Fourche River, Green River, and Bighorn River.

  4. Major tributaries to the Missouri River include Yellowstone River, Platte River, and Kansas River.

  5. After distinguishing himself in battle against the U.S. cavalry at the Battle of Platte Bridge in 1865, Crazy Horse was promoted to 'shirt Wearer" by his people. The title was the equivalent of general.

  6. The Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos played a 1967 preseason game at tiny North Platte (NE) High School. Tickets were $6 for general admission and they had to bring in bleachers from other cities.

  7. North Platte, Nebraska was home to the Buffalo Bill Cody's very first rodeo in 1882.

  8. Edward Platt, who played the Chief on the TV series Get Smart, committed suicide due to untreated depression.

  9. Oliver Platt is related to the Royal Family through Frances Ellen Work.

  10. North Platte NE was a stopping point troops going to WW2 and at the NP community fed the troops. They were able to do again last year when a convoy of 700 troops stopped by.

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The United States had coerced Cuba into adopting the Platt amendment in their own constitution in 1901. This allowed for the United states to "act unilaterally" in Cuban affairs and invade on a whim. Until 1959 and Batista's downfall, this clause remained in place.

The murder case of Ronald Platt was solved when police used the service record of his Rolex to identify his body, and determined when he died by the date on the watch.

The North Platte Canteen was a railroad stop manned by local citizens of North Platte, Nebraska, Its purpose was to provide refreshments and hospitality to soldiers who were traveling through the area on the way to war during their ten- to fifteen-minute stopovers.

In 1954 the Sheriff of Lake County Florida accused the Platt family of having 'nigra' blood and their kids shouldn't go to school

Ardeth Platte, the activist nun portrayed in Orange is New Black, is both a declared one state's hero and another state's terrorist

About the curse of the movie "rebel without a cause". Four of the movies leads past away before the age of 45, James Dean in a car accident, Natalie Woods in a drowning accident, Sal Mineo got stabbed to death in a robbery and Nick Adams commited suicide. Edward Platt commited suicide at age 58

‪Ben Platt is NOT Agents of SHIELD’s Fitz. ‬