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  1. John Von Neumann, a mathematician polymat that invented computers (the architecture in every digital computer today), a precursor theory of DNA without having been a biologist, played a pivotal in creating the Atom bomb, and laid out the mathematical framework for quantum mechanics.

  2. Robert E. Lee was ridiculed as the 'King of Spades' for his excessive digging of trenches around the capitol. These trenches would later play a pivotal role in battles near the end of the war.

  3. In the Muppet universe Kermit played a pivotal role in 9/11. In a 2002 Muppet Christmas TV movie, Kermit is shown a world in which he had never been born -- and the Twin Towers are still standing.

  4. William S. Burroughs often said that Joan's death was pivotal in his writing career. Had she not been killed by his gun he thought he would not have been so compelled to write. He had used his first gun when he was eight years old. Joan died because they were drinking and playing a game with the gun.

  5. Cotton Mather was a noted scientist and pastor. He advocated inoculation against smallpox, despite many believing it to be a sin. He's credited with changing the public perception of inoculations. This is the same pastor who played a pivotal role in the Salem Witch Trials.

  6. Emily Roebling, wife of Washington Roebling who took over the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge after the death of his father, learned higher mathematics so she could help with the engineering calculations, and played a pivotal role as liaison to the site engineers.

  7. A comet played a pivotal role in the downfall of the Roman Republic; Caesar had died and the comet was interpreted as his deification, legitimizing the assumption of power by his son, Augustus.

  8. William Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, played a pivotal role in the invention of the lie detector.

  9. James Taylor played a pivotal role in re-introducing Wolves to Yellowstone National Park.

  10. There's a high school in Richland, WA who's mascot is the Richland Bombers. This is due to the pivotal role the little community played in producing plutonium for the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

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A hotel manager played a pivotal role in D-day, winning medals from both the British and Nazis – an MBE from King George VI and the Iron Cross from Hitler.

Vint Hill Farms Station (about 40 miles outside of Washington DC) was one of the US' most important intelligence gathering stations during World War II, playing a pivotal role in eavesdropping on enemy communications

Mike Nesmith of The Monkees played a pivotal role in establishing the overall visual style of MTV's music videos, but because the channel would only commercialize music, he walked away, refusing a cut of the action.

William Dawes played a pivotal role in the "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere", but historians completely overshadow him with Paul Revere. William Dawes was born 273 years ago today. Happy Birthday!

Harry Anslinger (1930-1962), first US Federal Bureau of Narcotics commissioner, played a pivotal role in the criminalisation of Cannabis. 29 out of 30 scientists claimed cannabis did no harm. He chose to pursue the views of the one scientist who claimed it did harm.

About Joe Engressia aka Joybubbles, a blind genius with perfect pitch who accidentally found he could make free phone calls by whistling tones and went on to play a pivotal role in the 1970s subculture of “phone phreaks"

Harper Lee and Truman Capote were childhood friends and neighbors. Lee based the characters of Scout and Dill in To Kill A Mockingbird on their friendship. Lee played a pivotal role in the research for Capote's In Cold Blood. Capote never credited Lee for her work, thus ending the friendship.

There's a high school is Richland, WA who's mascot is the Richland Bombers. They adopted this name due to the pivotal role the little community played in producing plutonium for the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

The Swamp Fox" Francis Marion is one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare and played many pivotal roles in the American Revolutionary War. Earning his nom de guerre from Banastre "Bannister" Tarelton failed mission to capture him