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  1. During a press conference in June 1943 Congressman Andrew May noted that Japanese depth charges detonated too soon to be effective. The Japanese changed depth charge tactics after the press releases, killing 800 US submariners

  2. During WW2, a US politician got 800 sailors killed after bragging to the press about the Japanese setting off depth charges too early.

  3. In 2011 Nicolas Cage woke up in his Orange County house in the middle of the night to find a naked man, wearing Cage’s leather jacket, and eating a Fudgesicle in front of his bed. The man was arrested by police, but Cage didn’t press charges.

  4. In 2009 a Russian woman was prosecuted for raping ten men, out of which nine men pressed charges, while one man said he loved it.

  5. A Texas man walked in on a farmhand molesting his 5-year-old. He flew into a rage and beat the man to death. Realizing what he had done, the dad immediately called the cops and even tried to take the farmhand to the hospital himself. Ultimately, the local sheriff decided not to press charges.

  6. Woody Harrelson used the Zombie defense and it worked - Woody Harrelson claimed he mistook a TMZ photographer for zombie while he was shooting Zombieland - LA prosecutors declined to press charges against the actor

  7. The late, famed wrestler, Verne Gagne 'bodyslammed' a fellow 97yr old resident in his nursing home and the resident died from his injuries - Police ruled it a homicide. But no charges were pressed due to Verne having dementia.

  8. Leonardo DiCaprio once led a group called the "Pussy Posse" in the 90's where he and other young celeb friends tore through cities and pretty much had women delivered to them. Roger Wilson eventually pressed charges because Leo and company wanted his wife and ended up getting into a brawl

  9. The Columbine killers were too young to buy guns and had a friend/classmate do it for them. No charges were pressed against her.

  10. Congressman Andrew Jackson May revealed highly confidential military information at a July 1943 press conference that American submarines and crew had a high survival rate because Japanese depth charges were typically fuzed to explode at too shallow a depth.

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Scotiabank participated in money laundering schemes in Mexico, did not press criminal charges on its 15 staff members involved and barely helped in solving the murder case involving their branch manager.

Rodriguez Delgado, who, by connecting a radio antenna to electrodes implanted into a bull's brain, was able to stop a charging bull through the press of a button.

British serial killer Dennis Nilsen attempted to strangle a student from Hong Kong, Andrew Ho, who managed to escape and report the incident to the police. Nilsen was questioned however Ho decided not to press charges.

In 2001 after someone pressed charges against Westboro Baptist, WBC sued them for "emotional damage." The opposing attorney petitioned for a psychiatrist to evaluate the Phelpses to assess that damage. Westboro immediately settled the suit.

The family of Mo Salah, Liverpool's star forward, was robbed while he was playing in Egypt. The thief was later caught, but when his dad wanted to press charges, Salah convinced him to drop the case, gave the thief some money to start anew, and even tried to help the thief find a job.

In 1941, the Nazis Investigated a Dog for Mocking Hitler by Raising Its Paw as a Nazi Salute; the Nazis Decided Not to Press Charges

A man who entered a woman's 2nd floor bedroom by window, naked and erect, was mistaken as her boyfriend and they later had sex. She realized it wasn't her boyfriend 'after' and tried to press charges for burglary.

Although Pickett's charge was lauded by the Confederate press as a heroic act, it was a bloodbath and tragedy for the Confederate forces: of Pickett's division of 5,500 men, 224 were killed, 1,140 were wounded, and 1,500 were captured or had deserted.

Montgomery County police chief Charles Moose, in charge of the efforts to apprehend the DC sniper, told the press to report the line "We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose" accurately and frequently. A reference to a Cherokee fable, the reason for it's usage was never explained.

In the Eastern Bloc, typewriters (together with printing presses, copy machines, and later computer printers) were a controlled technology, with secret police in charge of maintaining files of the typewriters and their owners.

A US Congressman's press conference that may have lead to the loss of 10 submarines & the death of 800 sailors in WWII. Andrew May, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives disclosed that Japanese surface ships were not setting their depth charges deep enough to affect US submarines.

Former NBA player, Karl Malone, impregnated a 13 year old & avoided jail due to the victim's family not willing to press charges. His son went on to play in the NFL, without the help from his birth father.

The Americans granted immunity to the Nazi SS and Auschwitz doctors, and Japan's Unit 731, in exchange for biochemical weapons info. Only the Soviet Union pressed charges for the war crimes.

A former US secret service head pressed charges against an elderly deaf couple, forcing them from their home.

A Drunk University of Colorado Girl was Shot After Walking Into the Wrong House, Given an 18month Deferred Sentence, Shooters Pressed Charges for First Degree Felony Trespassing, And the DA asked the Judge for More Punishment.

Woody Harrelson used the Zombie defense and it worked - Woody Harrelson claimed he mistook a TMZ photographer for zombie while he was shooting Zombieland - LA prosecutors press charges against the actor

the White House press secretary has more DUI charges than White House press conferences

If someone tells the police that they don't want to press charges they can later change there mind and press charges.

When the USSR shot down Gary Powers' U2 flight, all U2 flights were supposed to have been canceled. But CIA officer Richard Bissell, who was in charge of the U-2 program, pressed the president to allow one more flight before the summit.

When the USSR shot down Gary Powers' U2 flight in 1960, all U2 flights were supposed to have been canceled. But CIA officer Richard Bissell, who was in charge of the U-2 program, pressed President Eisenhower to allow one more flight before the summit.

In 1963, a Belgian fisherman got himself arrested on purpose to envoke a 297-year-old Royal Charter that gave fishermen from his city the right to fish in English waters. The UK never pressed charges.

Russia banned Jehovah's witnesses and considers them as an extremist organization along with neo-Nazi and jihadi groups. In May 2017, a Danish citizen was arrested at a Jehovah's Witness bible reading in Oryol and was pressed with extremism charges.

After Barbara Bush found pornography on her computer accessed by a grandchild, President George H. W. Bush wrote her letter pretending to be the Attorney General pressing charges for watching lewd contact

Yesterday, a Brinks armored truck dropped $510,000 onto a New Jersey Highway. $293,000 is still missing. Would you give back the money you picked up? Authorities say they will be pressing charges on anyone they can find that picked up the cash and did not give it back.

Yesterday, a Brinks armored truck dropped $510,000 onto a New Jersey Highway. $293,000 is still missing. Authorities are looking to press charges on anyone that was seen picking up the money and did not return it.