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  1. In 2011 a British man got so annoyed by telemarketers calling his home phone that he registered it as a premium-rate number. Since then he's earned over £300 from telemarketers calling him

  2. Coca Cola had tried to sell bottled water at a premium price which happened to be tap water taken from the mains

  3. A long-lost Rembrandt painting was found in a basement in New Jersey. It was initially valued by a local auction house at $800, who were unaware of its true value. But numerous art buffs recognised its true value, resulting in it selling for $870,000 ($1.1 million with the sale premium).

  4. Chinese-run factories in Prato, Italy, the majority of which underpay workers and force them to work in horrific conditions, allow designers to put 'Made in Italy' on their labels, and charge a premium because consumers think they are buying ethically produced goods.

  5. Over 50 of the largest life insurance companies in the US are being sued for not paying claims on millions of policies. In many cases the insurers knew the client was deceased and continued collected premiums via policy loans which would cause them to lapse over time.

  6. Verizon's "unlimited plan" throttles data speed and streaming quality unless you pay for "Premium LTE"

  7. Believing that insurance was seen as not trusting in God, and viewing social security as a form of old age and survivors insurance, the Amish refuse to pay the premium or accept the benefits of social security.

  8. Southwest Airlines once offered a free bottle of booze with the purchase of a full fare ticket and for two months became the largest distributor of premium liquor in the state of Texas

  9. The Male Marriage Premium. Married men earn 44% more than single men, even after controlling for education, experience, IQ, race, and number of children

  10. Nintendo 64 software rarely took advantage of 64-bit data precision operations. N64 game-titles generally used faster (and more compact) 32-bit data-operations. 32-bit code executed faster and required less storage space (which was at a premium on the N64's cartridges).

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Häagen-Dazs is a US company that was founded in the Bronx. Its name was made up to be "Danish sounding" and convey "an aura of old world tradition and premium quality"

Boston businessman and eccentric Timothy Dexter was tricked into shipping coal to Newcastle, England, then the largest exporter of coal in the world. The ship arrived in port during a miner's strike, selling the coal at a premium and making Dexter a good profit.

At gas stations that sell 3 grades (octane levels) of fuel, the middle grade is often a mixture of "Regular" and "Premium" blended at the pump.

Magnum and Magnum XL condoms are no bigger than standard size trojan condoms. It is a psychological method of getting customers to pay a premium.

Xbox 360 models included the Xbox 360 Core, Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360 Premium, Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox 360 Slim, and Xbox 360 E.

The "beauty premium" in economics, which refers to the incremental income that people who are physically attractive earn when compared to others who are considered less attractive

A disgruntled engineer who went by the alias 'Captain Midnight' hijacked HBO'S satellite feed to protest the then new premium rate it was charging viewers.

Xbox 360 came with Xbox Live Free but users could upgrade with a premium service for additional features.

The British 1c Magenta Stamp from 1856 sold at auction for $9.5million (inc buyer's premium). Weighing at 0.04grams, it is the most expensive item ever sold by weight, translating to approximately $237.5million per gram

Roustam Tariko, founder of Russian Standard Vodka, is worth $1.1 billion. He started the product in 1998 when he wondered why Russia, the birthplace of vodka and the biggest vodka market in the world did not possess a domestically produced premium vodka brand

The Japanese eat KFC for Christmas Dinner, sometimes making reservations from a Premium Christmas menu months in advance

In 2005, a hefty premium was paid by the organisers of Scotland's biggest triathlon for each of the players in the swimming stage of the event - owing to a fear about the health and safety consequences if the Loch Ness monster decided to strike or join in the race

If you own a Pit Bull most home insurance companies wont insure your home, or they'll charge you a much higher premium.

Radiation is being used to create red grapefruit, disease-resistant cocoa and premium barley for Scotch whiskey

Comparing single childless women to single childless men, ages 35-43, the wage gap not only disappears, but instead becomes a wage premium

Media reports on "The most expensive cities to live in" come with a conveniently omitted caveat - They only apply to expatriates who are seeking a premium lifestyle (where the minimum haircut costs $50+ for example), not the locals.

Tesla locked mileage behind a paywall. There are Tesla drivers on the road today that have to pay a premium fee for full battery range.

The middle grade of gasoline is just a 50/50 mix of Regular and Premium at the pump

Miller High Life, "The Champagne of Beers", was put on the market in 1903 and was once considered a premium high-end beer

Mid Grade Unleaded Fuel is a mixture of premium and regular fuel.

Pornhub gives women premium for one week every month called "fuck your period"

Gas stations only get delivered two types of gas, regular 87 and premium 91-93. The midgrades are a blend of the two. BONUS fuel delivery TIL - If a loading head says empty on a tanker, it might not be, its just full of the same type of gas and the operator didn't bother to change the tag.

A Norwegian company named Pulpit Air sells cans of "Premium Norwegian Mountain Air". A single 7.7 liter can contains about 160 doses of fresh air you can enjoy anywhere!

A "Premium American Lager" is considered to be superior for its reduced maximum of 25% rice or corn as adjuncts to the malts.

13% of American dating app users pay for premium features. 19% of male respondents said that they were currently paying for extra features on their dating app. Only 6% of women were willing to make this investment